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Cadbury's Cocoa….scrumptiously yummy! Review with images

AdvantagesMoorishly Chocolately!

DisadvantagesTakes a bit of time to make.

"...reviews in this section about..yes.. Cadbury's Cocoa.. and what are all the other reviews on?....Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate!! So, here's what I think, the first 'proper' review on the good old fashioned Cadbury's Cocoa on Ciao!! ----------------------------- First of all, here's a little run-down of Cadbury's and chocolate:- Cadbury's was started back in 1824 by John Cadbury when he opened his first shop in Bull Street, Birmingham. ..." Read review

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The Good Old Days

AdvantagesReal Chocolate Hit


"...obtain a 125g tub/jar/tin of Cadbury's Cocoa not hat I have in fact seen so many tins of late but they can be found and just add that little touch of nostalgia for those who remember the good old days when stuff tasted like it was supposed to. Those who can recall such sweet and warm memories will know exactly what I'm talking about, other unfortunately will never know what a great taste food had before we started adding all those additives or removing ..." Read review

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Community Level 5evansuk



AdvantagesGreat taste, Ultimate nightcap

DisadvantagesPrice of milk

"~Introduction~ There’s nothing I enjoy better (bar sex) than settling down to a Ciao session at night, with a mug of hot chocolate. There are times when the alcoholic nightcaps tend to catch up with me and my body calls for a clean refreshing drink. Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate not only gives me my cocoa hit, but also guarantees a sound night’s sleep! ~Packaging~ The 250g cardboard tub resembles that of Bisto gravy packaging. The grooved ..." Read review

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Cocoa without Chanel.

AdvantagesA super bedtime drink.


"Cadbury's cocoa, this reminds me of the summer camps that I used to go to when I was in the girl Guides. A huge pan of milk was put onto the camp fire to heat and then the Guide Leader used to add the cocoa ( which was first mixed along with a little warm milk ) to the hot milk and we used to dip our tin mugs into the pan and enjoy the steaming hot mugs of cocoa while we were sat around the camp fire - not too sure that Health and Safety regulations ..." Read review

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Judgee goes to snooze land so nighty night

AdvantagesLovely soothing hot choclatey drink

DisadvantagesToo much can make you a bit chubby

"Being an insomniac, I have searched the globe in order to find something to ease my sleeplessness. Having discovered that hard work can help a little, I still need something to allow me to get my daily dose of four hours kip. This is where Cadbury’s comes to the rescue! Cadbury’s original hot chocolate arrives in a mouth watering purple pot, with a picture of a mug of hot chocolate in a chocolate mug (enough to make even the most strangest of ..." Read review

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Get all Hot and Frothy tonight

AdvantagesGreat taste even cold


"...shaped in a chunk of Cadbury's chocolate. Hm, delicious. I must admit that over the last year I have grown a strange addiction to hot chocolate, so much that my wife has started hiding jars from me and I tend to sneak of to the kitchen when she is out for my shot of frothy chocky. I am considering going to chocoholics anonymous. I am joking, but I really have become quite a fan. I have sampled many a variety, but the one that comes out on top ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Rossnixdorf


ummm powder

AdvantagesGet loads of the stuff

DisadvantagesLittle pricey

"Ok here I am staring into a pot of Cadburys drinking chocolate. The packaging looks Ok, bright purple with the words “Drinking Chocolate” and a picture a chocolate mug filled to the brim with the stuff. Oh yeah, It’s huge! A whole 750g`s of powdery chocolate goodness. The lid seals tightly and is pretty idiot proof it reads “LIFT HERE” in 3 different places. At the bottom of the cylinder shaped container is a little cute ..." Read review

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Community Level 5smcccc


Cadbury's Cocoa Drink. Review with images

AdvantagesQuick and easy to make.


"...food cupboard, and it's always cadbury's as this is my favorite tasting brand. Cadbury's cocoa is a delicious warming drink which I usually have in the evening when I'm relaxing in front of the T.V. or sitting at the computer. This lovely cocoa drink comes in a tub in powder form, with an easy to open lid which comes off the tub completely, as soon as you remove the lid you can smell the delicious chocolate straight away ! This particular ..." Read review

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Community Level 4annalouise



AdvantagesEasy to make

DisadvantagesYou still have to wait

"...want it in an instant. Cadbury's instant hot choc is the way to go. A tin will last you for ages and is reasonably priced so there's no excuses for not having a handy pack at home. Right, so you've bought your hot choccy and it's time to make it. Here's my way to make the perfect cup... Number 1 Get your mug and fill it with full cream or semi-skimmed milk. Full cream is better because it's, well, creamier. Number 2 Pour your mug of milk ..." Read review

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Community Level 1catgamester


The best hot chocolate - ever!

Advantagesquick and creamy

Disadvantagestoo yummy

"...gloopy) and a tin of Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate (not cocoa). So what to do? Should I boil up the skimmed milk or experiment with the evaporated milk? The evaporated milk won and wow, this has been my drink ever since. Put 3 heaped teaspoons of drinking chocolate powder into a mug (should hold about half a pint (250 - 300ml)). Mix the powder to a paste with some of the evaporated milk, the add a bit more (2 - 3 fluid ounces in total (50 - 75mls)), ..." Read review

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