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Community Level 1GeorgeMA


CVtrumpet provided me with some useful connections quickly

AdvantagesProvided me with some very useful recruiter contacts

DisadvantagesCan't think of any

"...I got good value from CVtrumpet as it provided me with some useful recruiter contacts, which in turn got me one interview with another to follow. You add your CV to the site, along with other information about your requirements, and CVtrumpet sends your CV out to lots of matching recruitment firms for you. The service is provided to recruitment firms for free and the jobseeker pays for the service. When I emailed them, they said that by providing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RichardBar...


CVtrumpet did what it said and got results

AdvantagesGot my CV to a large number of recruiters quickly. It's fast and was effective for me.

DisadvantagesWhile they have a free service (adding your CV to database) the CV forwarding is a pay-for service

"CVtrumpet is a CV forwarding service. It forwards your CV to the inboxes of a large number of recruiters that match your salary, job type, industry and your level (Manager/Director/Specialist etc). Recruiters receive CVs for free and CVtrumpet state on their site that they have over 8,200 recruiters with them that receive CVs. A friend had used the service and recommended it. With the current market I was a little sceptical though as there doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 1EOdgers


pleased with the response

Advantagespleased with the contact from some high quality recruiters


"pleased with the response from using cv trumpet, basically a lot of traction in a very short space of time... I read the reviews on here first and then decided to give it a go and used it early January 2010 and am happy with how it's gone. The other reviews talk about how it works etc, so I'll just add that cv trumpet gave me the contacts I needed to land my next role within 3 weeks. I used the executive service at www.cvtrumpet.co.uk/executive-recruiters.htm, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1salesstar79


cvtrumpet -- several good leads and 2 interviews in 14 days. Review with images

Advantagesvery fast way to get your CV out to recruiters


"...weeks. The speed at which cvtrumpet worked really impressed me. Would use again and recommend. 10/10. The homepage is at www.cvtrumpet.co.uk and I also found a useful help section on the site at http://www.cvtrumpet.co.uk/help-home.htm They have been in business since 2002 and the site also states that they are the UK's first CV forwarding company. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LJ1977


CVtrumpet connected me with some useful search firms

Advantagessends your CV to many search firms quickly

Disadvantagessend Word docs only (instead of my nice PDF CV)

"...you're not familiar with it, CVtrumpet sends your CV out to search firms/recruiters for you. It's just one form on which you add your CV and a profile, and they then send your CV on to recruiters that match your profile. In my case there were 159 recruiters that matched my profile. I know this as you can also get the list of search firms (but not contact details) as an optional extra that your CV is sent to. My CV went out the next morning. Even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jwilson68


CV Trumpet's premium service worked very quickly for me

Advantagesa convenient service that found me some very useful recruitment contacts quickly

Disadvantagescovers the UK only

"Good, swift service that worked very quickly for me. CV Trumpet sends your CV to recruiters who match a profile that you create on the site. You select recruiters by your type of job, your industry, salary, your level and location. They send out your CV individually to all recruiters who match your selections from their network of 8,200 UK recruiters who are opted in to the service. My CV was sent out the day after I joined and I was contacted by ..." Read review

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Community Level 1davehd


cvtrumpet helped me to get interviews and saved my time

Advantagessaved time, got a position that I am pleased with


"...I decided to use the cvtrumpet executive service after reading the reviews on here. One of the roles that I got details of through from one of the larger recruitment firms was for an IT management role that interested me. Interviewed for it and got the job! Also had one interview in the same week for another management position through the service that would have been a good backup, but wasn't offered that role anyway. Recevied some other contact ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bbjacks


good, swift service

Advantagesgood alternative to traditional job search methods


"...to are all members fo CVtrumpet and the service is free for recruiters. The service is mainly geared towards those who are executive or management job searching, they do though cover many other positions though, including mine (account executive) all of which are listed on the registration page. i was happy with the quality of responses from recruitment consultants and would use again. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1yesminister


cvtrumpet worked well

Advantagesfast, saves time, effective

Disadvantagesonly covers the UK

"...individually. To sum up, the cvtrumpet service was effective and it worked very quickly for me. I opted for the £50,000+ salary package at £59. Considering the amount of time cvtrumpet saved me it was well worth it. ..." Read review

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