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Community Level 4lostsworld


Canon EOS 300 - You can with a Canon

Advantageseverything about it

Disadvantagesstill trying to find one

"...~ Technical data Main Specifications Product Description: Canon EOS 300V - SLR camera - 35mm Camera Type: SLR camera Dimensions (WxDxH): 13 cm x 6.4 cm x 8.8 cm Weight: 365 g Camera Format: 35mm Exposure Range: 1/2000 sec - 30 sec Continuous Shooting Speed: 2.5 frames per second Mounting Type: Canon EF Film Advance: Automatic Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism Camera Flash: Pop-up flash - AF illuminator Timer Functions: Self ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Shue


Good camera, good price

Advantagesgood price, perfectly sharp pics

Disadvantagesmaybe the synthetic body

"...the mistakes I may make... The Canon Eos 300 came out in 1999, I guess it is exactly two years now. I have read a test about it in a photographer's magazine - the test people were very delighted about it, because it seemed to have very nice features for a good price. Until this day I used to take my photos with a very olg AGFA reflex camera which was heavy and had no automatic focus. So I decided to buy the canon that I would have a quick but ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lareine


a beginners camera that will grow with you

Advantageslight, easy to use SLR which will grow with the photographer

Disadvantagesnone that I have found

"...spend, I decided on the Canon EOS 300 kit with a 28-80mm zoom lens included. From the start, this camera was a joy to use. I am not a particularly experienced photographer, so I was glad to see that it has a fully automatic option for taking snaps. These "snaps" are actually of a very high quality. The camera has 7-zone autofocus and 35-zone evaluative metering, which translates into sharp, correctly exposed photographs just about all the time. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5thecatsmot...


Bestseller for a reason

Advantagessize and weight, range of exposure modes, will grow with your knowledge

Disadvantagessize and weight, supplied consumer zoom

"I upgraded to the Canon EOS300 (known as the Rebel 2000 in the US) from an earlier Canon model (EOS5000) because I was ready to learn more about photgraphy and needed a camera which allowed total manual control. I already had a few Canon fit lenses, so another Canon was the obvious choice. At the time, the EOS300 was the best selling camera in it's class, so I was happy to go with that. I've never regretted that decision. This camera is small and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dip10020


Beautiful Camera



"Ultra-Compact, lightweight and high-quality SLR camera. Successor to New EOS Kiss/REBEL G/500N. Based on the concept of "easier to use and more comfortable" than the former model, it is smaller and lighter weight. It also has a higher performance AF system, exposure control and other basic features. A seven focusing-point wide-view AF system is used instead of the conventional three focusing-point AF. The focusing speed is equivalent to that of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Manolis


A good introduction to SLR photography

AdvantagesCheap lots of features for the price

DisadvantagesPlastic lens mount, 28-90 lens (when supplied with camera)

"...It is a lens that Canon created just in order to sell lots of cameras cheap. It can take some good pictures, but the contrast is very rarely pleasing, and the sharpness leaves a lot to be desired for. As far as barrel and pincushion distortion is concerned it has plenty of these also. The only region where there is no distortion is around the 35mm mark. It is also a lens that doesn't use the USM technology that other Canon lenses use, and therefore ..." Read review

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A camera to suit everyone

AdvantagesSimple to use or as complicated as you wish

DisadvantagesPlasticky feel.

"I came to the EOS 300 after my old SLR gave up the ghost and started to behave oddly when most needed. Cameras have changed a lot since I last bought one so I looked around for something that would suit my needs - the EOS 300 does just this. At its simplest it can be set to AUTO and used as a point-and-shoot camera by anyone from novice upwards. The autofocus lens quickly aquires its target from the focussing points on the screen and the meter uses ..." Read review

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Community Level 1El_Jacopo


A fine SLR for all photographers.

Advantages7-point-focussing, lightweight, easy to use.

DisadvantagesCan sometimes focus on the wrong thing when in AF mode. Can sometimes rewind 36 exposure films a bit dodgy. It kind of loops the film over, making it hard to extract (if you are developing yourself)

"...very high quality (as all Canon lenses tend to be.) The EOS300 also has many programmed modes eg... sports mode, portrait mode. All setting all the camera's features to their relevent settings to help you get the right result. I must admit, I've not used any of them except the sports mode (which gets the highest possible shutter speed for you and the lowest apperture to get that perfect sports pitcure!) It also obviously has a fully automatic mode, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sreejan_nair


Best You can get for

AdvantagesMaximum features, size, service

Disadvantagescanon zoom lens are costly (80-200mm)

"...which buy section. Later i got canon and nikon as the best 2 SLRs. I went to dixon, link, curry and atleast 10-15 shops in totenham court road. But the best i found was at Global camers at Harrow-on the hill. I purchased Canon eos 300 for £265 and the features of it are great. It weighs less than other cameras. It has 7 focus points, 5 different modes(potrait, landscape, closeup etc.)Also manual featureslike aperture and focal settings. For ..." Read review

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Perfection comes with time

Advantagessuitable for learners and well trained ones!

Disadvantagesversatility lacking

"...(28-90) after using an earlier Canon model, which was stolen. I have used this camera for over an year now and I can say that perfection with EOS 300 does not happen overnight, but does happen! It is quite good for beginners (my daughter has used it for her GCSE photography work)as well as for those with some experience and interest in photography. Multiple focussing points provide desired focusing points for subjects. The choice of AF and MF provides ..." Read review

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Community Level 2alistairr24


The EOS 300D is excellent value for money

AdvantagesEasy to use with manual overide

DisadvantagesNo external flash connection

"...is all credit to the Canon quick guide and simple to use menu. The EOS 300 is very light considering it is a full size SLR camera, even with a 200 mm lens, but robust (after dropping mine twice). The auto-focus system is accurate and easy to use, helping you to achieve the depth of field, maybe a few too many beeps! The manual over-ride control dial allows you to set the camera's automatic ISO setting and at the same time setting the correct ..." Read review

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Community Level 1izzybee


Foolproof yet professional

Advantagesphotos that will never let you down


"...acheive. When I bought my Canon I knew nothing about photography, but learning with this camera has been a pleasure and I have rarely been disappointed - even my photography tutor had to admit he thought it was amazing value for the price and had features he had not seen previously (mainly the laser that focuses your shot on where your eye is looking - which can provide some stunning results). In terms of setting the only one that has been disappointing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Niks


Brillian Pictures...

Advantagesamazing photo quality, fast focusing, very lightweight.

DisadvantagesNot aim and shoot.

"I got my Canon EOS 300 because it was an insurance claim after having an EOS 1000 stolen. At first i found it a little hard to use simply becuase it now has 5 different focus points as opposed to the old single focus point, however, once i got used to that, i really think this is a brilliant camera. Having taken lots of photo's on this camera for both sport and social and in hot and cold countries, i really cannot put a fault to it. The focusing is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1edwardkimuk


A great camera that will grow with you

Advantagesversatility, variety of features

Disadvantagesdislike the grip

"This was my first slr camera although it is not my first use of an slr camera. It has an automatic set of functions for camera use like you would have on a normal point and shoot camera. These features are usefull for when you dont want fully manual operation and also good for getting used to the feel of the camera. It is also fully featured in manual operation. Every feature of the camera is changeable, from the length of exposure (up to 30 seconds) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mrthrifty


EOS 300

AdvantagesEase of use

DisadvantagesCost of developing so many pictures

"I bought my Canon EOS 300 is Heathrow Duty free on my way to our honeymoon 4 years ago. We flew to Kenya for a Safari and I read the instruction manual on the plane. We arrived and met a couple at our hotel who had already been on their Safari. They lent me their 300m zoom lens. I took 7 rolls of film but still use my old camera now and again in case they were not very good. We returned home and got the pictures developed and there ..." Read review

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