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Community Level 3Slayerette


A Whole New Dimension Of Wierd

AdvantagesGood fun at playing CSI

DisadvantagesToo Short and Easy

"...really enjoyed playing lately - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (notice my penchant for TV based games LOL) GAME PLOT Not really much of a follow through plot for the game but basically you have just joined tha Las Vegas Crime Lab Night Shift as a junior forensic investigator (otherwise known as the rookie lol). You will join Grissom, Brass and the team in helping solve 5 crimes. TOOLS As this game is purely investigative you are issued ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Collingwoo...


Elementary, My Dear Grissom

AdvantagesExceptional graphics, Voiced by CSI actors

DisadvantagesToo short & Too easy

"“We’re the number two crime lab in the country. We solve crimes most labs render unsolvable. So what makes you think you belong here?” - Captain Jim Brass CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the shiny new PC game from Ubi Soft, based around the highly successful TV series of the same name. For those of you unfamiliar with the programme, let me explain: my review of the game will make a whole lot more sense if you know what CSI is all about. Admittedly, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6CaptainDis...


CSI for the PC - have your swab at the ready!

Advantages Great visuals, atmosphere, interesting cases, good interface...

Disadvantages ... gets very frustrating at times, a couple of continuity problems...

"Crime Scene Investigation is the first game based on the popular TV series of the same name. I've not seen all that many episodes (yet), but I've seen enough to know that it's one of the smarter detective dramas out there, and certainly with its use of techniques such as actually following a bullet's eye view (if bullets had eyes) into the body in great detail, the most visually arresting. Having had a so-so reaction to the "Law and Order 2: Double ..." Read review

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Community Level 2HellyP


Who are you? (the newest CSI)

AdvantagesEasy to pick up, absorbing

DisadvantagesIt's all over far too quickly

"For those who don't know, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is a TV series set in Las Vegas that follows the working life of a team of investigators. This game is based on the show, with 5 cases to be solved. ~~~~~~ System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Pentium II 300 or equivalent CD-ROM Speed - 4x or faster 550MB hard drive space 128 MB memory Printer required to print user manual Graphics - any 8MB DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics ..." Read review

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"Concentrate on what cannot lie...the evidence"

AdvantagesEasily available in shops; cheap to buy; exciting to play

DisadvantagesHas 3 discs in the pack; takes a while to install; no instructions on how to save a game

"This certficate 16 PC game is based on the original TV series. It was released in 2003. We have all the characters from the series including Gil Grissom. The characters and voices sound very similar to the actors playing them, so it's fair to assume they allowed their likenesses to be used. THE GAME The game is pretty much what it says on the box - you are a new CSI member, investigating crime scenes, as part of the Las Vegas forensic team. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Lightpants


Las Vegas - One Big Crime Scene

AdvantagesA thinkers game

DisadvantagesOnly five levels

"Ubi Soft Age 16+ Bought from Gamezone, £19.99 each or 2 for £30. Requirements – 98/ME/2000/XP, PII 300 / AMD K6-III 450, 128M RAM, 8MB Direct X, 4x CD, 517MB HDD. Graphics – very impressive, though quite harsh lines and boxy on some of the detail when you're zooming in. Playability – if you love crime books and crime series, then this is great. Makes you think like a CSI and put to use everything you’ve learnt on the series! Content ..." Read review

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Community Level 3werdnajas


A very exciting, playable and intense game

AdvantagesGreat Graphics, voiced by real actors, and very similar to the TV Show

DisadvantagesToo easy perhaps, crimes are too short.

"I had never heard of the TV Show or the PC Game of this before I walked into a music store one day and saw it. I'd always liked detective games and that, so I looked at this and it looked like just the game I liked - so I bought it and sure enough I wasn't surprised. The specs needed to run this game are: 98/ME/2000/XP PII 300 / AMD K6-III 450 128M RAM 8MB Direct X 4x CD 517MB HDD minimum The full game takes up about 1.5 Gb. To ..." Read review

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Community Level 1badamson


Here comes the nerd squad!

AdvantagesYou get to be a CSI! Good gameplay. Real Voices.

DisadvantagesMay deprive you of your sanity at points. Not enough cases.

"General Premise: Basically you have to solve crimes that are not what they appear. It would be pretty boring if they were! You have to look closely at every facet of the crime scene gathering evidence and detecting things that are not initially visible. After accumulating evidence and incriminating so and so you are then able to bring them in for questioning and eventually, you will catch the bad people and lock them away. So what’s the story here? The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bebcho


I work for Grisom. Oh my god!!

AdvantagesIt's based around the best series ever!!!

Disadvantagesnot long enough..

"The game Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is based around a drama series about a team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas. The series is solely about the science and methods used to solve a crime and bring justice to those who have broken the law. As an amazed fan of the TV show as soon as I saw this game being available I didn’t hesitate to go out and buy it the next day. Being a part of CSI becomes a reality in this game to be able to work ..." Read review

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Community Level 1moiralily


A must for wannabe CSIs

AdvantagesFun, easy to play

DisadvantagesAddictive, cases are very simple, once you've solved them there's no more!

"This PC game is an excellent buy. I bought it secondhand, and was extremely pleased. The likenesses of the characters are excellent, and using the original actors' voices only enhances the effect. The game is addictive, however, I found myself spending many a weekend staying up gone midnight to try and finish "just this one case"... The game consists of 5 seperate cases, and you work with a different member of the team in each one. So rest assured ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Spyke_Martin


CSI: Sleepless Nights in Las Vegas Review with images

Advantagesmusic, ambiance of the TV drama

Disadvantageswell, you didn't have so much liberty

"Believe me or not but my nick on CIAO is the name of the character I created for my fanfic based on this game... **** REWRITTEN IN 2008 **** CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the first videogame of a solid saga on PC, expanding since 2007 on other platforms. 2007 is also the year of the release of the 5th game (counting CSI Miami) in the series. But remember something: CSI is released in 2003 and is from 369 Interactive - developers are now ..." Read review

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Community Level 2smc_donough


worth the price!

Advantagesvery similar to the tv show

Disadvantagesnot long enough

"CSI (CRIME SCENE INVESTIGTAION) is a game based on the tv show and thats basically what the game is about a big investigation, in fact there is a four investigations which then lead onto a fifth investigation. This game is a point and click game which means you pick on the objects to use or point to certain places on screen and click to find out info on them. If you like the tv show then you would definatly like his game. It has all the characters ..." Read review

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation PC Game

AdvantagesQuick, fairly fun

DisadvantagesToo short and easy

"I recently purchased this game fairly cheaply and was interested in it as I like games where you have a story to follow and investigations and puzzles to work out. The game is set around the TV programme of the same name but is not important for the actual game play. You take the part of an investigator and you have to examine scenes, establish evidence and have the evidence analysed by certain sources. You can also question people at the scene ..." Read review

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