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Canon 5D Mk II: A Wonderful Camera

Advantages21.1MP, easy intuitive function selection, Live View, good battery, HD Vid, sensor cleaner

DisadvantagesISO minimum 100

"==~ Intro ~ == Although being a satisfied owner of its predecessor, the 5D Mk II is a quantum leap in terms of camera. Both are full frame sensor cameras, but I was attracted to the Mk II due to the almost doubling of megapixels to 21.1. In my view, the difference in picture quality between the original 5D and the Mk II is huge. When I bought my Mk II, the Mk III had just been released, so the price of the Mk II fell to something I could think ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Pippylong


The mighty 5D (mark II)

AdvantagesImage quality, video function, Canon lenses


"...are a great selection of Canon lenses to choose from too. The 35mm full frame sensor allows for zero cropping when using Canon lenses and along with 21MP creates very good quality photographs. With this camera you can program your own manual user settings and colour/saturation schemes while also altering the camera's top ISO speed as well for low light situations. The functions button are quite easy to navigate around and easier if you have previously ..." Read review

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Community Level 4anakha6


A truly remarkable camera.

AdvantagesHd video recording, great photos, looks good


"This camera is one hell of a camera and I was not disappointed buying this. I have been making some extra cash doing photography for parties and similar types of things just lately and this has been my new best friend. It is reliable and takes very high quality pictures as well as having the ability to record HD, yes! HD!, video at resolution 1080p (which is a lot better than most cameras). First I'd like to comment on the design, looking both ..." Read review

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Community Level 1treesleeper


Excellent camera with amazing picture quality

AdvantagesAmazing picture quality, performance in low light conditions, HD filming

DisadvantagesPrice, easily smudged screen

"I went from a canon 400d and the differences were amazing. The first thing you notice is the superior build, it feels so much more tough and its more comfortable to hold as it is bigger. The screen is alot bigger and better quality although its very easily smudged. The wheel give you easy navigation but the real difference is the pictures. Its quality and reliability whislt working in low light conditions is outstanding. Noise isn't noticable until ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Richar


Canon EOS 5DMk2 is it the right choice.

AdvantagesPicture quality, build, features, HD Video recording.

DisadvantagesFrame rate could be a touch faster.

"...hate to say it being Canon to the core some of the new Nikons have better screens. The 5DMk2 is capable of Movie recording full HD at 1920 × 1080. I must admit I have been amazed by the quality of the HD. A word of warning as this camera has no in camera image stabilisation, you realy do need image stabilised lenses for this. It is also important to note that this camera is only compatible with EF lenses and NOT EF-S types so upgrading can meen ..." Read review

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Canon EOS 5D Mk II Review

AdvantagesHigh quality video with a shallow depth of field which just looks amazing!

DisadvantagesPrice. To pick up one of these you will have to fork out over £1,000

"The Canon EOS 5D Mk II is a very good camera, the image quality is amazing and providing you have a basic understanding of Canon digital SLR cameras then you will be able to pick this up very easily. I would reccomend this camera to anybody looking for a high quality camera that is also able to shoot stunning HD video! I would say the best feature of this camera is the layout, it is very easy to change the aperture settings, shutter speeds ..." Read review

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Canon 5D Mark II - An Astonishing Camera

Advantages21 Megapixels! Can shoot in the dark - excellent high ISO performance, HD video

DisadvantagesNot as rugged as true pro cameras but not as expensive either.

"The Canon 5D Mark II camera is expensive but very well featured. It has excellent image quality from its full frame 21 megapixel sensor. 21MP means that it can outresolve many lenses so be careful and only use the best! Huge exhibition sized prints can be made and they will look fantastic. Full-frame means that the sensor is the same size as a 35mm negative. Cheaper digital cameras use cropped sensors to save money. Full-frame sensors give better ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ChrisG09


Canon EOS 5D Mark 2

AdvantagesHigh resolution, HD video, Live view, Excellent LCD screen and one of the lightest pro models.

DisadvantagesComplex menu takes time to get used to. Softer than first 5D however Unsharp mask workflow can fix

"...while upgrade to my first canon 5D. Great quality with a wide range of canon lenses including wide angles. Light weight with optional battery grip perfect for location and landscape work. Outstanding battery life easily lasts for a whole days shoot. Noise levels are very good at low ISO. Improved prism viewfinder crops less of viewable image. My only warning is that extra care needs to be taken with this camera as build quality is ..." Read review

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The Best DSLR Money Can Buy

AdvantagesUse as a back up even

DisadvantagesJust that bit technical

"Canon's Master Stroke, Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Canon never requires to be proved that they show the way and are always miles ahead of their nearest competitors. Flawless HD video performance, add to that DIGIC 4 processor and yes at 21 megapixel. And the price tag hardly requires to be justified. It’s not only a technological marvel but also a product of ingenious research work. No wonder Amdianne Lima will think herself she deserves better ..." Read review

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