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Powershot Pro 1 - WHAT A TOOL!!

AdvantagesSmall and handy


"...research and eventually bought a Canon S50 (you can read my review on this camera). This camera was bought as it offered 5MP at and affordable price – I was not disappointed. On holidays this year my wife dropped the camera and broke the LCD screen thus rendering the camera useless. The holiday insurance paid for the replacement of some of the camera. I was now hooked on digital photography and wanted to buy a camera, which would offer me a better ..." Read review

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The Pro Won Review with images

AdvantagesDoes pretty much everything a good SLR should do, but cheaper

DisadvantagesYou can't change the lenses. Plus other little things. Read on...

"...zoom wide-angle lens on my Canon 35mm SLR. It’s excellent for really panoramic landscape shots. BACKGROUND: So, having discovered the benefits of digital photography, I started seriously looking for a digital replacement for my Canon EOS50 35mm SLR. My initial thought was to buy an EOS300D, on the basis that it’s compatible with my current lenses and would be easy to use since I know how to work Canon SLRs. But, even my super-wide-angle 22-55mm ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sajidgidda


All hail the King......... of £700 digital cameras

AdvantagesSuperb image quality, range of features, reliability

DisadvantagesToo big to be truly compact. Not much else

"...Hood, Wireless Controller, PC Software The Canon PowerShot Pro1 is the top of the line PowerShot model and boasts an impressive array of features certain to please the most demanding photographer. I have found the combination of extremely high quality 8MP images, 7x optical wide-angle zoom and professional features to be a very attractive proposition. Now for the science bit; The Pro1 has 8 megapixels resolution on a 16.7 mm (2/3 in.) CCD ..." Read review

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Great all in one camera, but not perfect.

AdvantagesGreat still images

DisadvantagesSome technical limitations, read more

"...deal of kit for my Canon SLRs, I would have liked to buy a digital SLR, but couldn't easily afford one at the time (I had a long trip coming up, and really wanted a digital camera to take with me). Looking at the various reviews of new cameras, I was interested in the Canon Powershot Pro 1 for several reasons, mainly the resolution, but also the name and familiarity that comes with buying a top brand, many of the controls are similar to Canon's SLR ..." Read review

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Community Level 1magicands


Canon Powershot Pro1 - Vs - 35mm/Medium Format.

AdvantagesCompact - lightweight - Flip/Turn screen - Manual Mode.

DisadvantagesNo AF Illuminator - No Bulb setting - Cluttered buttons

"...Nikon Coolpix 5400 and the Canon Powershot Pro 1, both of which are aimed at the more advanced photographer or prosumer (A word I hate). As a long time Nikon user I was leaning toward the coolpix at 6 mega pixels purely because it had a Bulb facility enabling the shutter to remain open for a maximum of 10 minutes. Instead I purchased the Pro1 as I preferred its looks and feel and it also has a much larger LCD than the poultry one on the coolpix. In ..." Read review

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Community Level 2robinwhybrow


Powerful, Sleek Camera

Advantagesexcellent image quality, zoom lens, and video mode

Disadvantagesbulky, complicated

"I adore this camera. I use it professionally for flyers, banner ads, and web site photos for my small business, and I am always pleased with the quality of print image that results. The video feature is good fun at dinner parties to catch candid action. The quality and sound are excellent when viewed on the computer or hooked up to the t.v. set with the included cord. The battery life is very good. The recharger works well. The zoom is absolutely ..." Read review

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Community Level 1goldpeer


excellent 8 megapixels DC

Advantageseasy operations, large LCD, fast focus.

Disadvantageslen is too long, and has slow to focus in dark light.

"...the fluent operations in C-8080. Canon powershot pro1 is excellent in easy operation. the menu is very simple and almost there are all buttons on the camera corrsponding to the menu functions. the manual focus is good,like the normal camera operations. but the len is little bit longth when you shot telepictures. the focus is slow in dark light. movies clip is not as good as c8080 although they are using the same frame rate per second. overall the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1funstuff123


Canon PowerShot Pro1 - Quality Digital

AdvantagesFantastic photos, lots of functionality


"I have owned the PowerShot Pro for close to a year now. It still surprises me what great photos it takes. We shoot a great number of product photos for our website and it makes them look the items look better than real life. The flash unit is easy to use and good quality. We also use the camera for pleasure and took wonderful nature shots on our trip to Yellowstone National Park. It picked up subtle colors and produced photos rich in tone. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jo1981red



AdvantagesAwesome picture quality & super-macro mode

DisadvantagesRather slow focus but you can always use manual with a twist of the ring.

"This is the second camera I bought after using Powershot S1 IS. What a big difference it was ... I mean ... BIG. In a positive way of course. The Pro 1 has to be the best prosumer camera out there. I bought this camera after a canoeing mishap that took my S1 IS into the water with me and was too costly to repair. I decided to go for the Pro 1 at the time because I wasn't ready for an SLR and it came with features that were important to me - swivel ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ciaojake


canon powershot pto 1

AdvantagesWide range of feature;Good battery life


"...with the same battery pack canon uses with its digital SLR range, power management from the pro 1 is excellent, with some 300 – 400 shots from a single charge. Images can be recorded in RAW and JPEG formats simultaneously, and save onto compact flash type 2 or micro drive cards. Performance With excellent handling and controls, the pro 1 is an extremely enjoyable camera to use both outside and in a home studio environment. Image quality is among ..." Read review

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