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Calpol Infant Suspension

Advantagesnice taste, works well


"...a baby I always had Calpol in the house just in case, but thankfully it was seldom used. However, my daughter has problems with her elbows in that they dislocate very easily and so I was instructed by the hospital to give her a dose of Calpol before manipulating it back into place. It is only these times that I have ever really used Calpol until recently, when she had a very high temperature and I had to rush out for a bottle in order to try and bring ..." Read review

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Sanity Saving Calpol

AdvantagesSweet taste, reduces temperature, soothes pain

DisadvantagesMore expensive than other brands, can cause runny bums

"...a time like this that Calpol is a godsend. Although not the cheapest Paracetamol suspension on the market, itís the one that Iíve used with all five of my children over the last nineteen years and the one I simply trust above all others. Although it is available in both original and sugar-free varieties, Iíve only ever used the sugar-free. Calpol Sugar-free is a thick, sticky, sweet, strawberry flavoured syrup containing 120mg of Paracetamol in each ..." Read review

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A spoonful of Calpol helps the temperature go down!

Advantagesworks really well


"...parent needs to know about Calpol and make sure they have a bottle or sachets in the house for whenever it may be needed! Calpol is described as an infant suspension and it contains paracetamol. It is designed to give pain and fever relief and I can tell you from eperience that it does really seem to work! One of the good things about it is that it can be used in very small doses for babies as young as two months and lots of nurses suggest giving ..." Read review

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A god send

AdvantagesIt works!


"Calpol is a pain relief for children. You can buy it as age six plus or from 2 months plus. It contains paracetamol and it's very important that you read the instructions and do not exceed the stated dose. I don't like having to use Calpol and only use it if I have to. I know some people like to use it as soon as their baby shows the first signs of teething or as a preventative before injections but I'm not one of those people! I try to only use ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Suspend the pain

AdvantagesSuspends pain, different uses


"...nurse, midwife included has recommend Calpol to soothe and take away the pain for my little girl. So, off to the chemist I trotted, well actually off to the chemist I sent my husband one night when my little girl was screaming in my ear and chweing on her hands so fiercely I thought she would chew them off. He came back with Calpol Sugar Free Infant Suspension for two months plus. Calpol is basically a liquid form of paracetamol and is intended ..." Read review

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Community Level 2metbebe


One spoon full of Calpol and the cries stop

AdvantagesIt works

DisadvantagesMy daughter doesn't like the taste

"...be sleepless. That is where Calpol comes in and by just a spoon full of this pink fluid your baby will sleep once again. The Product Calpol comes in different packaging but this one has a brown glass bottle with pink fluid and purple text. In the package you get a white plastic spoon with the measurements 5 ml and 2.5 ml. On the bottle it says how much your baby can take each time in one day. The taste is quite sweet and smooth so babies will ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rcleary57


Calopl Infant Suspension - Does The Job Every Time

AdvantagesBrings Down Temperature, Relieves Aches and Pains and Tastes Great


"Calpol Sugar Free Infant suspension 2+ Months This is one of the necessary baby products that I swear by. I always make sure that I have a bottle of it at home for when needs must and I have to say that it works everytime. Calpol has got to be a household name, I remember it from when I was little (I'm 23 now) and as soon as anyone mentions medicine for a child this is the first thing that comes to mind for me! The Calpol brand has been extended ..." Read review

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