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Card Factory

AdvantagesGreat products at low prices

DisadvantagesLong queues and some products a little tacky

"Card buying can be an expensive thing, especially at this time of year and as much as I love the quality of the cards in stores such as Clintons, with my large family I just cannot afford to buy all my family cards from stores such as these at Christmas. So I was pretty impressed with Card Factory opened up a store in my local town recently. For me this store offers good quality products, but at really cost effective prices. Obviously their main ..." Read review

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Why pay more for something that gets thrown away?!

Advantagesgreat range, good quality

Disadvantageslayout not great

"...and I find the perfect card but then realise the price of it. I can never understand how a card that isn't handmade can cost over £3, it doesn't sound like a lot but I'm sure you all agree that if you have to buy several then it soon adds up and it's a shame when usually the card ends up being thrown away anyway. In the shop Card Factory the cards are all at a very decent price so that when you do go through them all and find that perfect one ..." Read review

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You get what you pay for!!

AdvantagesVery cheap cards, paper and gifts.

DisadvantagesSome items of poor quality.

"The Card Factory is a greeting card and gift retailer which sells products at an unbeatable price. They have lots of stores all over the UK and we have one in my local town which has been opened about a year now. The store always seems to be quite busy when I go in here, which is probably due to the low prices of the products in here. ~ WHAT THEY SELL ~ Card Factory sell a range of greeting cards. Some of these are for special people or occasions ..." Read review

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Card Factory - Great store with great prices

AdvantagesCheap prices, high quality products


"...pop down to my local Card Factory store in my town centre and have a look around.The shop always very aesthetically pleasing and depending on the time of year and which popular occasion is coming up it is decorated according. For example, the last time I visited it was full of roses and pinks and reds for the sake of Mother's day. The front of my store is often dedicated to the current occasion and so there will be an entire stand equipped ..." Read review

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Quality cards at bargain prices

AdvantagesExcellent value for money, great promotions

DisadvantagesShops always busy, some relatives hard to find

"...into my mind. I first discovered Card Factory a few years ago, after walking past it umpteen times and dismissing it as yet another card/birthday shop on the high street. One particular day I was struggling to find a good sentimental card for Mum's birthday that wasn't going to break the bank, so I thought I'd give it a try. Since that day, Card Factory has been my number one stop for all my greetings card needs. The shops are not terribly ..." Read review

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Bargain cards, gift bags, wrapping paper, bows, balloons etc...

Advantagescheap, good quality cards and gift wrap

Disadvantagescan be very busy, no card payments

"...a huge fan of the card factory, why pay £2+ for a card in Clinton's when you can get three or more for that price in the card factory and they are just as nice. My family have the same view as I do that a card for any occasion is about the thought you put into what you write on it and for sending it not how much you paid for the card. The card factory offer a huge choice in cards for all occasions for as little as £0.29 each!! The cards available ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


Not a Factory, but a decent Card!

AdvantagesExcellent service; plenty to choose from.

DisadvantagesSmall shop.

"...my local branch of the Card Factory today, I would just like to share my own thoughts on the shop. However I must just point out that this review is not solely based on my visit today, as I do actually in fact get the majority if not all of my cards in this shop. Granted the Plymouth shop may well be slightly smaller than other shops, but the range of goods that they sell is so huge that it all seems to be crammed in - but as I said, the Plymouth ..." Read review

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My Love/Hate Relationship.

AdvantagesCheap, quality cards, wrapping and decorations.

DisadvantagesShop space is minimal, very stressful.

"...for giving a gift or card to someone can be found under one roof in this shop, and the best bit is - everything has a fantastically reasonable price tag attached! This shop carries pretty much every card you could be looking for. Birthday cards for all manner of family members, friends, overseas birthdays. specific age cards and general birthday wishes. They also stock cards for births, deaths, anniversaries, get well, good luck, congratulations, ..." Read review

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perfect for any occassion

Advantagescheap cards, good quality cards, good variety

Disadvantagesshops quite small!

"...say this because my local card factory is tiny and at these important times of the year it does be CRAMMED with people, i'm not a claustrophobic person but I just had to escape from this shop last december when I went in for a chrismas card! I literally felt like a sardine and I had to leave, unfortunately, because I know I could get a great quality card for a bargain price!The cards I have seen range from about 30 pence to two ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stephap


Card Factory is soooo cheap!


Disadvantagessometimes a queue

"...a card, so since discovering Card Factory I've rarely bought cards anywhere else. Their cards are cheap compared to rival card shops, most less than a pound. They also have bulk buy cards, 3, 5, 7, or 10 for £1, which is great value as I regularly need birthday cards for university friends. They also have a good tasteful selection of novelty cards. In addition to cards they have all the accessories you would expect: balloons, banners, gift bags, ..." Read review

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