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Community Level 1haylesbury


Haylesbury on the budgie. Inside and out!

AdvantagesBrilliant pet, great when you get a talker!

DisadvantagesNot able to take out with you!

"...should be fed a commercialised budgerigar diet. Budgies will eat between one and two teaspoons of this bird seed mix per day. Budgies should not be given other forms of seed food as these are not suited for the budgie and different foods are designed specially to suit individual bird species. Budgies eat their food by cracking the seed using their rounded beak, eating the kernel from within the seed and removing and leaving the husk (outer layer ..." Read review

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Keeping a Budgie Review with images

Advantagesgreat little chirpy birds

Disadvantagescan take them for walkies like a dog!!

"Budgies Budgies are colourful and friendly little birds. They can be kept alone or in groups. Personally I have 4 budgies and they are all in one cage together. I feel that as I am not at home all day, everyday, it is nice for the budgies to have some company and they can often be seen grooming each other. For someone who is at home a lot, keeping a budgie alone would be excellent as you can tame it, and even teach it to talk. Do budgies make ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AngelaR76


Fun Feathered Friends

AdvantagesGreat companions, intelligent and fun

DisadvantagesMessy and noisy sometimes

"I have always been an animal lover but must admit that birds were never top of my list of favourite pets to keep. That is until I decided to take pity on an unwanted green and yellow budgie called Rocky and decided to give him a new loving home. This is a review of my own experiences of keeping a budgie and all the pros and cons. ~ Feeding ~ There are lots of opinions about what you should and shouldn't feed budgies, and many say that their ..." Read review

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Who's A Pretty Boy Then?

Advantageswonderful, loving, fun and entertaining pets.

DisadvantagesCan be agressive, easy to escape, need to be looked after.

"Budgies or the Budgerigar (a word no one uses) are wonderful birds. They are small, come in many exotic bright colours, are long lived, and FUN!!! They are highly social birds and watching them interact is very entertaining. They are also easy keepers and won't break your budget--you get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy a budgie. They can be tamed and even taught to speak words! If you are looking for a parrot that has personality and is playful, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Stephoohla


My little pet budgie

AdvantagesDon't need loads of free time to care for one, cute, amusing, affectionate when they trust you

DisadvantagesBudgie cages are fairly dear, you do need to spend lots of time for them to trust you

"I've wanted a pet for a very long time, but unfortunately my boyfriend who I live with is allergic to all things fur, which crossed out a lot of things. He also hates lizards, snakes, etc, so really, there wasn't a lot of choice. We were at our local pet store picking up some fish food and I saw the cages of bird, and, as he's not allergic to feathers, we decided it would be the perfect pet. Initially we wanted to get a cockateil after reading they ..." Read review

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Community Level 4macteykith


Budgie sir? yes please!

Advantagesmakes the house happy, easy to keep, cheap

Disadvantagescan be noisy, can tip a lot of seed out of their cage, feathers

"After being told no to having any more dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or tortoises, my mind was set on wondering what animal my darling husband would let me have next! On one of our many trips to the local pet shop, there was a new delivery coming in. When we had a look, they had branched out into selling budgies, and one small baby blue one was cowering in the corner, obviously not as confident or as happy as his friends, which immediately made ..." Read review

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