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Here we go again.

Advantagessafe comfy easy to fit

Disadvantagesnone yet

"...my lovely colleagues ,was a Britax club class. The seat was very safe,fitted well and my little boy loved it .I would have used the seat again for my second son if a cretin had not hit our car head on at speed. The car was completely mangled and finished off by the fire brigade-if any members of the emergency services ever read this thank you all for saving our lives!!! Right, enough of the emotional stuff,this is an op on the renaissance seat.I ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Kerlmann


Well worth the extra money

AdvantagesThe best and safest car seat I've come across

DisadvantagesExpensive, heavy and thus awkward to transfer

"...it's certainly not cheap, but Britax have a global reputation for making quality products which this certainly is - tough, durable and with a range of features which make it stand out in this market. Firstly, it really looks the part - it's reassuringly heavy, with side and head protection and it allows the child to sit up high and comfortably, and look out of front and/or side windows easily. The point at which you transfer your child from their ..." Read review

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Community Level 1roverp5b


Worth the money - if you have the muscle......

AdvantagesSafe, comfortable looking (!) and easy to recline

DisadvantagesVery heavy and cumbersome

"...a cheap car seat. However Britax do have a reputation, stretching back many years, for producing quality, safe car seats. My parents tell me I had one when I was a bit smaller than I am today! The seat sits the child up high, which enables them to get a better view of their surroundings. The cost to this though is that it is not very easy to get the child out of the car without hitting their head on the car roof on the way out. A lower car seat ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sharonB


Rolls Royce of car seats

Advantagesjust simpley the best you can buy

Disadvantagesexpensive (but worth it)

"...really go wrong with a Britax and this is theier top of the range car seat and its wonderful. We have just purchased ours after many months of reading about car seats ,the different types, makes ,models etc and time and time again we came back to this one. To start with its easy to install and it can be done easily by one person,(it can also be installed safely with just a lap belt) once installed its easy to recline with the child in the seat ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Micki


The Best for Your Child's Safety

AdvantagesRock solid once fitted; good padding; easy to fit; very safe

Disadvantagesslightly bulky

"...at the top of the Britax range the Renaissance is more expensive than other seats (approx. £135) but it is well worth the money to have the best for your child’s safety. ..." Read review

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Britax Renaissance - Cant fault it.

AdvantagesWashable covers, very secure when fitted.

DisadvantagesPricey and heavy

"Our son was around 8 months when we started looking for his second stage car seat. (second stage means 9-18kg (20-40lbs) approx. 9 months to 4 years) My hubby is very fussy when it comes to car safety so we did quite a bit of looking around and researching car seats before we decided on one. We tried Mothercare (disaster but thats another story) no sucess so we tried Halfords, only really cause they are at the end of our road. Lucky we did. They ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tall_andy


Out and about

AdvantagesLooks comfortable

DisadvantagesA bit fiddly to fit; heavy; no isofix

"...months ago we got the Britax Renaissance as our porker of a baby had outgrown her Bebe-Confort car seat. We liked the comfy look of the Britax and decided to go for it, which we thought was a roughly mid-priced car seat (but what price is safety?). The seat is quite heavy and a bit fiddly to fit as you have to pass the belt through the seat's insides, which is almost impossible for one person (I'm 6'6" so I'm able to reach over and get a hand into ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tinajune1


Safety in car seats

AdvantagesSafe, comfy,

DisadvantagesExpensive, bulky, heavy

"...also a link to the Britax website which can check to see if your car is compatible with the seat before you buy! The seat is really comffy and is so easy to recline when my daughter is asleep. It is quite high up so she can easily see what is happening out the window. There is also side impact protection, so you know that your child is getting the best. On the negatives, the chair is very heavy, if you are planning on switching the seat to different ..." Read review

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Community Level 2emmaffoster


The Britax Renaissance is the best

AdvantagesVery comfortable, reclining position is a godsend

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...model each time. The Britax Renaissance is in my opinion the best seat you can purchase. It has a special tension button which allows it to fit the majority of car's (and seeing as I had just purchased a new Honda Jazz which was very limited in which seats actually fitted in)I was very pleased. The seat is thoroughly padded, (like sitting in an arm chair) and the safety harness is a 5 bar, which means your baby is held securely without you having ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mkberridge


Safety first when it comes to my little girl

AdvantagesPressure foot is superb

DisadvantagesA bit hefty, get huby to move it to another car when needed

"...friends about the quality of Britax seats in general I decided to look at this make. To me it looked quite complex but the shop assistant came out and showed my husband and myself how to place it in the car and check it was secure. At first I did notfeel the seat was as sturdy as I would like until the assistant pulled the lever to operate the pressure foot. What an excellent idea. This makes it very easy to fit once the seat is actually in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1HACatton


Probably the best car seat in the world!

Advantagesextremely safe, secure and comfortable

Disadvantagesexpensive and very heavy

"...for as in my mind Britax equates safety. They always come top in safety surveys and their car seats are tested to the limits. The Renaissance is no exception and was well worth the high price. It is a very comfortable chair, well padded with high sides. It also sits high in the car so my son always had a good view. The seat has a five point safety harness which was straightforward to use (but impossible for my son to fasten/unfasten ) and there are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pinkydd


Britax Renaissance Car Seat Thrills

AdvantagesComfortable for the child - should last from 1 to 4 years. 5 different recline positions. Very safe. Easy to install.

DisadvantagesExpensive. Sometimes tricky to get a wriggly child into without knocking their head on the car door due to the high sides. Heavy.

"After reading the latest reports on Child Seats, we chose this one, although it was the most expensive, it was almost the leader in every criteria of a safety check. It's easy to fit, as the instructions have lots of pictures of right and wrong ways to do it! It is rather heavy, which discourages us from swapping the seat into another car very often. It has high sides, which are very safe for the baby, except when she's in a wriggly mood, when it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DavidHoles


The Best One I came across

AdvantagesWell made, Extra head support, Can recline, Easy to adjust as baby grows, Esay to fit

DisadvantagesQuite heavy so may be awkward if you need to swop between cars at frequent intervals

"Normally £135 but currently £20 off in Mothercare stores and well worth the money I feel. It's difficult to rate car seats because one of the most important aspects is how well it would protect a baby in a crash and that is something which is almost impossible for a consumer to assess scientifically. However, having said that, this seat does seem very well padded with extra head support and apperas very well made. What I particularly like ..." Read review

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Community Level 1michaeladent


Honesty is the best policy!!!

Advantageseasy to install, comfortable, value for money

Disadvantagesway too small for a 4 year old

"I have purchased this car seat for my 6 months old son as a recomendation from a family member. I must say, it was very easy to install. The main reason we bought this one is because it said that it is suitable for babies from 9 months to 4 years. Now, having the car seat for fa ew months, I have realized, that this statement is not true. It is way too small for a 4 year old. I can see my son using it till perhaps 2 and a half, but certainly not longer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wengerboy


Safe car seat

Advantagessafe, robust, very adjustable

Disadvantagesbig, quite heavy,

"I bought this seat when my daughter out grew her rock-a-tot deluxe. It's a very robust seat, which although, thankfully, we had no occassion to test it feels as though it would withstand a fair battering. It's also quite adjustable, you can have your child sat upright so they can see everything or tilt them back when they are asleep. Comes with a fair amount of padding and the very important side impact protection. The only downside to it, is it's ..." Read review

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