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Community Level 1cosworthbabe


Cambridge Weight Plan...to live or not to live?! Review with images

AdvantagesTasty shakes, convenient

DisadvantagesToo many bad side effects

"...anyone thinking of trying the Cambridge Weight Plan. I have included everything that I would have liked to know before I started out and even if it helps just one person make an informed decision, then the time spent writing will have been worth it! If you make it to the end, congratulations! If not, then thanks for reading as much as you could handle! I appreciate it! == What is the Cambridge Weight Plan? == The Cambridge Weight Plan (formerly ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Cerulean


Diets DO Work

AdvantagesFast Weight Loss

DisadvantagesWill Power Required

"...results and fast. CAMBRIDGE - The Cambridge plan sounded excellent for me - I am an overeater and I am adicted to food - taking food out of the equation seemed a perfect plan to me. The Cambridge Plan is an Very Low Calorie diet (VLCD) that involves consuming only Cambridge products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's very similar to Lighter Life and the Plan you get from the Chemist only Cambridge has more flavours and variety. THE ..." Read review

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To lose weight or to stay healthy??

AdvantagesIt helps to loose weight very quickly

DisadvantagesTaste. If you are not used to it - it difficult to adopt to this taste of shakes.

"...in August I registered with Cambridge weight plan. I received a details on the website of consultant to purchase CWP shakes. First she is measured me and gave me brochures. She said that I need to decide with meal plan I want to go. Fully on shakes (415-600 calories per day) or 800-1200 calories - mix with solid food (in total there is 6 steps). She wasn' very helpful as she did not explained properly how it works. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Martinscho...


Cambridge diet

Advantages A low callorie diet

Disadvantages Tastes vile

"The Cambridge diet is the type of diet that is known as a VLCD or a Very Low Calorie Diet. On the Cambridge Diet you consume 415 to 1500 calories per day, on what I described as a flexible weight-loss programme. It is a Sole Source Diet, in that all of your vitamin and mineral requirements are provided by the diet regimen. You take the diet meals in the form of powdered shakes that you mix yourself, soups, chocolate coated bars and readymade ..." Read review

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Community Level 1NCStarS


The Cambridge Diet

AdvantagesFast weight loss

DisadvantagesMIGHT be bad for your health

"I went on the Cambridge diet last summer and lost 3 stones. I was once 12 st 12 & I went down to as light as 9 st 9, which is a really healthy weight for my height (5 ft 5). I'm currently studying at university & since my exams began, I've put on weight again. I put on about a stone! This diet was really good though, but not the healthiest diet so I wouldn't recommend you go on the sole source of the diet unless you SERIOUSLY need to lose weight. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1funkybambino


The real 'wonder' diet!!

AdvantagesFast weight loss, makes you re-evaluate food

DisadvantagesCan be hard to stick to for some

"The Cambridge Diet is a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), which is very versatile and can be used in a few ways. 'Sole Source' allows you 3 packs of Cambridge Diet, or 2 packs and a bar, which totals about 400 calories a day.. This is with NOTHING ELSE! It provides 100% of all the vitamins and minerals and certain amounts of carbs, fat, protein etc. although very minimal and enough to make you lose on average a stone per month, maybe more if you have ..." Read review

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Great results and support but nasty taste.

AdvantagesGood weight loss and not bad price.

DisadvantagesNasty tasting.

"...weight. My cousin recommended the Cambridge Weight loss plan and as you get a one on one adviser I thought it sounded pretty neat. It normally cost me between £25 and £35 a week depending on how much I was buying and what I was getting. I steadily lost 3 stone over 3 months and that was with a lot of cheating as well, my husband also had great success. I found that the cost was generally worth it and I really didn't feel hungry after the first few ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sid


They do not work

Advantagesfeel better

Disadvantagesmiss out on fatty food

"...the other. I tried the Cambridge Soup diet, although I lost 5 pounds in one week when I went off it I put it back on. And face it you can't eat soup all your life. MY PLAN Well, I devised my own plan which will help me be fit and healthy and lose weight. First, thing you have to do at least 3 session of 30 minutes of exercise per week, it will burn the calories away. Make sure you eat breakfast, something healthy like museli, bran flakes, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ginger2pin...

Quick review of Cambridge Diet Drinks/Soups

"I lost 35lbs using the Cambridge diet products and although I agree with the fact it can become boring it, is was great to see the weight just falling off me! I liked most of the products, the shakes and bars are the best. The banana shake is a bit synthetic tasting though. I have managed to more or less maintain my weight for 18 months now. I still go to see my councellor and always keep a few products at home for if I fall off the wagon! It is really important to stay focused though, persevere and you will not be dissappointed with the end results. I agree with all of you that have managed to achieve what you set out to do, IT FEELS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!

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Community Level 1liltom


cambridge diet

AdvantagesRapid weight loss

DisadvantagesCan't think of any

"Started the Cambridge diet as a last desperate way to lose weight . Have been on it for 6 weeks and have already gone down two sizes. I find the shakes and soups quite acceptable and just love the bars. I am 63 years old and decided that I would not be able to give up solid food completely , the counsellor rsuggested that I replace 2 meals and have a healthy dinner. This is working for me If you have a problem drinking the amount of water they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1indiego

Quick review of Cambridge Diet Drinks/Soups

"Hi, I am now in my fourth week of the cambridge diet. i started at just over 13 and a half stone. i have currently lost just over a stone in 3 weeks, which is amazing ! i have tried every diet going in the past, and yes have lost weight with one or two, but very slowly. i like most of the shakes and soupa and bars, I drink them all hot. i also freeze the tetra bricks and let them defrost slightly and eat them like ice cream. I would reccomend anyone to give it a go, and dont be put off by the cost, I am actually saving money....and time and washing up !

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Community Level 1antbar

Quick review of Cambridge Diet Drinks/Soups

"I am on the sole source cambridge diet and doing well on it. I am 63 and was nearly 20 stone. I have lost 3 stone in 6 weeks & feel so well I can,t tell you. The most striking thing is that my type 2 diabetes seems to have gone. I take no tablets now & my blood sugars are normal, no blood preasure, colesterol normal. At my age looking slim was not the issue, feeling well was and at the risk of becoming boring I feel bloody champion. If you are thinking of doing it you must be focused because it is boring and does involve the whole family. Perhaps I will write again when I reach my target of 14stone. Good luck Mitch

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Community Level 1ginsta

Quick review of Cambridge Diet Drinks/Soups

"If I'm having a quiet week where I don't go out much it ALWAYS works for me - typically I lose just over 2kg in the first few weeks and then often have a week where I cheat (couple of glasses of wine or some carbs) and lose nothing but I can always get back on it again. I'm starting it up again now after it worked wonders for me 18 months ago. Highly recommended!

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Community Level 1alisonangel

Quick review of Cambridge Diet Drinks/Soups

"Lost 5.5 stone on Slimming World and then had an illness which meant i struggled all of last year. Stopped exercising as much and eating rubbish. Tried Lighter Life but found it expensive and hated the meetings. Cambridge make LL product but charge half the price and don't make you sit through pointless meetings. Need to get one stone off before rejoining Slimming World again. Cambridge offer great consultant who is there as an when you need her - price is low and shakes and bars are lovely. Have to drink alot of liquid so make friends with your toilet!! It's a great short term solution and puts you back on track without much thinking about. Highly recommended!!

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Community Level 1JacobAarron


The Cambridge weight plan (formerly Cambridge diet)

Advantagesworks fast, feel good, tastes nice, not expensive

Disadvantagesflavours not to everyone liking

"...plain water you can buy cambridge water flavourings that come in 3 flavours (orange, summer berry and savoury vegetable) only tried the orange and its quite nice to have something other than water. I have been going on my Wii Fit and trying to do at least 30 minutes per day. I wouldn't advise pushing yourself to hard with exercise. a few tips.... if you cant stand the taste or black tea and coffee like me you can buy calorie free sweeteners and ..." Read review

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