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Community Level 6princessso...


A co-operative quote from a co-operative company

AdvantagesReliable home service, quick and easy website and quote facility.

Disadvantagesnone that I can think of.

"...used to work for the CIS Ltd (which stands for Co-operative Insurance Society) I worked for them for 9 years, since I left school but I left them when I pregnant, 3 years ago and never returned. I used to insure everything through them just because it was easy for me to get quotes and immediate cover, and to deal with people I knew. Now most of the people I used to work with have left so I thought I would look on the Internet to get a quote that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mcillroy


Dont waste your money

AdvantagesCant think of any

DisadvantagesAwful service

"...I had paid money to CIS just to effectively be franchised out. Following incorrect information regarding the claim being given to Albany they cancelled the loan car!!! And arranged for its collection the next day. After a protracted row and goodness knows how many phone calls I had to make the car was reinstated. It was a new car and it developed a fault, phone call to Albany ah yes well who you need to call is...... Hello isnt this your job. Hell ..." Read review

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Community Level 4leicesterfan


co-operative? they certainly were

Advantagescheap, helpful, face to face service, trustworthy, no hassle


"MY EXPERIENCE. My experience of this company is a very good one, ive been with this company for about 6 or 7 years now and never had any problems, theyve always been courteous, fast and efficient. When i first started out with this company, i called and asked for a quote, which they couldnt give me immediately due to computer problems (the wonders of modern technology), instead of keeping me hanging on the phone for ages, the operator said ..." Read review

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Community Level 4emmahancoc...


permantly listening to a recorded message

Advantagesmeant to be good value

Disadvantagescannot get through to get a quote!

"...going to be insuraed with CIS next year! There is no facility for them to take a phone number and come back to you, and no indication what so ever about where you are in the queue. This results in frustration and I have not the time nor the inclination to find out how long it takes. My suggestion is that the CIS chairman tries to ring his own helpline occasionally to discover what his service is like! This would lead to him discovering how difficult ..." Read review

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Community Level 2glidercwh


CIS - Ticket to freedom


Disadvantagesdodgy? who said that? I'm slightly deaf in this ear.

"Any normal 17 year old wants to drive, it's always been something I wanted to do and it certainly gave me the freedom that I'd wanted, freedom to drive yourself places, or just to enjoy the experience. The control of a vehicle. But as with most things there is always a catch and have certainly found there to be more than one with driving. Road tax, petrol prices etc etc goes on and seemingly on. But oh yes, I have been driving for two years now ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jimmydagod


Insurance with the personal touch

AdvantagesCheap, friendly

DisadvantagesUnable to buy online

"...the internet for insurance quotes CIS provided me with the cheapest quote by far. My insurance costs me just over £45 a month. Compared to other quotes I am saving (on average) £50 a month. I am 17 driving a K-reg 1.1 Rover Metro. My dad is the main driver, he has had a license for more years than he'd care to remember but due to him having his own car is unable to gain a no-claims bonus. This is where CIS are particularily goo - they give you an ..." Read review

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Community Level 1trimpex


CIS - The overlooked insurance

AdvantagesVery competetive, payment terms available. Excellent customer service.

DisadvantagesNo real problems

"...would not even quote, the CIS insured it at normal rates, and these rates are very competetive. Also, if you do happen to have an accident, I understand that they are very efficient in settling, and this comes not from personal experience, but from a friend in the motor trade who repairs cars, and who often has trouble with other 'all singing, all dancing' companies, who when push comes to shove, literally, don't fulfil their obligations to the customer. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TheNutter


Good prices, average service

AdvantagesGood premiums, low excess, esp for young drivers

DisadvantagesCall centre can be slow, and you have to do most things through the local agent

"I changed to CIS a few years ago, and at the time saved about £200 and substantially reduced my excess (over 100% less as I recall). I have found that it sometimes takes a while for calls to be answered at the call centre (from 3-20 mins). It's also difficult to get quotes for changes to an existing policy - for a change of drivers near my renewal date, the call centre never did manage to get me a requote (even after a week, and after I phoned ..." Read review

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Community Level 1philip666p...


CIS - Great Service!

AdvantagesGreat service, Extremley cheap cover

DisadvantagesBit slow on claims

"CIS insurance is the cheapest insurer i have found to insure both of my cars. Bearing in mind i am 19, male and own a 1.6 16v Vauxhall Astra, I still got covered for only £391 a year, this was on my dads policy but his no claims bonus got transferred into my name. (you will have to ask them about this) THE SERVICE - Second to none in my book... Firstly i got a quote through the website, which was really easy to use, then once getting the quote ..." Read review

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Community Level 2evilfran


Very efficient insurer

Advantagesethical company

Disadvantagesnot the cheapest

"I was insured by co-op insurance for several years, I never had any problems with them as I luckily didn't need to contact them. When i did need their help, after being rear ended by a 4x4, the acted very quickly, I had a courtesy car within 24 hours, they came and collected my damaged car, and took it to be repaired. They gave me all the details of the garage, who were based in chingford and very helpful. The crash happened a week before xmas, so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1philipoo


Racing ahead of the competition

AdvantagesCheap reliable and fully insured - looking for a good quote?

Disadvantagescannot fault

"I have been insured with the C I S for nearly 7 years and i have always found them to be the best for my car insurance. When i got my first quote from them over the phone it took hardly any time at all and they cut my insurance cover from another competitor and saved me well over £200 in the first year i was well and truly stoked. When phoning for a quote i always found it quicker to get through first thing in the morning about 8 am or the last ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Banjo


Cheap but Nasty

AdvantagesCheaper than the rest by about £30 over the year.

DisadvantagesAs above.

"...out my motor insurance with CIS as it was the cheapest quote - however after paying my first instalment by cheque to the agent (in June), the company kept failing to take any direct debits from me with the result that 3 payments were taken off in September - not on the 1st as stated but on the 29th. Their staff have been completely unhelpful and uncommunicative and I would not recommend them to anyone. The staff in the local office are the rudest ..." Read review

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Community Level 1distilledwit


cis verses chaos

AdvantagesQuick to sort quote and cover over phone / internet

Disadvantagesthey seldom put their phone number clearly on header mail addresses

"My experience with the co-op had been good if it was to the offices and not my broker. He was hard to get hold of, had no answer machine to leave messages and would send out odd bills of around £10. with no explanation as to what it was for. Then unfortunately I had a car crash, the other person took responsibility (it was their fault and I am sure not deliberate). It took the co-op over three months to pay out £950. (not that much really) This ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Izzy67

Quick review of CIS - Motor Insurance

"I had this product for about 2 years and the price was quite cheap as compared to other insurers I got on the internet. Their registration process was quite good and quick. The document policy is presented in a nice wasy which mas if authentic. I only cancelled the policy when I sold my car. The cancellation process was quite straight forward as compared to the one I had with AA.

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Community Level 1littlemiss...


CIS - no dodgy letters please!

Advantagesgood website

Disadvantagesawful customer service

"At first, CIS offered my partner and I a clear website to get our car insurance. CIS offered us a competitive price and I read some reviews and asked some people who they recommended. As no other option presented itself we decided to get CIS. Once we made the agreement it went a bit crazy. We started getting letters saying they were conplying with our queries to change our terms and conditions, adjusting our policy, changing the price we were paying! Literally ..." Read review

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