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Community Level 5e.j.kingham


A Powerful Whizzing Blender Shaft

AdvantagesPowerful, very quick and simple to clean.

DisadvantagesAn obsession with using it for every meal and snack!

"...after much deliberation on a Braun Multiquick Miniprimer Professional MR 5500. Sounds extravagant doesn't it?! ~~~A 6 in 1 kitchen toy!~~~ The basic power part is a hand held "blender shaft" as it's described in the instruction manual - is it just me that finds this mildly amusing? As far as speed settings go you're spoilt for choice with 1 to 12 plus a turbo switch (ladies are you still with me?). Speeds 1 to tubo are generally used for handblending ..." Read review

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No 'Stirring Up Trouble' With This Braun MR 5550! Review with images

AdvantagesQuick set up device with innovative features in a safety conscious unit

DisadvantagesUsed on the wrong setting, the anti-splash doesn't work!

"...1921. It was here that Braun invented a small apparatus to expand, fix or cut belts for machinery that he sparked the interest of English businessmen. Two years later, he began producing components for radio sets. Co-incidental to this, so dedicated in his desire to design innovative components that for many months Braun alongside a pharmacist friend, conducted experiments in the laundry room of the house where he lived, until eventually he devised ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesPowerful, easy to use and easy to keep clean

DisadvantagesNot cordless

"...the end I chose the Braun MR5550 Multiquick Professional. I liked the fact that this item had a more powerful motor than the competitors and that you got a few attachments and extras with it. WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR CASH The MR 5550 comprises a 500 watt motorised turbo hand blender. The basic unit plugs into the wall and can be attached to one of three different accessories according to what you want to use it for. The first thing you notice about ..." Read review

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A Mixer with Braun!! Review with images

Advantagesuseful attachments, easy to clean, quick

Disadvantagesinstructions, wall mount,

"I received my Braun MR 550 Hand mixer as a present when I had my son. I wanted to be able to give him fresh foods when he was weaning so this seemed a perfect gift for me! There are a few varieties of the MR 550. For example, MR 550 M, MR550 HC, MR 550 CA. Each model is more powerful than the last. My particular model is MR 550 HC. Because of the number of models, Braun seemed to become lazy in the instructions department, making a universal instruction ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cazuk12002


a useful gadget

Advantagesclean and easy to use

Disadvantagesi cant find anything its so simple

"...gadget for my kitchen the BRAUN MR5550 MULTIQUICK HAND BLENDER from argos for £44.50 its so simple to use with 600watt power for fast results. 12 speed settings with turbo and easy to handle thanks to its soft grip. it comes with a metal whisk,large chopper which is good for herbs and dressings also a 600 ml beaker with lid. the blender shaft is stainless steel for use in hot soups and sauces and is designed so it is anti splash so when lifted ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lucy7456


Fantastic Hand Blender/chopper

AdvantagesLarge containers for blitzing, powerful, variable speeds, pulsing

DisadvantagesQuite expensive - around £60

"This Braun blender/chopper is fantastic. I have now thrown away my bulky full size processor. It comes with a 1 litre+ jug so I no longer need to process baby food a bit at a time. The jug also has an attachment to crush ice cubes - great for cocktails. There is also a smaller container which is tall & slim to prevent splashback. The small chopper bowl is great for herbs/garlic. I have now stopped using my garlic press as the chopper is easier ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ridwen


Universally Useful

AdvantagesCompact, versatile, practical, easily cleaned, requires no great skill to use!

DisadvantagesTakes a while to process large ammounts

"...my mind. Since the Braun MR5550 MCA came to live with me I've been making soups, dips, meringues, smoothies and even my own peanut butter! The three attatchments (handheld blender for whizzing around in soups etc, whisk and contained chopping/processing unit) are easy to click on and off and also easy to clean, I was very impressed how easy it was to use. I highly reccomend this item, it really will broaden your horizons, however I have two warnings: ..." Read review

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