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A book with a sprinkling of 'magic'

AdvantagesA nice read with just just a sprinkling of magic

DisadvantagesDepressing to start with

"...passion; it was one of the most emotional books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read; I had devoured every book she had written afterwards. Some have resonated with me more than others, but ‘If You Could See Me Now’, was decidedly lacking in depth and direction, and was totally forgettable in my opinion. To this end, I’d stopped reading any more of her work in favour of other authors, but when I saw the rather magical cover of this book, I was tempted ..." Read review

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Lose Today In The Book Of Tomorrow

Advantagesfascinating, original page turner of a book!

Disadvantagescould have been a bit longer, felt a little rushed

"I am one of the very few people who wasn't all that impressed by Cecelia Ahern's successful debut novel, PS.I Love You. While others raved about it, I was a bit 'meh' about the whole thing, and thought Marian Keyes did a similar story far better in Is Anybody Out There? Being so under whelmed by that book, I have avoided Cecelia's subsequent novels. That is until her latest book, released in October, caught my eye. With the most stunning cover and ..." Read review

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If what happens tomorrow was written down, would you change it?

AdvantagesEngrossing story, well-written characters, witty and funny narrative by the lead.

DisadvantagesRomance slightly underdeveloped.

"...to make girls cry from the start. That said, I still took out one of author Cecilia Ahern’s other books, ‘The Book of Tomorrow’, from the library anyway. Partly I was drawn in by the pretty book cover even though it screams ‘chick lit’, but the premise itself sounded like one I could really get into- discovering a book which has the power to read like a diary of the future? Sign me up! ==---Plot---== Sixteen year old Tamara Goodwin has it all: a ..." Read review

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Tomorrow does come!

AdvantagesInteresting story and well thought out and developed characters

DisadvantagesNone for me but, some may not like th emagical elements

"...this author I was hoping the book would be just as good as the last book I read by her. The author: Cecelia Ahern is a popular author who has written 7 books so far. Her first, ‘PS I love you’ was written at the age of 21 and it instantly became a best seller and was later made into a film starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Her books have also been published in forty six countries and have collectively sold over 12 million copies! The ..." Read review

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Never judge a book by it's cover!

AdvantagesEasy to read

DisadvantagesSome aspects of the plot were not developed enough, characters were weak, not all that magical

"I spotted the Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern when browsing the shelves of my local library. Although I had heard of her, Cecilia Ahern was not an author whose work I was familiar with and so I had no expectations. I don’t normally judge a book by its front cover but in this case I have to admit it as the first thing that drew me to the book. It has an intricate gold and star pattern printed on a purple backing. It’s certainly eye-catching! Turning ..." Read review

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Disadvantagesnot my kind of book

"...although I may have enjoyed the book I didn't see me reading it again whereas there is books that I know I will read over and over again (the devil wears prada - never get bored of that book!), Anyway I joined the website readitswapit and you advertise the books you want to swap, then people can contact you to say that they want your book and you get to choose 1 of their books and vice versa. Each person pays postage and packaging but you get a book ..." Read review

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What will tomorrow hold?

AdvantagesPlot, characters


"...of it so she gave the other to us. I was very pleased she had given it to us as anyone likes a free book and also I had seen it in my local bookshop and I was attracted to the pretty cover. I had not read anything by Cecelia Ahern before but was keen to start reading as I had heard from many people that her books were absolutely fantastic. *Plot* Tamara Goodwin is sixteen. Recently, her life has been turned upside down. She used to be so happy, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


Secrets and lies will get you nowhere fast!

AdvantagesFantastic characters and storyline!

DisadvantagesNone whatsoever for me! :)

"== The Book of Tomorrow: Cecelia Ahern == == Introduction == I have loved all of Cecelia Aherns books, starting with P.S. I love you a good few years back, and going right the way through all of her subsequent books, I have loved each one and eagerly awaited their release. So when I saw that she had a new book out in late 2009, I just had to add it to my Christmas list! Luckily my husband got the "subtle" hints, and it arrived in my stocking on ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lindsey3uk


Another triumph by Cecilia

AdvantagesA fantastic easy read, enchanting

DisadvantagesYou cant put it down

"...has this impact on me. The last book i read that made me feel so emotional and involved was kaitlyn (see my review) and this novel was the first in a long time. Written by Cecelia Ahern the no1 author of P.s i love you this book is her newest edition to her collection of inspiring 'fairy tale' novels. Each of her novels has it's own piece of magic and this new book is no exception, in fact there is something extra magical about this book. I ..." Read review

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A mysticle book

Advantagescharacters, storyline


"Before reading The Book Of Tomorrow I had only read one book by Cecelia Ahern which was The Gift. I did enjoy The Gift but it didn't make enough impression on me to put Cecelia Ahern at the top of my favourite authors list and so I did not rush out to find any of her other books. When searching for a book I always try my Library's returns section and this is where I found The Book Of Tomorrow. From the cover it looked to me to be a bit of a mystical ..." Read review

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The Book of Tomorrow

AdvantagesIntriguing story and interesting characters.

DisadvantagesSome parts unbelievable because of the fantasy involved.

"This is not the first book I have read of Cecelia Ahern, as she has written many others including 'The Gift', 'Thanks for the Memories', 'If You Could See Me Now', and 'PS I Love You'. Other than PS I Love You, which could be believable enough, her other books, this one included have a realm of fantasy included in it. This story revolves around Tamara Goodwin, who has just lost her father. She and her mother have had their house repossessed and ..." Read review

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