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Take with great care.

AdvantagesIt works

DisadvantagesSide effects - see review

"...well. However, I do believe Pfizer are being rather underhanded by saying these kind of side effects can be caused by quitting smoking – I’ve tried several times before and I have never, ever felt like this. I am usually a very careful person who will plan things to the utmost to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that all bases are covered. The forth week I was taking this I was an impulsive manic depressive who successfully scared the living beejeepers ..." Read review

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Community Level 2DerMusso


I believe in miracles! Hurray for Evil Champix!

Advantagescheap efficient...and it's saving my life!

Disadvantagescan have side effects, I didn't really get them myself so far, except for crazy dreams!

"...scaremongering against the big evil Pfizer Devils... My personal experience and my friend's at the support group is just very smooth. Some of us (not me) got nausea in the morning if they took the tabs on an empty stomach. We all get the funny side effect we all love and will miss when the treatment is over: the crazy-ass dreams! so vivid and clear. One of the girls gets mild headaches but they aren't bad enough to deter her from the treatment. None ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leasinlive...


Highly Recommend Champix

Advantageslife, health, wealth, happiness, future, less cravings


"Champix is a non-nicotine medication to aid with quiting smoking and are only available on prescription from your doctors. Champix is a 12 week course which has to be completed Champix tablets are taken once a day for the first week and twice a day for the next 11 weeks. For the first two weeks the tablets taken are 0.5mg (white) and the further 10 weeks are 1mg (blue) The first tablet is to be taken in the morning and the second is to be taken ..." Read review

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Community Level 1homebrewst...


CHAMPIX, Worked like a charm, except for it made me suicidal.

AdvantagesI'm smokefree , 3 months and going strong

DisadvantagesI alienated everyone i know, I was suicidal , this is a dangerous product.

"Reading the reviews, i wasn't a bit put off, everyone was raving about champix, said that it worked great, these people didn't even want a cigarette anymore i thought fantastic. Of course i also read about the side effects, depression, nausea, suicidal thoughta. I figured giving ups going to be rough these people would probably be a bit depressed even without champix, and suicidal thoughts, bah thats only a tiny minority, it wont happen to me, well ..." Read review

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Sickly tablets


DisadvantagesSide effects

"Well I have smoked since I was 12 years old, now 29. I did actually stop for 2 years on the Zyban brand, but on a night out drinking I stupidly had a cigarette, that set me off to starting smoking again. So eventually I decided to stop again. So off I went to the doctors and they told be about a new brand had come out that worked just like Zyban, just cheaper for them to make, but was told it worked exactly the same. So I thought well why not try ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MarkKerr


Champix - My Drug of Choice

AdvantagesIt worked for me

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"I had been a smoker for well over 20 years - I knew the damage it could do but I actually enjoyed the smoking sensation. I'd tried to give up on several occasions before, although somewhat half-heartedly it has to be said. As a result of an accident at home (sounds ominous doesn't it? - I cut my hand on a rusty nail - not very exciting I know!) and went to my GPs for a tetanus. While I was there, the nurse mentioned a brand new drug that literally ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nickgilber...


Champix - It Worked For Me

AdvantagesFools your brain into thinking it's had a cigarette. Makes cigarettes taste foul.

DisadvantagesA few side effects but nothing that can't be dealt with

"I stared taking Champix in June 2007 having smoked 20 a day for around 20 years. I'd heard they were coming onto the market and was desperate to give but knew that there was no chance of doing cold turkey, so I waited for the pills to become available on the NHS. The procedure works as follows: you go to your GP surgery where usually they have a nurse who is qualified to dispense prescriptions for Champix. After a few preliminary questions to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sonia_x



AdvantagesReally helps with cravings, lessons the enjoyment of smoking

DisadvantagesSide Effects

"Having smoked for about 15 years I decided to try quitting. I had tried before using patches but these didnt work. So I decided to do it properly this time and go to the doctors. I asked about Champix and was very suprised they prescribed it. At this moment not many surgeries are prescribing it as the Health Trust still think its too expensive to prescribe on the NHS. Still, I was allowed some and started the course. There are known side effects ..." Read review

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Community Level 1derekm1973


Side Effects of Champix???

AdvantagesStops you smoking without replacing the nicotine with nicotine

DisadvantagesA few side effects to be aware of.

"This is the second attempt I have made to stop smoking using Champix. The first time I never finished the 3 month course as I thought I had conquered the nicotine demons. Unfortunately after 4 months of being stopped I found myself back on the fags so this is the first tip I can strongly give you. FINISH THE COURSE- even if you think you have beaten the craven for a puff- you probably have not. This is the whole reason the course is conducted over ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bartrum1978


Champix by Pfizer

Advantageseasy to use,They work

DisadvantagesCost,Length of use

"I have being Smoking for over 17 years, Over 25 Cigarettes a day. I have tried to Quit using Gum,Patches and Will power. I Went NHS Smoke-free website last year and did not do anything about. They is a walk in New leaf where i live and 6 Months ago, I went in to talk about giving up and talked about different products to aid stop smoking. I got a referral for my doctors for Champix and started to take it. No side effects apart from some restless ..." Read review

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Community Level 1srobi168

Quick review of Pfizer Champix

"I gave up smoking with Champix after 25 years of smoking 20 + cigarettes a day. If there is a magic pill to stop you smoking this is it. You really are not bothered about not having a cigarette, and if you cheat and try one there is no enjoyment from it. After 12 weeks on Champix I had completed the course and came off them. I would say that if there is going to be a time when you might regress its when you stop taking the pills. I found I suddenly craved cigs again but overcame this by gradually withdrawing from the tablets instead of stopping suddenly. Ask your GP or Practice or Practice Nurse for advice when withdrawing from Champix

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Community Level 1ellenmeilee


Miss Ellen Parker

AdvantagesIt works

DisadvantagesNausea, nightmares

"I have been a diehard smoker fo nearly 20 years - at least 20 a day. 2 weeks ago I went to my docs in desperation and got the Champix. I'd read up on them (including the horror stories) but decide that it might be better than lung cancer. Anyway, 2 weeks into it and I stopped smoking 4 days ago no problem. For the first 3 days of the treatment, nothing, then suddenly I started getting no pleasure from fags - thought at 1st I'd bought a duff pack ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Finallyquit

Quick review of Pfizer Champix

"I've tried every method of quitting possible... Unfortunately I am highly addicted to cigarettes (25 years of smoking). Finally, something that seems to work. I've now been cigarette and nicotine free for over 8 weeks thanks to Champix. It's a great feeling to know that maybe this time I will succeed. The little voice in the back of my head (saying "you can have just one, nothing will happen") is still there but for once I can resist it. For any smoker out there serious about quitting I highly recommend Champix. PS: side effects were mild for me - a little nausea at first bearable; vivid dreams; and back ake (lasted first two weeks but also bearable)

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Community Level 1elliepelly



AdvantagesThey work

Disadvantagesthey have unpleasent side effects

"I was a heavy smoker 30 a day heavy- and i have tried everything to give up smoking I have tried everything to give up smoking -patches inhalator micro tabs chewing gum- nothing worked. I wanted to give up but loved my cigs and i never thought i would see a smoke free day let alone week or month. The tablets -you start on three days of white 1/2mg tablets once a day--- you then go to 1/2mg twice daily- then after 1st week go to 1mg twice daily ..." Read review

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Community Level 1timothy7

Quick review of Pfizer Champix

"Ive been a 25 year,20-30 fag a day smoker.I've started taking Champix about a month ago and have quit about 2 weeks ago.So far so good,I'm actually doing it and haven't broken yet. The only side effects for me are slight nausea(but if you eat before,it's hardly noticable)and wicked dreams.But both handleable. I could never see myself as a non smoker but it's happening to me,and although i still get the urge to smoke i'm finding it quite easy to forget it and then it's gone.I'm feeling so much better and have taken up tennis again.I don't have the morning hacking cough and can actually breath.My smell is returning and my taste. Highly reccomended

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