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Community Level 1kryptic


Painful application but trouble free usage

AdvantagesIntroductory interest rate of 0%, free travel insurance.

DisadvantagesHigh interest rate on cash advances and transfers

"...chose to apply for a Capital One Platinum VISA card. This was in its self an interesting experience, the application is done via phone, web or through the post form. Their website was having problems with performance issues, so I chose to use the phone to apply. I spoke to one of their call centre staff who took me through the usual questions: name, address, dob, employer, length of employment, etc. When all the information was passed to the person ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Andy0304


How Low Can They Go?

AdvantagesInterest Rate, No Fraud Liability, Choice of Statement Dates

DisadvantagesMinimum payment of 3%

"...door I came across the Capital One Platinum card. One which apparently has a very low interest rate that stays low permanently. I had my doubts to begin with but if that was the case as that sounded like too great an offer. It was at that point I decided to have a look on their website rather than just go ahead and apply as this would give me definite information. This clarified for me that it was 0% for the first 6 months on purchases and 3.9% ..." Read review

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Advantages0% on purchases for 6 months

DisadvantagesHmph - they have raised their standard rate to 15.9%APR at a time when interest rates are falling, 0% on purchases for 6 months, Average balance transfer rate

"...monthly. I have often seen the Capital One Platinum Card advertised, but being the lazy sort, can't be doing with written application forms, gave it a wide berth, until I stumbled across an on-line application - (God these are dangerous) with an instant decision. THE APPLICATION PROCESS This was straight forward requiring the standard information such as name, address for the last three years, employer details, time with employer, my income, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5NoLogoGirl


Put it on Plastic

AdvantagesGreat Credit Limits

DisadvantagesDon't Forget to pay the bill!

"...in shining armour -literally-, the Capital One Platinum card. Now usually I am the first to roll my eyes at junk mail, open it just because I like getting mail, and then put on the pile of junk that I keep meaning to throw out/look at again, but never do. But, when I am pre-approved for a great limit, don't have to pay interest until August when I sign up in April and get free insurance; how can I not look again! So, off I went, filling out ..." Read review

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Community Level 2casper77


Credit reference and high-hand tactics

AdvantagesLow APR, 0% offer, cash back

DisadvantagesMay use high hand tactics to increase their profits

"Capital one is the largest credit card issuer in the USA and is actively pursuing the UK market. One thing alarming according to BBC watchdog is that they are not a member of any UK Banking society and hence is not obliged to comply with any of these code of practise. During application, the information they collect for credit rating is not as complete as some other provides and hence may not actually reflect one's circumstances - which is unfair. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Andrew.Self


Capital One is a good thing

Advantages0% for first 6 months, also sensible credit limits.

DisadvantagesThe 6 months has to end sometime :-)

"...feelings in this area about Capital One. I've had no problems with the Capital One Platinum Card. They appealed to me to start with because of the 0% interest for the first six months, also because of the low rate on balance transfers. In fact, they offered me a free CD player walkman thing if I transferred over £1000 onto the card along with the application form. I promptly received my credit card, telephoned the 0800 number to activate it and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rubber


Check your APR

AdvantagesGood long term low interest rate


"I have had a Capital one card for approximately three years and have found their Capital One Platinum Product very good. Back in 1998 I had accrued approximately £2000 in debt and was signed up to a Royal Bank of Scotland Mastercard. As well as paying approximately 20% in annual APR charges I was also paying an annual fee for the privilege of having the card. The world of banking is now moving very fast with the advances in the net, advertising, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Barry123


Putting your trust in CapitalOne



"...local clothing store but her Capital One Platinum credit card was retained as having been reported lost. She ascertained that Capital One had accepted a telephone call from a person representing herself as my wife, who had stated the card had been lost and that she had changed her address. On the basis of that call, a new credit card was issued to the newly advised and registered address and this was followed by a separate letter advising that person ..." Read review

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Community Level 2monstermun...


Capital effort

AdvantagesFantastic fraud protection

DisadvantagesEasy to run up debts

"...that I've just learnt about Capital One - it's not specific to this one type of card, and it covers all of the products they supply. Capital One have this fabby new fraud detection system, which apparently is why their fraud rates are only around 4% when the industry average is about 9%. I've never really worried much about fraud on my card - that is until my dad's house was broken into two weeks ago. Whilst he was on holiday someone broke into ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Pitva


Check your rate very carefully...

AdvantagesAppears to be a good APR - initially

DisadvantagesIncorrect rates set, very poor customer service, lack of customer empathy and concern

"...of credit cards I found Capital One's Platinum card to be a very interesting experience. Firstly I was offered an introductory rate of 4.9%, fixed for the life of balance transfers when I eventually got a call back from someone authorised to open the account [rather than the telesales person] the rate jumped 1% to 5.9%. The account was duly opened I transfered a balance over and all seemed well, until I got the first statement - the interest ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mfcomputers


No good for internet purchases

AdvantagesGood introductory rates

DisadvantagesMost internet transactions get declined

"...purchases, only internet. I'm told by Capital One that this is due to their points scoring system, and basically it can decline anything if it's internet based! Even when customer services told me they'd over-ridden it for one purchase, it was still declined! The retailer in question stated that if a transaction was declined, it was usually a Capital-One card. Don't bother if you want to use for internet purchases. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mentalmick...


Credit Cards, are they all the same....

AdvantagesCredit when you want it.

DisadvantagesInterest rates, like everything else.

"...am meant to be, the Capital One Credit Card. Capital One are one of the new American entrants to the UK credit card market and one of the most successful. The Capital One Platinum card has no unique features or benefits and doesn’t offer any loyalty schemes. However, if you are not the type to clear your balance every month and all the matters is price, you will not find a cheaper credit card on the market today. The Capital One platinum Credit ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gazman71


Only fit for the Bin

Advantagesyou live and learn

Disadvantagesa waste of peoples time

"...fancy promises? I applied for a capital One Platinum card a few months ago, just to see if it was that simple. The application did not require any personnel questions except for your employer’s name and telephone number, your name and address and your e-mail address. It also asks if you would like payment protection. I filled this simple form out and sent it away, within ten days I received a letter congratulating me, but they needed a utility ..." Read review

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Community Level 1steve6690


Check your statements carefully.

AdvantagesNone really

DisadvantagesInefficient and unreliable

"I had the Capital One Platinum Card for quite some time and never had any real problems with them. I never missed a payment and they kept upping my limit until it reached £9500. I maintained a balance of around £7500 as I'd used the card to pay for double glazing and their rate was around 10% which I found reasonable. One month I checked my statement and saw that the amount of interest I had been charged had rocketed. I thought it had to be a mistake ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kimberleys...


Capital One - Be Careful

AdvantagesEasy Application

DisadvantagesCostly if you are not careful.

"Capital One are a very helful way of restoring your credit rating. There is a very easy application process which can either be done on-lineor by filling in a quick application form. After approx 10 days you receive your card with a credit limit relative to your status. In my case I had a £200 credit limit. At first I was very pleased with my card. Then by accident I was just a few days late sending my payment. I could not believe my next statement. ..." Read review

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