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Community Level 5ang_2906


No crumbles here

Advantagesits chocolate, doesn't crumble

Disadvantagesexpensive these days

" All chocolate is getting to be more and more expensive these days. I had a chocolate desire the other night, and sent my other half out on a mission. He never gets me anything I want so as he was on his way out the door, I yelled "Cadburys please" as him. He came back with a couple of Flake Dipped for me. I've never been a huge fan of flake's, only because they fall apart and I don't seem to be able to do anything to be able to control it, ending ..." Read review

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"One of my favourite choccie treats is Cadbury’s Flake, but I always give away the fact I’ve scoffed one in secret because of the telltale blobs of melted chocolate on my clothes. When I saw that Cadbury’s had bought out a new version of their popular Flake bar, this time covered in a lovely sumptuous outer coating of chocolate I had to buy one. Great I thought no one will ever know when I’ve had a secret chocolate binge again. Cadbury’s Flake Dipped ..." Read review

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Community Level 6jammy_banana


The Flake puts some clothes on Review with images

Advantagesdoesn't crumble like the Flake

Disadvantagesisn't as fun to eat as original

"Here’s a conundrum for you: what’s the difference between a Twirl and a Flake? A Twirl is a Flake covered in chocolate. What then is the difference between a Twirl and Flake Dipped? Perhaps we are wrong in our assumption that a Twirl is just chocolate with a Flake centre. There was only one way for me to find out, I would have to try a Flake Dipped and find out because, ladies and gentlemen, I know my chocolate. For years the Cadbury’s Flake has ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ady_ankle


Dipped is SO Much Better...

Advantagesbetter than the original

Disadvantagesmore fat than original

"Cadbury Flake Dipped… I have just got back from the Spar shop with this evenings chocolate bar purchase, which is "Flake Dipped". I merely picked this up as there was a buy one get one free offer on and I thought that that's my Mrs. and me sorted in one go. I am a big lover of chocolate and more of a lover of Cadbury Flake so I thought I would give this a go as I know its been out on the market for a while. The wrapper for the Flake Dipped ..." Read review

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Community Level 5TeenyB


A Flake Dipped to put you in a Twirl!!

AdvantagesA non-messy way to each a favourite choccy bar

DisadvantagesCalories, fat......oh yes and tastes just like another Cadbury product!!

"...range of choccy delights - Cadbury Flake Dipped! ***** PACKAGING AND AVAILABILITY - WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND WHERE ***** I came across this gem in my local newsagents in a special "new product" box that all confectioners seem to thrive on displaying to attract potential consumers - and of course me!! I have yet to see it anywhere else, and this I'm sure is because its so new. The packaging is.....nothing like the picture above which Ciao have ..." Read review

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There's a Flake lurking inside somewhere!

AdvantagesDelicious creamy chocolate

DisadvantagesNot very original

"When Cadbury Flake Dipped first came onto the market a few years ago, I couldn't help but laugh. Could they not think of something a bit more original than simply covering the original Flake in some chocolate and passing it off as a different chocolate bar...?! What irritated me most was that we had already had the Snowflake bar and Praline Flake bar - all variations of the original Flake - so it seemed that all possible combinations had already been ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Benniash



AdvantagesLovely Cadbury's chocolate

DisadvantagesIt's a Twirl!

"...was an variation of the Cadbury Flake. Those of you familiar with the original will be able to recall its layered type chocolate to form a bar of flaky chocolate made from the usual milky chocolate that is Cadbury’s. The one thing that has always put me off the Flake is that it is simply the messiest chocolate to eat, ever! Every bite is followed by lots of flaky chocolate falling away from the bar, usually resulting in a change of clothes. I even ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nancymac


This is no dippy flaky idea!

AdvantagesFlake fun without the mess

DisadvantagesThey should have brought it out years ago!

"I only went in to buy petrol, your honour! But I came out with the papers, a birthday card and oh, whats this by the tills? Cadburys flake dipped? Guilty as charged, I bought one. I love to try new chocolate bars, in fact I think one of the confectionary companies should pay me to chocolate test for them-I would be dedicated and hard working, no question about it! (Not to mention all the years of experience...) Anyway, let me tell you more... The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4DylanD


Not 99 percent sure

AdvantagesThick and does not crumble

DisadvantagesSmaller than your normal flake in length

"I thought I would purchase this new flake dipped this week to see what all the fuss is about, I wasn’t that enthused with the snowflake so thought would give this bar ago. Where Cadbury’s flakes are concerned I love mine with a nice bowl of ice cream or stuck in a cornet, so I want to see if this dipped bar would come up to scratch. I purchased my flake dipped at my local newsagent for 45p, its probably cheaper elsewhere. Quite a light bar to hold ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Tea65


Dipped? Nah, I'll have it as it was thanks...

AdvantagesLooks nice and smells nice

DisadvantagesSickly and cloggy

"...as well as the famous Cadbury logo. The wrapper is made from recycled materials, so that's good for the environment. The Flake we have all grown to love has always been wrapped in a yellow cellophane wrapper that's twisted at both ends, but this isn't the case with this bar; the wrapper is a foil effect that is sealed at both ends, very much like all modern day bars. The wrapper tells me that the bar is a crumbly milk chocolate Flake covered ..." Read review

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My flake has got its coat on.

AdvantagesDoes not crumble

Disadvantages none really , fattening ?

"...flake. Have you seen them? Cadbury dipped flake are wrapped in the same yellow wrapper with the Cadbury blue purple swirl with the word flake written on it bit look on the pack and you will see dipped written in white. I bought mine at Tesco's last week but yes Sainsbury sell them, actually if you really want one I think the corner shop has some, sure I saw them last time I popped in for a bottle of milk, They cost 41p at Tesco, looked on website ..." Read review

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Community Level 3aly5on


Who loves dippy flakes?

AdvantagesIt's Chocolate and It's Cadbury's

DisadvantagesA little more expensive than other like bars, It's bad for you

"What Is It ~~~~~~~~ It is a Cadbury’s Flake that has been dipped in a generous helping of smooth Cadbury’s Chocolate. The description on the wrapper is “Crumbly Milk Chocolate Flake Covered in Milk Chocolate” The cost of the bar is £0.43, compared to £0.38 for a regular flake What Does It Look Like ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The bar is approximately 16cm in length and 2.5cm in width and height. It comes presented in a metallic wrapper which ..." Read review

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Community Level 2klketer


Is it a Flake,is it a Twirl? No its "Dipped"!

AdvantagesIts chocolate - what more can I say!

DisadvantagesWhat exactly is the point?

"Not being one to turn down the offer of anything free, least of all free chocolate, I very happily took a newspaper voucher along to the local WH Smith and acquired the new Flake Dipped. To be perfectly honest, I would have scoffed it and sat back with guilty pleasure without a second thought, had it not been for the question why? Just to give you a bit of product knowledge first of all. The new Flake Dipped is basically a good old Flake dipped ..." Read review

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Community Level 5fuzzybear967


Less Waist? I wish

AdvantagesLess chocolate wastage

DisadvantagesNot big enough

"I'm a big fan of Cadbury chocolate and I have always loved a flake, in fact I do find them very addictive and one is never enough. The other big problem with a flake is the fact that it is rather messy to eat as the chocolate is very crumbly and does tend to go every where when you bite into it. Well now with Cadbury Flake Dipped this problem has been reduced some what as this version of the flake has been dipped in cadbury milk chocolate so that ..." Read review

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AdvantagesNo flakey crumbs

DisadvantagesNot enough

"I actually came across this when I went to get my usual flake but they had none left.....none left I said, but it's the greatest chocolate creation ever......HOW WRONG I WAS. I bought the dipped flake as I thought it would be an ok substitute and left it sitting on my desk sulking about not being able to have my afternoon flake, when I finally decided to have it I was in shock. It is amazing, it has all the qualities of an ordinary flake yet it ..." Read review

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