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Community Level 2Nick.A


Canon Ixus FF

AdvantagesEasy to use, fun size options

DisadvantagesWould be even better if smaller

"This is a smart little APS camera (Advanced Photo System) this basically means that you can take different size photographs. The way it works is you have to change the size by sliding a switch to the desired size such as (P) Panoramic, (C) Classic or (H) H print which is in between. After you do this you can see the new size through the viewfinder. A useful tip is that the clever APS film allows for you to choose at the time of printing what size ..." Read review

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A Useful Piece of Jewellery

AdvantagesBeautifully packaged. Fine build quality.Good results

DisadvantagesAPS is an expensive format. Camera pricy.

"...the proud owner of a Canon IXUS ever since launch - "Gadget Man" strikes again. Its tough no-nonsense stainless steel design gets many admiring glances from photographers and others with an eye for design. Forgetting the looks, and fag-packet dimensions, it's also a damned fine little camera, with its zoom lens and pop-up flash, with an anti-red-eye option. Its optional remote control is wafer-thin so be sure not to put it in the back pocket ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Phil_P


Cutest little thing ever

AdvantagesTiny, good quality picture, good build quality, sexiest camera around

DisadvantagesNo mid-roll change and pathetic attempt at red-eye reduction

"...replace my SLR (a venerable Canon AE-1) but there are times when you don't want to lug a bigger camera around and the Ixus is really tiny. Other gripes I have are common to all APS and compact cameras and not the Canon specifically. One is that the maximum aperture is very small so the camera wants to use flash in all but the brightest light, even with an ISO 400 film. The other is the horrendous cost of APS photography. Films are more expensive ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jwilson1004


What a Picture

AdvantagesEasy to use and reliable


"The Cannon Ixus APS camera is without doubt the best camera I have ever used. I looks smart, is compact and easy to carry and makes taking pictures so simple my six year old can produce good results. Simply switch it on select the format select the lens point and press. The focussing is taken care of the flash is automatic and the results are stunning. It has red eye reduction, date and title options a timmer facility to take pictures of yourself ..." Read review

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Canon IXUS 145 Compact Digital Camera - Red, Red

Canon IXUS 145 Compact Digital Camera - Red, Red

The Canon IXUS 145 Compact Digital Camera in red gives you impressive zoom and ... more

photographic capabilities in a slender design.
Responsive sensor A 16 megapixel sensor resolution
means you can capture great image detail to make
large prints (A3 and bigger) and enjoy easy
cropping, preserving and presenting all your
memories in superb clarity. The camera is equipped
with a dynamic DIGIC 4+ processor that enhances
speed, imaging performance and general usability
to help you achieve great results quickly. It also
enables you to instantly record high quality HD
movies (720p) with a simple, dedicated movie
button. Optical zoom can be used while capturing
videos for more compelling results. Closer
wide-angle shots The IXUS 145 offers a 28 mm wide
zoom lens that's great for all kinds of
photography. Get more detail into the frame
whether you're shooting close or distant subjects,
making the most of scenic memories or portraits of
family and friends. This compact camera has 8x
optical zoom capabilities that enable you to get
in close to distant or inaccessible subjects. The
16x digital intelligent zoom helps you get even
closer while maintaining superb quality levels.
Smart, all by itself The Canon IXUS 145 Camera
features Smart Auto mode which picks out important
scene contents to automatically choose the correct
settings from 32 variables. You can instantly
return to Smart Auto from any other mode by
pressing the Auto button, and there's a Help
button too that gives you fast, intuitive advice
on how to use your camera and its functions. A
clever Eco Mode lets you capture more shots off a
single battery charge, so you can really make the
most of your camera. Better photo framing Now
you'll be able to achieve easier image framing and
viewing with a 2.7" LCD screen. Achieve more
precise results before pressing the shutter, and
then show your creations to friends easily on the
bright, clear display. The Live View Control gives
you the facility to experiment with picture
settings and preview the results w

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Canon IXUS 145 Compact Digital Camera - Purple, Purple

Canon IXUS 145 Compact Digital Camera - Purple, Purple

Slim, stylish and easy to use, the Canon IXUS 145 Compact Digital Camera gives you easy ... more

point-and-shoot photography, leaving you to enjoy
the beautiful results. Responsive sensor A 16
megapixel sensor resolution means you can capture
great image detail to make large prints (A3 and
bigger) and enjoy easy cropping, preserving and
presenting all your memories in superb clarity.
The camera is equipped with a dynamic DIGIC 4+
processor that enhances speed, imaging performance
and general usability to help you achieve great
results quickly. It also enables you to instantly
record high quality HD movies (720p) with a
simple, dedicated movie button. Optical zoom can
be used while capturing videos for more compelling
results. Closer wide-angle shots The IXUS 145
offers a 28 mm wide zoom lens that's great for all
kinds of photography. Get more detail into the
frame whether you're shooting close or distant
subjects, making the most of scenic memories or
portraits of family and friends. This compact
camera has 8x optical zoom capabilities that
enable you to get in close to distant or
inaccessible subjects. The 16x digital intelligent
zoom helps you get even closer while maintaining
superb quality levels. Smart, all by itself The
Canon IXUS 145 Camera features Smart Auto mode
which picks out important scene content to
automatically choose the correct settings from 32
variables. You can instantly return to Smart Auto
from any other mode by pressing the Auto button,
and there's a Help button too that gives you fast,
intuitive advice on how to use your camera and its
functions. A clever Eco Mode lets you capture more
shots off a single battery charge, so you can
really make the most of your camera. Better photo
framing Now you'll be able to achieve easier image
framing and viewing with a 2.7 LCD screen. Achieve
more precise results before pressing the shutter,
and then show your creations to friends easily on
the bright, clear display. The Live View Control
gives you the facility to experiment with pictur

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Canon Ixus 155 Compact Digital Camera - Black, Black

Canon Ixus 155 Compact Digital Camera - Black, Black

The Canon Ixus 155 Compact Digital Camera in black gives you powerful zoom and impressive ... more

photographic results in a slim design. Responsive
sensor A 20 megapixel sensor resolution means you
can capture high image detail to make large prints
(A3 and bigger) and enjoy easy cropping,
preserving and presenting all your memories in
stunning clarity. The camera is equipped with a
dynamic DIGIC 4+ processor that enhances speed,
imaging performance and general usability to help
you achieve great results quickly. It also enables
you to instantly record high quality HD movies
(720p) with a simple, dedicated movie button. The
optical zoom can be used while capturing videos
for more compelling results. Closer wide-angle
shots The Ixus 155 offers a 24 mm ultra-wide angle
lens that's great for all kinds of photography.
Get more detail into the frame whether you're
shooting close or distant subjects, making the
most of scenic memories or portraits of family and
friends. This compact camera has 10x optical zoom
capabilities that enable you to get in close to
distant or inaccessible subjects. 20x ZoomPlus
helps you get even closer while maintaining superb
quality levels. More precise focusing Intelligent
IS (image stabilisation) makes for sharper,
detail-packed shots, even when you're moving,
using the full zoom range or shooting in dim
conditions. This proprietary feature of the Canon
Ixus 155 Compact Camera also automatically adapts
the optical Image Stabiliser to the scene by
employing eight individual modes to suppress
camera shake and counteract blur. Videos and
photos alike will look crisper and more impressive
thanks to this advanced technology. Smart, all by
itself The Canon Ixus 155 Camera features Smart
Auto mode which picks out important scene contents
to automatically choose the correct settings from
32 variables. You can instantly return to Smart
Auto from any other mode by pressing the Auto
button, and there's a Help button too that gives
you fast, intuitive advice on how to use your
camera and its f

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