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Community Level 1ChampionOf...


A good all round Luxury MPV

AdvantagesNice design, classy looking for an MPV, handles OK has prestige in the UK market

DisadvantagesVery Expensive to Maintain, Thirsty, Noisy, Not much room for luggage

"...really annoying thing about this Chrysler is the short life of the front brake discs, ( rotors ) after 10 months and just 15,000 miles I was told they needed replacing, Fine I thought, still under warranty but NO ! Whitehouse Chrysler Jeep would not do this as a warranty item so a few hundred pounds were needed ! This single issue would prevent me buying another one, I have never had a vehicle that needed complete new discs after so few miles before ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LisaJM


never thought i would be in love with a car!!!!!

Advantagesreliability and space


"I have never been that bothered by cars before. As far as I was concerned they got me from A to B as quickly as possible in one piece!!! Then I test drove the voyager…… We had been thinking about trading in our Estate for a while and had been looking at lots of MPV’s, the Galaxy, Zaffira, etc. But on test drive of the Voyager I fell in love fortunately my other half, David, felt the same. We bought her second hand and have now had her for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Geezatip


Chrysler Voyager 2.5 LX Turbo Diesel.

AdvantagesImage,looks good.

DisadvantagesBuild quality not very good.

"...a P.T cruiser (twice), a Chrysler Neon automatic (once) , a petrol Voyager (twice) , an automatic diesel Voyager (once) and a Cherokee jeep (once), but then we did pay £ 25,000 for the car and expected good service. Lets start listing the faults: alternator faulty, replaced under warranty , electric mirrors faulty ,replaced under warranty, heated seats ,replaced under warranty ,electric mirrors again , replaced under warranty, hand brake kept jumping ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jailer66


My Chrysler "Nightmare" Voyager 2.5 CRD LX

AdvantagesA nice looking car - presents a good image

DisadvantagesCost of Servicing and parts

"...wasn't a typo!!!! For all you Chrysler Diesel owners here is a tip that may save you thousands in the long run. You have 4 fuel injectors in your engine, they are never serviced during the life of the car, they are " a non service item". Well my car has developed a minor miss fire on one of the injectors, the problem is they can only get one out as the others have seized into the "head", by the way the injectors are £700.00 each plus VAT, the head ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lealisa

Quick review of Chrysler Voyager 2.5 TD

"I do like my Chrysler, especially the built-in dvd player for my children. It is reliable and very comfortable to drive. It has spacious seating for family life, the seats are easily removed to make this a very versatile vehicle, however my criticism would be the size of the boot, I tend to stack my shopping within the main body of the car as a pushchair takes up most of the boot space.

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Community Level 1phil.corco...


Chrysler Grand Voyager CRD

AdvantagesSpacious, comfortable, good driving position, well equipped

DisadvantagesBattery too small, wide for small car parks, hard to remove 3rd row of seats

"Had a Grand Voyager CRD for 5 years and found it spacious, comfortable and very reliable with one exception - the battery. The one fitted was only 45 amp/hour which is insufficient for a car which has so many electrics. A combination of short journeys and electric door/tailgate usage caused me to need a jump-start several times after year2 . Otherise the fuel economy was good at 38mpg on a long run and 34 about town (semi-rural). The heavy bench rear ..." Read review

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Community Level 2xxDanmanxx


The grand daddy of MPV's

AdvantagesNice Design, Stow n Go seats, spacious, passenger legroom and good storage space

Disadvantagesslow off the mark, uncomfortable rear seats, expensive

"...sliding doors, along with the Chrysler stow 'n' go feature, which are, to say a brilliant help. We managed to fit 2 dogs, 4 adults and 2 children, along with 5 suitcases and other such item in this car on a recent journey to Cornwall, and although some people found it uncomfortable, we dint struggle to fit the luggage and dogs in, just the people, and we made it and with many thanks to the DVD player, no child got hurt. The journeys are comfortable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1duikertje


American car in Europe

Advantagesnice design, well-equiped, powerfull engine: indestructable, lot of space

Disadvantageslarge, heavy, a rather noisfull engine, pricy, restrict dealership

"Iit's a very big car , with lot of space. The engine is sublime!! Compared to some of the European competitors it is well equiped! It has a nice design and a handy interior! The handeling (pulling out) of the chairs is rather difficult because of the heavy seats. Nevertheless these seats are very comfortable. In Belgium the car was equiped (additionally) with a navigation (GPS), a DVD-player and Parksensors for a budgetfriendly price: good point!! The ..." Read review

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