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Community Level 1Minty_mobile


Lifeline Complete Insurance...

AdvantagesNew handset after half your contract has elapsed

Disadvantagesyou have to pay an excess and give back your old handset

"I think lifeline insurance is brilliant, i have the complete policy, because i seem to brake handsets very easily! I think this is very reasonable if your like me and dont like keeping the same handset for too long you can change your handset after 9 months on an 18 month contract and 6 months on a 12 month contract, so this means you can get all the good offers on a 18 month contract and change it after 9 months and still get all the extra minutes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1khushi


Pushes you to your absolute limit!!

AdvantagesDon't have to shop around I guess

Disadvantages3 repairs before replacement; long wait; incompetent staff; no answer from store.

"I took my phone in after I dropped it. I waited 2 weeks... They repaired it (although they didn't call me to let me know it was back in). I took it home, it didn't work! They had actually made it worse. I took it back in. The said they'd repair it again. I waited 3 weeks.... I recieved a letter saying they couldn't repair it, and were sending it to the manufacturer to repair. I waited 2 more weeks.... I managed to get an answer on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Legs123


Do not buy Carphone warehouse insurance



"...cancel the contact - however Carphone warehouse took nearly two months to do this - for some reason no one in the store or on the numerous phone calls I had to make were able to get it right!!!! WE WERE CHARGED THE EXCESS TWICE!!!! Depsite requesting that my phone was disconnected on 5th October and Carphone warehouse admitting that it was there fault I was charge for a bill in October to cover October - November line rental, I was advised to pay ..." Read review

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Community Level 1toniw88


Not a good word about it.


DisadvantagesI am still paying for a policy which refuses to pay out when I make a claim

"I have phone insurance from carphone warehouse which I purchased at the time of buying my blackberry. When I lost the blackberry in November, I reported it missing to both orange and the police on the day I realised it was missing and then went to carphone warehouse to make a claim. The claim was denied because it turned out that the assistant had made a mistake with the dates and so it looked like i had waited more than the 24 and 48 hours you ..." Read review

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Community Level 0astralconn...

Quick review of Carphone Warehouse Insurance

"don't bother, these guys are criminals, useless, unhelpfull. very bad service. I wish, never had wasted my money on them. they are only there to find a reason not to honour your claim

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Community Level 1yousaf


Lenngthy Wait

AdvantagesToo Fussy

DisadvantagesNon that I can remember

"Carephone Warehouse insurance, is well.......sort of crap. They generally cover eveything than you want but they are so fussy in replacing a handset and are patronise the customers in doing so. I lost my phone and went into my local brance and they said they would couldnt supply me with a phone as until my insurance replacement.(as they have promised). They didnt believe i had lost my handset, they they wanted to see my box, instruction manual ..." Read review

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Community Level 1j_k_nash


Somthing does not add up with Carphone Insurance


Disadvantagesnonpayment for different reasons

"...a very good customer of Carphone warehouse over the years purchasing 3 iPhones alone not to mention 5-6 other handsets over the years you have had all of my cell phone business. I am disappointed that you feel that this was information you require. To pay out. Police report details, IME number ect all make a lot of sense but this just feels like a clause to try to avoid payment. Many people who are less honest then myself would have just not said ..." Read review

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