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Community Level 1eyebeemer


CCK a story of my order 8-DEC-2008

AdvantagesNone - Yet

DisadvantagesNo tracking, No customer service

"(16-DEC-2008) Archived information below, do not do business with this group of companies, however you are covered by your bank, the following is accepted by the bank(s) and you must fill out the Bank form(s). KPIG (www.kpig-bs.com), pc doctor (www.pc-doctor.org.uk), OPG (www.overseaspropertygroup.com), www.turkeyhols.com, CCKTechnologies (www.ccktechnologies.co.uk), (www.cck4u.com), lowcostink LTD, inkcartridgesdirect.org.uk, hostdragon.eu trading ..." Read review

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Community Level 1EBIDD


The worst supplier I've experienced on-line


DisadvantagesCheap is no good if the goods don't arrive

"In my opinion, CCK is the worst supplier I have ever dealt with on-line. I placed the order as usual, thinking I had a competitive price then realised no order confirmation appeared on screen. Nor did I receive an email confirming. It was the type of thing i'd read about but never experienced. I checked my paypal account and the money had been taken yet two weeks on the goods had not arrived in time for the birthday they were meant for. Delivery ..." Read review

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Community Level 1penguin18


Don't buy from this company


DisadvantagesToo many to list here

"*************** From http://www.cck4business.co.uk/aboutus.asp : You may already be familiar with the CCK Technologies Group where we have websites supporting our services to include www.inkcartridgesdirect.org.uk www.ccktechnologies.co.uk www.p c-doctor.org.uk www.kpig.co.uk www.kpig-bs.net www.hostdragon.eu The CCK Technologies Group of Companies has administration facilities based in Deeside and is emerging as one of the UK's most ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adge47


Avoid this company like the plague. Goods do not arrive

AdvantagesNone, a bunch of crooks who take your money.

DisadvantagesGoods don't arrive, customer service is useless.

"I tried to buy three Brother TZ-SE4 Gloss Laminated Security Tapes from CCK Technologies www.inkcartridgesdirect.org.uk. Their online system sent an email with a tracking number. After waiting a week for delivery I tried the tracking number which basically says the goods have been despatched and you cannot cancel the order. Two weeks after the order was placed the tapes have still not arrived so I contacted customer serivices AKA Hayley. I got ..." Read review

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Community Level 1andydee99


Another dissatisfied customer


Disadvantagesyou won`t receive your goods or get any replies back from your enquiries

"I too am still waiting for my delivery ordered on the 3rd December. Despite writing 2 emails to sales@ccktechnologies.com, and filling out there onine customer support form. They have a "tracking" system but frankly, it`s a waste of time. Well, as proof of my order here is part of my receipt: CustomerID# 1149 VAT Number: 931690911 Thank you for your order. Your order number is 2071, placed 12/3/2008 at 12:53. Order Details: Code Item Qty Price Total 920-000449 Logitech ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Scoob55


Another inkcartridgesdirect order

AdvantagesGood service on the phone once you find the number

DisadvantagesVery poor website tracking/status/web response

"Similar story to many by the sounsd of it - ordered an item (targus backpack) on 30/11, marked as shipped within 2 days, and no reply to the emails i sent in. Couldn't find a phone number either, and credit card has been charged (1/12). In short, I think they are just not very organised and don't have a very good stock/website management system, as I have managed to speak to them this morning, and once you do speak to them - phone number is on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chimp_span...


Do NOT trade with CCK Technologies

AdvantagesPrices look competitive but...

Disadvantages...what good is a low price when you don't get what you ordered?

"Okay I'm going to make an overhaul to this review to reflect todays changes. Here is the story of my order with CCK Technologies, from their website www.inkcartridgesdirect.org.uk 10/12 - We place an order for a 1TB Toshiba external USB drive. The price looks good. The stock reads 6 before the order, and 5 afterwards. 16/12 - No sign of the order. Order tracking on the website is non-functional, we send an email. 17/12 - Still no order, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bikercat


worst company I have ever dealt with


Disadvantageshave they got anything to actually sell?

"Ordered on the 2/12/08, to make sure I had the items by christmas. Surprise surprise, they never showed up. I didn't even get an apology or offered replacements. In fact so far (23/2/09) all they have done is delayed paying my money back onto my card. It is unbelievable that a company can take the money within 2 hours on a sunday, then tell me that they will take 30 days to refund me. Well 30 days is up and still no money. They now think that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sleeke


CCK Technologies/Shop-4it.co.uk are THEIVES

AdvantagesGood way to waste money. Better than burning or flushing!

DisadvantagesBad customer service, charging for items not in stock, denying the obvious...

"***DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CON ARTISTS**** I was recently unfortunate enough to order a hard drive from SHOP-4IT.CO.UK, and upon being charged, I realised they were actually CCK Technologies under a different name. I waited 14 days for the item to arrive, and when it didn't, I phoned them asking what happened. They said the item was not in stock (even though I had paid £100 for it) so I asked for them to refund my money. They cancelled the order, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1flarestarw...


Ordered Raid Card and had too many problems

AdvantagesVaried range of products

DisadvantagesStock information is incorrect, cancelling orders almost impossible, staff unhelpful & unfriendly

"Our company ordered a Raid5 card from this company. They claimed it was in stock, but we found out later on they did not have it at all. We tried to chase this order up as it was taking a very long time, and ended up "being led around the block," being told one thing then another. We then tried to cancel the order to which they told us "put it in writing" which we promptly did. Then we were told we couldn't cancel the order and it was too long. Finally ..." Read review

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Community Level 1user1000001


Very poor experiance

AdvantagesLow cost

DisadvantagesAbsolutely terrible delivery times and service.

"Possibly the worst ever internet shopping experience in the 10 years that I've been using online shopping. Details as follows: 1) I was not informed that my first order was not accepted. I got an order confirmation email but when my goods didn't arrive I was told that my credit card had been refused and I must have been sent an email to inform me. I know that there was no email and that my credit was fine so I didn't accept this reasoning, but I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ASZI


cck 4u - worse internet company ever


DisadvantagesToo many to list

"We would not recommend this company. We placed an order on 12 Nov 08 for a laptop and then called up to cancel the order the next due to price. We was advised we were unable to cancel as order already despatched and payment was taken straight away. We have never received the laptop and to this day we are still waiting for a refund. They would not provide a tracking number for City Link and was advised we had to request the refund by email and not ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kolibri

Quick review of CCKtechnologies.co.uk

"Truly appalling service and after sales service. Over 30 days since my order was placed and still no sign of it. I don't believe it was ever despatched. They illegally debited my credit card before (claiming) despatch and offer no parcel tracking service. Quite unprofessional. CCK trade with over half a dozen names and each of the companies I have traced all have bad consumer reviews. And in the very few places where they aren't bad they are suspiciously written with duplicate spelling mistakes. I have reported them to Blaenau Gwent Trading Standards Tel: 01495 356138. I suggest you do to.

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Community Level 1ccktechnol...

Quick review of CCKtechnologies.co.uk

"I have had the misfortune to check this company AFTER buying an item of about £80 and their online support system is broken, they state items were dispatched via royal mail, but all royal mail items have a 'track and trace' especially for high value items. Onus is on supplier to provide 'proof of despatch' Update: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/workinglunch /7347146.stm Your bank will get your money back for you even if item is under £100. They will contact the company who debited your account and ask for 'proof of delivery'. I can expect a refund in 10 days. -1 star

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Community Level 1Little-mis...

Quick review of CCKtechnologies.co.uk

"Unlike the other reviews I wanted to sing the praises of CCK. I found them really helpful. I do not usually buy online and required advise before making a decision. After speaking to the staff they enquired to Sony on my behalf about the specifcations of my camcorder and I recieved a call back the same day and an e-mail. I only paid 6.95 postage and expected an extended wait for the item to arrive but I received it within 2 days of notice of despatch. Thank you for your help and i will be using you again. A happy customer!

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