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Breville Hot Cup - Great For Mugs Not Cups Review with images

AdvantagesEnergy efficent.

DisadvantagesWater output not adjustable.

"...I had previously seen the Breville Hot Cup range of kettles on sale but they had always cost just that bit more than I was willing to spend on a kettle retailing between £50 and £60. So when I saw that they had come down in price considerably it was enough to justify to myself that this item would be worth the outlay. At the time of purchase I managed to pick up a Breville Hot Cup for £35 having been reduced from its full retail price. For this price ..." Read review

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Anyone for Tea.

AdvantagesRapid boil kettle for those with the patience of a flea!

DisadvantagesRemember to use a mug and not a cup!

"==Breville hot cup!== I first saw these kettles a couple of years ago and wanted one but at the time I couldnít justify paying nearly 70 quid for what essentially I thought of as a gadget. However I saw that it was on offer on Amazon for £30 quid which was much more reasonable and thought I would treat myself. I do like my little foibles and gadgets as my friends call them. As I have the patience of a flea waiting for the kettle to boil this is absolutely ..." Read review

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A Hot Cup from Breville

AdvantagesNo wasted energy or water

DisadvantagesGetting the cup-size right

"The Breville Hot Cup was received as a Christmas present last year and I can honestly say that it has been used every day since. It can really only be described as a kettle Ė but with a patented design which means that only one cup is boiled at a time which, of course, saves time, energy and money. There is no wasted hot water as you would usually get when boiling a traditional kettle for one or two mugs of coffee Ė or anything else that only requires ..." Read review

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An expensive kettle but worth it!

AdvantagesQuick, easy


"...recently, I bought him a Breville Hot Cup. I didnít even know these existed until I was randomly looking at tea related products on Amazon. I was actually looking for one of those coffee making machines where you put in the little sachets but for tea but apparently they donít exist. Anyway, when I saw this on Amazon it was about £35 which does sound quite expensive considering it is basically a kettle but I needed something a bit different as a present. ..." Read review

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One cup dispensing at the touch of a button

AdvantagesSleek design, one cup dispensing, economical


"After my old kettle was looking a little bit tired I decided to upgrade and treat myself to this funky looking kettle. While my house isn't crammed full of gadgets, I do always try to buy something a little different to the 'norm' and so this kettle certainly fit the bill with it's one cup dispensing and funky blue lighting. The kettle was really easy to use for the first time and simply needed plugging in and filling up and we were off! With my ..." Read review

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Makes Making a Cuppa a Cinch!

AdvantagesEnergy saving, Quick to boil, Stylish, Easy to use

DisadvantagesAmount poured is not adjustable, water drips, only good for filling cups

"...bought it to replace another Breville kettle. The previous one worked fine but hot water seemed to drip down the front when pouring, which isn't very good. This 'Hot Cup' kettle is very different though and looks not too dissimilar to a coffee machine and it pours the water for you without you having to lift it off the base (it's more of a dispenser really). It has a bright blue light where the button is and the transparent part of the body with the ..." Read review

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For when you want a quick cuppa Review with images

AdvantagesFast and effecient

DisadvantagesNon variable cup size and the noise it makes when boiling.

"...was keen to purchase the Breville Hotcup, (shown above). The reasoning behind this was, to save electricity and cut down on bills rather than save the environment, but every little change helps, I suppose. ~The 'kettle'~ The facts: The Breville Hotcup boils and dispenses water four times faster than filling a normal kettle that is filled up to the brim. I would never do that anyway, I always put in just what I needed, but there are some people ..." Read review

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One cup kettle - saves water and energy - Breville VKJ142

AdvantagesOnly produces one mug of boiling water at a time, easy to use

DisadvantagesCan't change the amount dispensed

"This review is for the Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup, which is a kettle designed to just heat the amount of water that you need. The aim of this kettle is to boil and dispense only one cup at a time, which has the advantage of being much quicker, and saves energy and time in not boiling water that isn't needed. I bought this deliberately for both the speed and energy issues, and hopefully it'll save at least a little electricity! Some technical details, ..." Read review

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Breville Hot Cup - Fast, efficient and easy to use.

Advantageseasy to use

Disadvantagesno vairable dispense feature

"Breville Hot Cup VKJ142 Features: - 3Kw - 1.5 litre tank - Drip tray - Cord storage RRP around £40 The Breville Hot cup is a hot water dispenser. Rather than a hefty kettle. It is much easier to use than a standard kettle. I have owned this item for a couple of years now with no problems. Its main appeal is the energy usage, or lack of! I live alone and so generally only make one cup of tea at a time. Boiling a kettle each time, with more water ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Colpol


WARNING: may annoy some at first.

AdvantagesFast and easy!

Disadvantagesa few.

"I actually hated this at first because I had no idea how to use it, and the fact my cup would always over flow would really get on my boobs, but then I learnt to love this kettle and I don't want it to ever go away, its a good kettle! ------------- THE PRICE ------------- The kettle can usually be bought for somewhere around the mark £30.00 - £40.00 depending on where you get it. I think this is a reasonable price for a modern and stylish ..." Read review

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a cuppa

Advantagessafe money

Disadvantages250ml cups

"...looking I came across the Breville Hot Cup model number VKJ142, it was on special offer at £40. This looked like an ideal solution to place this into our meeting room so that there are hot drinks available throughout meetings, without causing much disruption. Having now used this for a few months a couple of times a day I feel I can now review the product. The great thing about the Breville Hot Cup is that it has a fast boil 3 kW concealed element ..." Read review

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I love my One cup!

Advantagesvery economical and easy to use, looks nice not large

Disadvantagesregularly overflows and awkward to refill with some taps

"...first received and un-boxed the Breville it was simple to put together, just pop the no spill tray in and fill the reservoir with water, flick the switch, and about 35 seconds later you have a boiling hot cup of water. This product is great for us, as we drink a lot of tea and instant coffee during the day and evening. It saves the time of boiling a whole kettle as it is a lot faster and also saves the electric of boiling a whole kettle for it to ..." Read review

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Posh cuppa with a Breville Hot Cup

AdvantagesSuper speedy boiling

DisadvantagesBroken after one year

"...but I am disappointed in Breville that this only lasted one year - it aint cheap! (c) Also partially posted on DooYoo as rosaliecullen ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mozza83


Breville Hot cup!! Very quick brew!!

AdvantagesVery quick to boil

DisadvantagesVery noisy

"I got my mum this kettle for christmas just gone, it was the exact one that she wanted, I wasnt too sure on it as you don't have the option of filling your cup to the exact amount that you would like. This can sometimes cause a problem if you don't have a massive cup! Obviously not every cup or mug is the same size and it can be waste pouring some of the water away because it has over filled. Also if you need to fill a jug of boiling water ie. for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tracybuc


Breville Hot Cup-Excellent Purchase


Disadvantagescant stop the flow of water in mid flow

"I bought mine after staying with a friend who had one. I couldnt believe how much better and easier than a traditional kettle. I have had mine for about 4 months and it is used every single day approx about 20 times. There is no wasted water with this and you only use enough electricity to boil your one cup. It is so much quicker than a kettle even if you are making more than one drink. The water is boiled to the correct temperature and unlike some ..." Read review

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VKJ142 Hot Cup

VKJ142 Hot Cup

Enjoy delicious hot drinks in an instant - the Breville VLKJ142 Hot Cup's patented design ... more

means you only boil one cup at a time saving time,
money and energy. You can fill up to 5 cups in one
go, and by only boiling enough water for the
number of cups ...

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