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Community Level 6markd_uk


Betta Than A Britta Review with images

AdvantagesSimple, Cost Effective, Easy to Maintain, No Plumbing

DisadvantagesDoesn't Cool Water, Noisy

"...prescribed four. Then I discovered the Breville Aquafountain. I discovered it in one of those catalogues that regularly drops through the letter box and placed my order straight away; sadly, they were out of stock with no likelihood of getting new product soon. Then I discovered that John Lewis were one of their major high street retailers, but a similar story was to be had there. Searches on Google and other engines produced limited results and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sazy


Drink like a fish and get healthy.....

AdvantagesClean, simple easy to set-up and use

DisadvantagesFilters have to be changed

"...exercising. I first came across the Breville Aqua Fountain because my friend has one. She said that days of carting litres of bottled water home in the supermarket trolley had gone. I was intrigued….. ---------Why not just out a tap?------------ To be honest I always used to drink tap water, and still think in theory there's nothing wrong with that. But once you've started to drink bottled water, you do kind of notice the taste of chlorine ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mildew


Clear water whenever you want

Advantagessimple to use, looks good

Disadvantagesnot easy to find replacement filters

"...John Lewis I discovered the Breville Aqua Fountain and I have never looked back! It is white and about the size of an average coffee maker but a little taller and no more expensive (between £30-£40). The buttons are clearly marked so it is easy to use and the jug is very easy to fill and to clean. As it is electric you can fill a glass or large bottle very quickly which is a bonus. You can press the green button much like coke machines you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gemziz69


Bottled Water On Tap

AdvantagesOn-Tap filtered water, bottled water quality!

DisadvantagesWas hard to locate a seller (at the time)

"...electric water filter - the Breville Aqua Fountain. This item is an absolute godsend! The machine delivers fresh filtered water at the touch of a button (providing the 2.75 litre jug has some water in it!). Simply fill up the jug at your tap, place the jug back on the filter and press the button. Hey presto, an instant glass of filtered, clear water, which tastes equally as good as bottled water (I find it's best chilled still, so just fill some ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lightheart


Clean Cheap Water

AdvantagesFiltered water, cheap, encourages kids to drink more water

DisadvantagesWorks hard to chill in summer months

"Bought as a last minute xmas present I honestly expected this to be a gadget something used for a month or so then put in a dustly cupboard, but I was very wrong. It wont change your lifestyle but this is a very handy and handsome machine which earns its space on our minimalised worktop in the kitchen. Our kids enjoyed it very much as it meant they could get a glass of water even though they could not reach the facet at the sink, and I can certainly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rich_m


Mine broke down after 6 months (twice)

Advantageslooks great, work great (when it working)

Disadvantagesproduct quality is poor, several breakdowns

"...now owned two of these Breville water filters both have developed the same fault, namely they stop dispensing water! Initially the product was excellent, chilled water perfectly and looked great. After around 6 months the chiller appeared to be on constantly. It wasn't particularly hot at the time so no outside environmental reason seemed to be causing the issue. It was a little concerning as having the cooler running continuously would ..." Read review

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