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The passionate root

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"I love most vegetables but carrots have to be my favourite both for their sweet taste and lovely colour. Carrots are really easy to grow, very good for you and can be used in numerous dishes. To begin with I thought I'd tell you a few facts about the humble carrot. Carrots have been grown for thousands of years although not as we know them today. The carrots of 5000 years ago would have been white, purple, red or even black. The taste would not ..." Read review

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growing your carrots Review with images

Advantagesgood for you anf your family

Disadvantagescarrot fly

"Carrots are one of the easiest vegetable crops to grow, provided the soil has been well prepared. They are rich in in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. Carrots can be classified in two different ways: by shape or by the time of cropping. Shapes can be basically divided into three different groups, the short kind, which are round or stumpy-rooted; the medium length type, more or less sausage-shape or with a cylindrical tapering root; and the log ..." Read review

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Why Carrots Are Good For Your Eyesight!

AdvantagesLow in Calories, No fat, Good Source Of Vitamin A

DisadvantagesOrganic Varieties Are More Expensive

"...eat up all of your Carrots 'Cause they're good for your eyesight." I always remembered this from an early age but never questioned why until I was much older. When I did eventually ask why Carrots were good for your eyesight the reply was "Have you ever seen a Rabbit wearing glasses?" Anyway I grew to love my Fruit and Vegetables and Carrots are still one of my favourites which is why I have decided to make them the subject of this review. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 5SnowiestElf


Daucus Carota

AdvantagesEasy to grow, can be grown in raised beds


"Carrots a definitely not one of my favourite vegetables, but they are very easy to grow. They are grown as annuals (although they are really biennials). They have swollen orange taproots which may be up to 5 cm in diameter at the neck, and up to 20 cm in length. They have feathery green foliage, which grows up to 23 cm tall with a 15 cm spread. Normally, carrots are long and tapered, although some may also be rounded. There are many different types ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cherryfalls



AdvantagesNone at all

DisadvantagesThey taste, smell and are just generally horrible.

"...in the first instance. Not liking carrots is a pain for me because there are so many foods that I have seen in the supermarket and thought that I would love to try, only to be disappointed to find out that it has carrot in it. One thing that surprised me the most was finding out that some supermarkets and food manufacturers produce shepherd pie and spaghetti bolegnaise with, yes you guessed it, carrots in. Most things like this are made from scratch ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


I can see you in the Dark

AdvantagesVery healthy and high in Vit A, Tasty

DisadvantagesPretty difficult to grow

"...of Vitamin A found in carrots do help the eyes. However the area of the eye that gains most from Vitamin A is the retina. This subsequently helps your night vision but not so drastically that you could see like a cat in the dark. In the olden days the theory was that carrots could quite literally make you see in the dark. One of the stories associated with this was that during the Second World War, the British Royal Air Force bragged that the British ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Aspen


CMW. Carrots Most Wonderful.

AdvantagesAlways fresher and tastier than the supermarket ones.

DisadvantagesA little bit of work, but it's worth it, and the exercise is good for you!

"...products, that 1300 words on carrots will generate any reads at all. But I am what I am. I do what I do. So here goes anyway. Here I was, browsing through the Garden Section as is my wont. It is, after all, my second home. And at times, less stressful than my first. And my thoughts turned to spring, and sowing time. Well, actually, I forced my thoughts to turn to spring, because I’m snowed in again, and gardening seems an age away ..." Read review

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Not only help you see in the dark

Advantagesreally good for you

Disadvantagesnone unless you don't like them

"...growing and tasty to eat. carrots are really easy to grow and they are so crunchy to eat when you pick them straight from the ground, wash them and eat them raw. The best way to get a good yeild from your carrots is to prepare the ground your going to grow them in first, if you dig in lots of manure or rotted organic matter like rotted down vegetable peelings. Then mix in lots of bonemeal and make sure the ground is not stoney, if you don't get ..." Read review

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long and orange



"Carrots Everyone must have eaten carrots at some time . I have a row of very small grass like green showing in my vegetable patch soon the first frond’y delicate green proper leaves will show me that it is where I sowed my carrots. I love baby carrots in a salad or older ones grated and lemon juice and mayonnaise added and pine nuts too make a great salad. I do not have much success with carrots my soil is very chalky and carrots prefer ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Gardenex


Carrots in your windowbox

Advantagesslug free

Disadvantagesneed to water in dry weather

"...long to have fresh crunchy carrots to munch on but you don't have a garden or your soil is unsuitable - no worries . It is perfectly feasable to grow small quantites of the rabbit's favourite food in containers and windowboxes . All you need is a windowbox or container with a depth of at least six inches , and a good quality growing medium . The compost should ideally not contain any stones or clay as this makes the carrots fork . That is to say ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


These cause me a few problems Review with images

AdvantagesThey are meant to be easy to grow with little care

DisadvantagesMine look strange every year

"People tell me that carrots are supposed to be one of the easiest vegetables to grow but I find they are one of the hardest. I grow many vegetables and fruits up at my allotment but the carrots are always a little bit embarrassing when I compare them to my neighbour’s carrots especially. Carrots are good for you and I like to grow my own but they tend to be stunted and misshapen even though I prepare my soil the right way so I don’t know where I am ..." Read review

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Community Level 2banco



Advantagesbeautiful carrots without root fly.

Disadvantageshaving to take precautions to protect the carrots.

"I have tried to grow carrots for many years without any great success,and have tried many varieties including EARLY NANTES...CHAMPION SCARLET HORN..AND AUTUMN KING..all to no avail,the carrot root fly always got in too the carrot bed,no matter how many things that i tried ...netting all around the carrot bed,then putting plastic around the bed and net on the top so it was all covered up, nothing could get in,including me ..it was a real headache getting ..." Read review

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Community Level 2yorkie2


One thing Aspen missed

AdvantagesIncreases quality and quantity of crop

DisadvantagesBuilding and filling the bed can be hard graft but it is only the once

"...methods and pitfalls of growing carrots successfully. Except the way i grow em! On my allotment i have a section measuring 15 ft long by 4 ft wide which is raised 18" above the rest of the garden. This is simply done by building a wooden frame equal to the above measurements. It is purposely only 4 ft wide to enable you to reach into it without ever treading on the soil and thereby avoiding even the slightest amount of compacting which, as Aspen ..." Read review

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