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Community Level 2katsthebest


The best days of my life! Review with images

AdvantagesProxemity to London, great times if you get involved!

DisadvantagesSome facilities not up to scratch, and too small.

"...drunk... Accommodation: I consider the accommodation at Brunel to be pretty good. You can choose between 9 different Halls, either en-suite or shared facilities, all of which are on campus, (no more than a 15 min walk to anywhere else on campus). The cost ranges from £62-£76 (or £93 for studio flats) and all rooms have a network connection, desk, chairs, bed, wardrobe, shelves etc. This is a very good rate for the area, considering you're ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lacy123


Fresh Prince of Brunel!!

AdvantagesGood nightlife, Great people, Excellent facillities

DisadvantagesCan be dead at weekends!

"...that if your coming to brunel that you get an oyster card!! Not a student one because i think theyre pointless.. but a pay as you go one! A bus ride to anywhere is 90p and a single on the tube to central zone 1 is £2. Even the nightbus home is 90p! The nightbuses are really good.. you do get the odd people! but it makes it fun! and its also the only way to get home apart from a taxi which costs about £60 to get back which i advise never to do! The ..." Read review

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Brunel University

AdvantagesEnthusiastic, experienced lecturers. Diverse group of students. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

DisadvantagesDiversity in workload between departments - half the students often have nothing to do but party!

"...you personally and academically. Studying at Brunel was the best choice I ever made and I would recommend the university to anyone who has a passion for their subject and wants to study and live in a diverse, nourishing community. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gemimathecat


Brunel University

AdvantagesClose to London

DisadvantagesTravel expensive, accomodation expensive

"Brunel is a great university if you are specifically a scientist or an engineer, the teaching staff are actually very well qualified and experienced. The main problem I had when I was there was accomodation, postgraduates were placed in the same halls as first years and final year students and tension levels were very high. There was a lot of conflict between scientists who have hugh amounts of course work and the social science/media students many ..." Read review

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Community Level 1depurple2


Brunel - a good place to study

AdvantagesGood for certain subjects, nice campus, some good lecturers

DisadvantagesParking problems, careers office isn't very good, some bad lecturers

"I recently graduated from Brunel with a degree in Systems Engineering. Overall, I enjoyed my time there. The atmosphere on camus overall was good. I always felt safe there, even at night. There is a nightclub that puts on good club nights, even if the bouncers can be a bit rude. The SU bar is nice, and has been refurbished from the dark cave it once was into something resembling an internet cafe without the internet. The sports centre is nice, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mcduff16


I love brunel uni!

Advantagesfantastic geography department, accomodation is cheap considering where you are and what you get!

Disadvantagesconcrete jungle campus- but changing very soon

"...finished my 3rd year at brunel and am loving every moment of it! In my first year i stayed in fleming halls which in my opinion is the best halls on the uxbridge campus. £64 a week got me my own en-suite bathroom as well as broadband internet access which is very cheap considering its west london too! compare this to gloucester uni where my friend paid £60 and got no en-suite or internet. The geography and earth sciences dept are second to none. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Foxy1212


Brunel University

AdvantagesLocation, social life, facilities


"Having just graduated from Brunel and taking the last trip back to wear the gowns, I remembered just how good the last 3 years had been. Brunel has pretty much everything you need as a student. If you want to be the student who spends their time in the pub, there are nice recently refurbished on sit bars and a notoriously fun nightclub, if you want to get on with your work, there is an excellent library and computer facilities all over campus. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jess123666...


Brunel... Doubt he'd be proud

AdvantagesModern.. ish.

DisadvantagesUnfriendly, Unhelpful, Not in London

"Well i've only ben here for a small amount of time, but i've had enough already, and i'm going to find another path as this just ain't good enough. The staff are unfriendly and about as helpful as concreate balloon, and i'm meant to be doing its speciality: Engineering. I was told it was great fun, London was awesome, the work in involving and rewarding and you won't get bored. We'll i can tell you the work has about as much to do with my course as ..." Read review

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