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Community Level 2ragados


A superb beginner camera

AdvantagesVersatile and reliable little camera

DisadvantagesNot for advanced camera users

"...Shooting Modes (Detailed Below) Compatible with Canon Direct Printers Power Supply: 4x AA Batteries Uses Compact Flash Cards for memory (1 x 16 MB card supplied) Review Well where to begin? This camera is everything a first time, or even an intermediate, Digital Camera owner could ask for? Well if I were to be critical I would suggest a camera case and a larger memory card as the one that it comes with is really too small to do much with ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Pentium


A Camera For All Your Needs

AdvantagesEasy to use, excellent photographs.

DisadvantagesNo protective case.

"...search I plumped for the Canon Powershot A70. Basically this is a 3.2 megapixel quality camera with 3 x optical zoom with a further 3.2 x digital zoom to enhance your pictures by 9.6 x their original state. I will try to explain what all the technical jargon means. A pixel is a single point on a PC monitor, picture or to simplify things a little a TV screen. All these dots are then joined together to produce your photograph or image as with a TV ..." Read review

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Community Level 6liz1102


Match made in Heaven (just keep coke away!) Review with images

AdvantagesLasted a long time, good presets, 3.2mega pixels (plenty for casual use)

DisadvantagesLarge in comparison to newer models, develops a fault after a few years, quite slow

"This little beauty (the Canon PowerShot A70) has been to hell and back with me. Well not quite 'hell', but Italy, France, and several states in the US, and has barely a mark to show for it. Yesterday its successor arrived, so I'm writing this review as its obituary! (And I'll get on to why it needed a successor in due course.) We bought this camera a long time ago, when it was one of the newest models around. It's possibly five or six years, or ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazzaolear...


Wow What A Picture Take A Look!!! Review with images

Advantages Long Lasting Top Quality


"...our final decision was the Canon A70 3.2 Mega Pixel camera as it was a great design with good specifications and was within our price range at £89.00. We hastily got home and opened our new camera up to give it a try being the first digital camera we were very impressed especially with the 1.5" LCD digital display so you can see what your about to take a picture of. We received a 16mb memory card with the camera along with a nice case, carry strap, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Sparklemouse


A Good Basic Digital Camera

AdvantagesGood functions that you might find on a basic SLR

DisadvantagesUses four batteries, LCD screen is easily scratched

"Appearance: The Canon Powershot A70 has a silver & grey brushed metal-effect plastic body. Most buttons & dials are set well into the body & so avoid most knocks & snags. The lens is retracted when powered down. The battery and memory card slots are well designed & are not likely to break easily (but not indestructible!). There is a digital A/V out & DC in section, which has a rubber cover. A DC power supply plug is not included. This cover fits ..." Read review

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Community Level 3roberthart


Canon A70 - in a class of its own

AdvantagesStylish, Great pictures, excellent value, loads of features

Disadvantageszoom, flash range

"...and finally decide on the Canon A70. Firstly i bought this from Amazon for £244.99 and it came with a free 64MB memory card. As of today (30th June) this offer was still on. It is extremely important that you consider what YOU want when buying a digital camera, as a camera that is great for one person may not suit another. So why did i buy the A70 i hear you ask. Mainly because in this price range £230-£270, for a 3.2 Megapixel camera it is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Stig11686


Canon A70

Advantagesgood quality, excellent manual mode, excellent video mode

DisadvantagesIntense redeye, small flashcard, 4 batteries required

"...for a sleeker camera, the Canon Ixus 430. I'm not sorry I got the Ixus but I do regret that it doesn't allow me to control it the way I could control the A70. So if you don't mind its very very poor looks just buy this one. You will definitely not be disappointed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1A.Smith


The perfect point and shoot camera

AdvantagesGreat picture quality, good video

DisadvantagesRedeye, could be quicker at taking photos

"...cameras I decided on the Canon A70, I'd previously owned the Canon T70 (Analogue camera with that old film type thing) which was a brilliant camera. I visit quite a couple of airshows every year so I like to take photos of the aircraft on display and the T70 was the perfect solution, unfortunately it was becoming quite dated, was very heavy and it needed a film to work, this is where I decided to look into the digital camera market. As I had previously ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Muzungo


Good point and shoot, with extras

AdvantagesManual settings, high-end features low price

DisadvantagesNo RAW or TIFF setting, high depth of field

"...lenses. For £ 15, Canon sell you an adapter, that fits around the lens, which has a 52mm thread on it. You can then add teleconverters (that magnify the image) or wideangle converters (which shrink it). This will enable you to achieve something approaching a 28mm equivalent lens - good for architecture and dramatic shots. Macro lenses are also available, but the standard lens has a good macro function, allowing very close focus (good for coins insects ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Monkeymum


Say Cheese!

AdvantagesLots of features, easy to use

DisadvantagesTime delay using the auto flash

"...to the conclusion that the Canon Powershot A70 was the best camera in it’s price range. The price you pay for this camera varies quite considerably but there are some good offers around. My husband paid a little under £300 for the camera, case, rechargeable batteries and charger, 64Mb memory card (x2), 16Mb memory card and a USB connector. He got this price by trawling the Internet for the best offer and then took it into Jessops who promise to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jeangibson


worthy successor

Advantagessmaller and lighter than the A40- new function buttons easier to use- powerful

Disadvantagesmust also buy a case, larger CF memory card and rechargeable Nihm batteries- adding to initial cost

"...3million mps, decided that only Canon offered me the features of a professional camera at a reasonable price- here is a little beauty! Smaller and neater than her predecessor, lighter to carry- extended video clips with sound, and manual settings galore. The promise of being able to add extra lenses if I choose to do so- this camera is easy to use as a fully automatic camera should be. With a 256mb compact flash card- I can rake hundreds of good quality ..." Read review

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Community Level 1c1arelou


A simple camera for point and click

AdvantagesEasy to use, preset shooting modes similar to basic SLR

Disadvantages4 batteries makes it quite heavy, a little bulky

"I have had this camera for a year or so now and have found it to be very versatile and easy to use. There are several shooting modes available to the user, easily selectable using the wheel on the top. Features include portrait, panoramic, scenery, long exposure amongst others. Once you've selected your mode, its justa case of pointing, clicking the button half way to make sure the subject is in focus, then clicking to take the photo. The flash can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1muddlefuddle


Want an underwater camera?

AdvantagesEase of use


"This was the second Canon camera I have owned, the first being the A60. I picked up the A60 with the underwater housing after struggling to master a 35mm underwater camera. It paid for itself very quickly in the sense there were no developing costs involved. The A60 done the job well but I wanted a little more zoom and whatever so I started looking again. The A70 has the same button layout and is the identical size therefore fits the same underwater ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kt_karthic...


A camera for Novice buyers of Digital Cameras

AdvantagesSleek,loads of features, lots of technology, excellent pictures

DisadvantagesRequires 4 AA batteries,does not come with a battery charger, no protective case.

"...enough money to buy the Canon A70.I noticed that the Canon A70 costs upwards of 200 pounds. I bought it online for $300, and since it was the time when people were graduating they had an offer and i got $60 dollars back , which i used to buy 4 AA Canon rechargeable batteries with the charger and a protective case( the cons of this camera).The only other drawback of this camera is the fact that after u click the picture it takes a couple of seconds ..." Read review

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Community Level 4steveking5...


My experience with a Canon!

AdvantagesGood photos, Easy Menus, Nice Looking

DisadvantagesE11, Small LCD, Compact Flash Cards

"...ages. The picture quality of the Canon is great, and having the Auto-Focus assist lamp buit in is a great advantage in low-light conditions. Altering the Exposure and Aperture are very easy to do using the easy-to-use menus of this camera, and not to mention the AMAZING quality of the video mode offered by this camera, being 640 x 480, 15 fps, up to 30 secs, its almost TV quality, but the con of this is that you can only video for 30 secs at a ..." Read review

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Vikuiti Mobile Privacy Film for Canon Powershot A70

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PremiumDigital Canon Powershot A70 Replacement AC Power Adapter

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pin power cord.  This Canon equivalent AC power
adapter works with all Canon digital camera models
that take the CA-PS500 part number. This portable
AC Adapter supplies consistent power to your
camera via a houshold mains socket.  It is
supplied with a power cable (fused UK 3 pin plug)
and can be used worldwide (with a suitable plug
adapter, not supplied). It features built in short
circuit protection. AC mains Adapters provide a
more stable power source and prevent loss of data
when transferring images to a PC due to an empty
batttery.  This adaptor includes the following
part numbers; CA-PS500 Power Adapter UK Plug Cable

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