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Community Level 6emilyo


Hush Little Baby - Before Mummy goes crazy! Review with images

AdvantagesEffective, affordable, tastes nice

DisadvantagesNot good if you prefer not to use drugs

"...is when my good friend Calpol comes in to take over. So What Is Calpol? *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ Calpol is an oral suspension which contains 120mg of paracetamol per 5ml. It is used to relieve mild pain and raised temperatures in babies 3 months and older. What Ages Can It Be Used For? *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ Calpol infant suspension can be used for children between 3 months (can be taken at 2months with doctors advice) and six years. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5angiebabyq...


Fanx for giving me yummy stuff I feel better! Review with images

Advantagesmakes my siblings better, and all round happier when the pain is gone

Disadvantagesthe high amount of E numbers and the materials of the packaging

"Calpol was always a lush medicine for me up until the age of 6 when I had to change medicines due to the fact that I had to go up one level in medicines and the next level taught me that medicines really do taste nasty. But now that my sister, aged three gets kidney infections, and has to have antibiotics to try and kill the infection, but it sometimes isn't enough to kill the pain. So what we do, is give her Calpol, or even when my baby brother, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4TheCelticT...


kill that pain! Review with images

Advantages gets rid of pain!!

Disadvantages it needs to be used!

"...used calpol. But seen as calpol has been around since 1966 an is always recommended by health care professionals this is undestandable. I have given calpol to Rhian and Ross since they were little for teething and pains. There is calpol available for over 3 months - to six years and the calpol six plus. Calpol does comes in two different flavours blackcurrent and stawberry, though strawberry flavour (which is sugar free) this is the only one ..." Read review

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Calpol - like a magic potion

AdvantagesTastes great, value for money


"...to yourself, but thank goodness Calpol exists- it’s the next best thing! '''Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?''' The most important factor in giving a child medicine is the taste. If a child doesn’t like it they are going to be reluctant to take it, causing extra upset and anger for everyone involved – luckily Calpol seems to have the opposite effect. It is a strawberry flavoured liquid of a fairly thick consistency and tastes rather sweet. ..." Read review

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A spoonful of Calpol.....

Advantagesvery effective pain and fever relief


"...parent needs to know about Calpol and make sure they have a bottle or sachets in the house for whenever it may be needed! Calpol is described as an infant suspension and it contains paracetamol. It is designed to give pain and fever relief and I can tell you from eperience that it does really seem to work! One of the good things about it is that it can be used in very small doses for babies as young as two months and lots of nurses suggest giving ..." Read review

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Pain Relief For Me And Jack

Advantagespain relief


"...of the 5ml spoonfuls. The Calpol comes with a small plastic spoon giving measuring instructions. The cost of the Calpol is around £2 for a small bottle or just over £3 for the larger bottle. This is pretty good value compared with adult pain relief medicine but of course there are cheaper versions of this sort of medicine available. Boots do their own strawberry flavoured paracetamol based medicine this is cheaper by a little but I think it doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 4AlexW


Mummy's saviour in a bottle

AdvantagesTakes away babies pain, rests mum's ears

DisadvantagesIts a drug

"Ok 2nd attempt at this, my first having been lost in the ether when upon pressing submit I was instead logged out..arrghh. Anyway I though I would write an op on this favoured pain relief for my little girl. Anna is 6mths and we have found many uses for Calpol. It is available to buy from all chemists and most supermarkets, prices vary between £2-3 for 140ml bottle but you can also buy it in single dose sachets. Note the single dose sachet is ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazzaolear...


Daddy It Hurts !!!!!!!! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat and Works

DisadvantagesQuite Expensive

"...basis for my children is Calpol and many different versions of their products so I am going to review each product that I have used and my advice on when to use it however bear in mind that I am not a Doctor and if your child has any problems you should always consult you family Doctor. CALPOL AS A COMPANY Calpol have been producing children's medicines since 1966 and are one of the biggest UK suppliers of children's medicines. With a very wide ..." Read review

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Calrub, by Calpol, sooth baby's cold away

Advantagesmilder than Vicks Vaporub

DisadvantagesSmell doesn't last

"...is about a product of CALPOL and not Calpol the medicine. Calpol is the brand name and this is an over the counter medicine, which is why the review is posted in this category. Thanks.) My son is prone to colds. He always has been, and this was a huge problem when he was a baby. That was, until I discovered Calrub. Calrub comes from the makers of Calpol, and is a eucolyptus waqrming gel similar to Vicks Vaporub. It is specially formulated for ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mado21


Pain !!!!! What pain ?

Advantagesworks quick, cheap, can use from an early age, handy to take out with you


"I have always swore by calpol for my children, i started using it from when they had their immunisations and they got the temperatures to go with it, i only used the infant suspension but last week my son had toothache and we all know how painful that is so i bought the higher dosage one for six years plus. Any way it worked a treat until i could get him into the dentist the next morning. WHAT IS CALPOL Calpol is a paracetamol based painkiller ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cherryfalls


Tops for teething tots

AdvantagesIt works everytime


"Calpol is a suspension especially for babies and young children. It is a cure for pretty much anything and even comes in a sugar free version, which provides extra peace of mind for parents. It comes with a pleasant flavour and will not irritate even the most sensitive of stomachs. There is paracetamol in Calpol however so it is not to be given with other paracetamol products in case of overdose. The bottle does have instructions about what should ..." Read review

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Community Level 6LICARUS


Every home should have some

Advantagessachets easy to carry and give, not to unpleasant a taste to it


"Calpol for those who don't know is a paracetamol suspension designed for children, for those who do know about calpol, i am sure are aware of what a great product it is. Calpol is for the relief of pain and to reduce fever, it is avaliable as a sugar free suspension or as the 'normal' suspension, ie with sugar. Calpol contains in each 5ml dosage 120mg of paracetamol, a measuring spoon is always included with each bottle of Calpol, as well as the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Bitchqueen...


Calopl: mummy's little helper - UPDATED


DisadvantagesCould be tempted to rely too much on it

"Calpol is one of those products that isn't even on the radar unless you have children, and if you do have children (in fact probably as soon as you have your first baby), it becomes a bit of a Holy Grail. We all swear we won't dose our children with drugs at the first sign of discomfort or the first sleepless night though, and most of us stick to it! We've used Calpol only a couple of times, both occasions when our son was ill and tired and SO needed ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sportyminx


Friend to Baby - Foe to Fever!

AdvantagesThey love the flavour - so take it easily!

Disadvantagesthere are cheaper ones on the market!

"...doctor before administering! The uses of calpol are clearly stated on the box, it is worded as follows: Calpol sugar free infant suspension is a strawberry flavoured oral suspension and will relieve pain (including teething pain in older infants and children) and feverishness) (Taken from actual packaging) Each 5ml contains 120mg of paracetamol however it also contains: maltitol, sorbitol, glycerol and carmoisine (E122) When my baby has ..." Read review

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An Essential For The Medicine Cupboard

Advantagesgreat medicine for a sick child with a high temperature or minor pain, cheap, sachets are great too

Disadvantagesrather bright pink colour, very sticky and syrupy

"Calpol is one of the most useful things for parents. It is liquid paracetamol, and a wonderful medicine that can be used for children with high temperatures, colds, headaches, teething pains and so on. It is suitable for babies from three months of age, although it is often suggested for babies aged two months who have just had their MMR vaccinations. But as they get older, the strength seems to diminish and I would recommend buying Calpol Six ..." Read review

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