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Not too Bad!

AdvantagesPretty Cheap

DisadvantagesCant always do as they say

"--Intro-- The Business Post Group is split into 3 divisions -Parcel Services. UK to UK deliveries & is Business Posts largest revenue maker -UK Mail. Postal services for business customers. A Very new part of the group. -Specialist Services. Same day and pallatised services, UK Today, UK Pallets and Business Post Technical Couriers. I have only ever used Business Post parcel services and UK Today so they are the only ones i can review. --Business ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Whizzkid2008


Abysmal customer service and lies

AdvantagesNone that i can see

DisadvantagesCustomer service, late deliveries, lying to customers

"My dealings with business post have only ever been as the recipient of goods where a retail firm has used them to dispatch said goods to me. They are never able to give even an estimate of delivery time, and their customer service agents have often been rude and unhelpful, refusing, it seems, to deviate at all from their scripted response to problems. Lately i ordered some pershiable items (food) that were dispatched via them, and was in all day to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jgreviews


Business Post - the worst delivery company .


DisadvantagesPoor customer service - poor service in general - Depot is miles away from anywhere

"Business post are easily the worst courier 'service' I have had the misforture of being forced to deal with. I have (or rather I havenot ) recently had 2 separate deliveries through business post. The first failed because the driver of the van never left any failed delivery cards so by the time I rang the suppiler the order had been sent back to them. The second failure was an order for alloy wheels - This time I did receive the card stating ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lucy.Cowell



Advantagesnone what so ever

Disadvantagesunable to deliver goods less then 10 miles from depot

"...items for presents I called Business Post and arranged delivery for Friday and again left instructions for the parcel to be left over the fence. When I returned from work on the Friday there was no parcel and no failed delivery card meaning they hadn't even attempted to deliver! I called and complianed and was told the item would be delivered over the weekend and definetly by Christmas Eve.... it was no surprise that on returning home on Christmas ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Steven_Tho...


Terrible customer service, don't deliver on time



"Just terrible. I ordered a TV to be delivered between 5pm and 8pm, requiring me to leave work early to get home in time. Needless to say, 3 hours of waiting with no delivery ensued. Telephone calls to the numbers specified websites gave no response - in particular, the delivery times phone line cuts you off after putting you on hold for 10 minutes. Finally got through to the general customer helpline, and they said that I would have to phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mr-dan-uk


Useless Company - AVOID

AdvantagesNext day delivery, fairly cheap (but for a reason)

DisadvantagesParcels returned to sender, Customer service was unhelpful, Nearest depot over 20 miles away

"...another parcel (also delivered by Business Post). I called that morning at 8am sharp (opening time) to get both parcels delivered on the same day, but they told me that the van had already gone out for delivery. I told them that I would collect from the depot, but when I checked the address I saw it was over 20 miles away (a 50 minute drive) from my house! The second parcel was not delivered because they said they could not access my building, even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shell231




Disadvantageslate collections, we get charged a £5 redelivery fee if customer is not in to receive goods

"I would change from Business Post if I could but all the other couriers I've had quotes from are much more expensive. You just get used to a regular driver arriving on time to collect your parcels and the local depot decide to put a new driver on your route and you end up having to wait 1-2 hours while the new driver gets used to the route. Also they charge £5.00 for redeliver if a customer is not at home to receive the parcel. Not good. So ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thebuddhak...


Business Post HORROR story.


DisadvantagesUnreliable service, Bad Customer Service, Long Phone Queues, Huge Delays with no apologies.

"...review is about the courier Business Post. I recently had the misfortune of using their service. I used their 24 hour service to send a package from London to Manchester. I called them beforehand to confirm the service that they provide. I placed an order with them. The service clearly stated a 24 hour service. They arrived 2 days after i placed my order. (This was supposed to be a 24 hour service!) They eventually turned up and then gave ..." Read review

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Community Level 2licon




DisadvantagesIncompetent uncaring staff

"...sent me a parcel via Business Post. Admittedly, he forgot that I'd moved and sent it to the old address, but as they forward things this wan't a problem. The problem? Business Post *apparently* tried 3 times to gain access (yeah, right - they're students, and always in). They then phoned my father, got the new address and eventually appeared (about a month later, not next day) on my doorstep. With a crushed parcel. "I think this is broken," ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brownieisc...



Advantagesfast delivery

Disadvantagesrude delivery drivers, dont take care of the product

"A business Post arrived outside my house and as my mum works for a coffee company I thought it was the usual box of coffee or tea. So im watching out the window and them man is looking for my package and he is trowing boxes all over the van. Im thinking id hate to be the recipent of one of those parcels. So he delivers it to me with a miserable "sigh here". Yanked the electronic signature thing from my hand and walked away. I took the parcel which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jammers


Next Day Delivery


DisadvantagesSlow and poor delivery managment

"Here are some details from my Tacking form thing: Collection Date: 27/08/2004 Due Date: 31/08/2004 Cust Group: Prem24 Del Service: Next Day And date now!: 02/09/2004 So yes I paid a premium for next day delivery. Please check out the dates above! I think you can tell they missed the next day!!! They should have delivered on Tuesday as Monday was a Bank Holiday. Which wasn't a supprise to them or me, as their due date was Tuesday! After ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mazalina


Shockingly bad. Don't take the risk.


Disadvantagesdon't do what you pay them for

"I purchased an item from ebay and paid a £60 delivery charge, The item (an expensive piece of furniture) was supposed to be delievered next day. In common with a lot of people, I also took time of work. The item was not delievered. A week later and with lots of excuses for it's non-arrival, I was expecting the item by 10am today due to them upgarding the delivery only for it not to appear again. I've now found out that the item has been damaged while ..." Read review

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Community Level 1clovisA

Quick review of Business Post

"The worse delivery service ever. They don't bother to deliver your parcel, they don't bother to tell you why, they lie to you when you finally get to talk to them on the phone. Only an idiot would use these muppets.

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Community Level 1Manxstaff

Quick review of Business Post

"I live on the Isle of Man. Ordered hi fi products from Creative Audio in Shrewsbury and paid for delivery. Business Post were the carrier and they delivered bang on the 48 hours as promised, the goods were in excellent order and I can't speak highly enough about their service, especially at the Isle of Man end. Well done on this occasion.

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Community Level 1Laurie666

Quick review of Business Post

"Business Post!! Paid for next day delivery; called in the afternoon - told it was definitely being delivered - today not being over. Waited till 8.30pm. Called next day (day after supposed to be delivered) Was told there was an attempted delivery yesterday. I was open from 8am till 8.30pm - they still insisted an attempt was made to deliver yesterday, but could not tell me what time. - I am still waiting for item!! We have complete server failure, losing business and considering legal action. This outfit is a complete waste of space!!!

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