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Community Level 1Piglet08


Never Again


DisadvantagesAll of the above

"...our Canadian Removal company used Britannia Movers in the UK as destination agent. Well, we were appaled by the level of service we received. They asked us to pay £60 for a delay at port which was clearly not our fault before they would deliver our goods to the house. We paid!!! Then on the day they demanded another £300 as they had to shuttle our stuff from the main road (Contianer would not get down) to our house despite us informing them on a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ruralcoder


No door-to-door estimates

AdvantagesCame earlier than expected

DisadvantagesNo door-to-door estimate. Really bad at estimates. Keep trying to charge more money.

"...from a colleague, I contacted Britannia Mover and I must admit I got a nice quote based on an estimated volume. We made arrangements for a pickup date and we got surprised that they came 3 days too early. Surprised that the volume estimate was way way off as our items came from the USA and were larger than what they expected. So, they had to send another truck a week later. In order to avoid over budget we also decided to leave some valuables behind ..." Read review

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Community Level 2marcb


Picking a Removal Company

AdvantagesPrice reasonable. Reputable company

DisadvantagesTook some shortcuts. Didn't put stuff where we wanted

"...at included Square Moves, Ants, Britannia and local firm. Square moves were the most expensive although previous moves and other friends experience indicated that they were very good. In the end, we went for Ants, who were in the middle for price. We found that the packing was OK, except that they only used cardboard for pictures, mirrors, etc not bubble wrap. Glasses were wrapped in paper and stored in boxes. We found they also took shortcuts when ..." Read review

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lots of damaged items


Disadvantagesposessions missing or damaged beyond repair

"When Britannia delivered our stuff, some of it was in pieces and some things missing. Our kitchen table had the legs sheared off, an ornamental box was cracked, kitchen equipment was broken, the glass top of a beside cabinet smashed. Curiously, some cloth material arrived wet...and there was much more besides. They had stuffed our computer into a box completely unprotected. And that's what they did deliver - some had gone missing, such as cameras, ..." Read review

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"Removal men damaged our brand new wood flooring moving furniture. We unfortunately didn't realise until after they left. The terms and conditions state that you have to inform them of any damage to property before the removal men leave and make note of it on the docket sheer. Since we were under pressure to sign forms and let the men leave we didn't have time to check every inch of the house. In any case how can you monitor the whole house for damage ..." Read review

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about britannia movers international



"...simple fact yous should know britannia movers international is not a company as a whole it is infact a franchise which means that each depot through out the uk is infact a individual company if you are going to write bad reviews then get the company's real name and write your review based on that instead of brandishing britannia movers. i would recommend them the staff are always willing to go that extra mile for the customer and do a neat job i ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thefonzere...


Britannia movers Removal Group - When is a quote a quote?


DisadvantagesYou never really know where you stand

"...say that Removal Group or Britannia will do the same to you as they did to me. What I can say is that I am out of pocket by £2000 and I feel like I have been taken for a mug. I myself will never use these clowns again and I will continue to warn others of their tactics as I feel that is the only protection consumers have - I wish i had read real reviews before using this company. Good luck! ..." Read review

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Last minute extra charge by Britannia Movers International Plc

AdvantagesThe delivery guys were friendly and helpful

DisadvantagesNo communication about the state of the move, last minute or no notice

"Britannia Movers International Plc In short, this is the worst thing they did: they gave me a one day notice to pay an extra GBP 300 or else they would not deliver. Here are the details: - They informed me that the shipment arrived to UK (from US) on 30 Aug 2012 - Around 07 October they tell me that delivery will be done on 12 Oct. - On 11 Oct they tell me that they have to charge me for shuttle because their truck is too big for my street and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kellees


Nightmare from start to finish



"After wiinessing the nightmare that was my best friends removal do not even think about using this company. She moved from up north back to the south. Her husband has suffered stroke and therefore is not able to assist in this at all. The company was hired to pack the house dismantle the furniture from one house and the reassemble and unpack with all items in the correct place and room. When they first arrived a young guy from the outside of the house ..." Read review

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Once you paid they do not care about customer satisfaction!


Disadvantagesnot at all reliable

"As a previous writer said already: Never again! We have been choosing Britania for our relocation from Birmingham to Germany. They required all payments to be done up front before they had to deliver the items. Well this seemed to us quite usual and we trust them. To cut the long story short. They have done the shipment, but not at all to our satisfaction: 1st many furniture have been scratched and damaged. 2nd even so the contract stated that they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1B1ueDragon


Total Fail from Britannia - completely let us down!

AdvantagesNone experienced.

DisadvantagesComplete failure to do the job. Total, unprofessional let-down.

"Don't use Britannia. They completely let us down. A week away from moving they have called us to say that they can't do the job after all due to a mis-communication between their regional admin and local offices. They quoted for the job and agreed a date. Then came back to say that they thought it would take an additional day. Next their local office said they couldn't do the date the regional admin office had committed to but would let us have ..." Read review

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