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Community Level 5jimblob


I want my mummy


DisadvantagesThey dont know their arse from their elbow

"...it was a bill from Cellular ops for line rental, itemized billing and VAT for the Ericsson. I called them, was left hanging for 45 mins, got pissed off waiting so e-mailed them instead, confident that their mistake in billing me for a phone I no longer had would be sorted post haste. How wrong can you be? four weeks later I received another bill with another months line rental, etc etc. This time I waited until I could actually speak to someone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1a_trog


Get Grief From Gary

AdvantagesAsk for Gary, the senior manager...

DisadvantagesDishonest and insulting to their customers

"...monthly line rental account with Cellular Operations about one and a half years ago and, to be fair to them, for a year everything was fine. This was until I decided to upgrade my phone in the middle of last year. I was assured that all I had to do if I wanted to cancel the account was give them 30 days notice. When it actually came to giving the 30 day notice I was told (three months after serving the notice, after receiving bills and final demands) ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Zedex


Cellular Operations and Vodafone

AdvantagesAbsolutely none

DisadvantagesStress, wasted time, wasted money, big charges

"...third party for billing - Cellular Operations. I can empathise completely with all the other opinions on Cellular Operations as I've had nothing but problems from them if something goes wrong (which it has, several times). I'll tell you about the latest thing and what has left me feeling so angry i've come on here to tell you all. I recently switched to T-mobile (who, so far, have been excellent - fantastic customer service, great welcome pack ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TEEE


End of my tether

AdvantagesEh? advantages & Cellular Operations don't mix


"My problems with Cellular started almost straight away. I started my contract with them back in September-October 2001. After about 6 weeks I received a text message to say I was going to have my calls barred and to contact them. Which I did. I was told I had to pay £50.00 and my bill (which was not even due to be debited for another 2 week) and then and only then could I resume normality. I asked why they had done this, I had only ever had one bill ..." Read review

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Community Level 1crash24


the worst service EVER


Disadvantagesyou name it

"...twelve months of being with cellular ops i decided to see what they had to offer a customer who was loyal, paid bills on time and never asked for anything. i rang them up and after being bounced from dept to dept finaly spoke to a very pleasent person who helped in the best way they could, i asked what upgrades were available and said that i was looking for the T100 i was told this wasnt an option if i wanted this phone i had to pay £250. so i excepted ..." Read review

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