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The Orange Way to Englightenment

Advantages An interesting premise, beautifully executed

Disadvantages Might take a few pages to settle into the lingo

"You can tell from the very first lines that Anne Marie loves her Da. "Ma Da's a nutter. Radio rental. He'd dae anythin for a laugh so he wid; went doon the shops wi a perra knickers on his heid, tellt the wifie next door we'd won the lottery and were flittin to Barbados, that wis daft stuff compared tae whit he's went and done noo. He' turnt intae a Buddhist. Her Da is mental, but it's fun, he's a great Da to have. Not such a great husband ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pinkjen


Buddha Da - HUH?????

AdvantagesMight learn something about Buddhism

DisadvantagesWritten in dialect, hard to read

"I bought this book a couple of months ago after reading a positive review in a magazine. However, there was something slightly important that the review left out. But first; 'Buddha Da tells the endearing story of a working-class Glaswegian man who discovers Buddhism, rejects old habits and seeks a life more meaningful, only to alienate his immediate family in the process' So all sounds good, I was interested in this because I recently studied ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Agglida


How to find Buddha - in working-class Glasgow!

AdvantagesA fscinating insight into someone search for answers - in a most unusual place

DisadvantagesSome people might struggle with the dialect at first

"I originally bought this book several months ago to read on a long train journey - it was part of a 3 for 2 offer at Waterstones I think. Unfortunately I ended up falling asleep on the train, and the book languished unread on my shelf until last weekend, when, searching around for something to entertain myself with, I picked it up. I read the back and was intrigued (as I had been when I bought it) by the contrast of the ideals of Buddhism with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LMA89


Buddha Da

AdvantagesStrength of setting and emotion, unpredictable storyine, realistic ending

DisadvantagesSome may find the use of Scots offputting

"...the characters call home. Anne Donovan's Buddha Da gains its strong sense of setting and much of its powerful emotion from the author's use of Glaswegian Scots throughout, not just confined to direct speech, as many authors find is the only way that they can use Scots for a wider audience. However, Donovan's skill in making the language easy to read shines through, as it becomes a natural representation of speech in Glasgow once the reader tunes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nikesh60


The greatest female supporter of Buddha

AdvantagesGood knowledge

Disadvantagesi donot know

"...only seven years old, the Buddha visited her birth place. Her grandfather, hearing of the Buddha’s visit, advised her to go out and welcome the Buddha. Though she was so young, she was religious and virtuous. As such, immediately after hearing the Dhamma from the Buddha, she attained the first stage of sainthood. When she was fifteen years old, some Brahmins who saw her, thought she would be an ideal wife for their master Punnavaddhana, the son of ..." Read review

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