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I prefer the other kind of fizz personally!

AdvantagesCleans quickly and easily, lasts quite a while, smells fresh

DisadvantagesExpensive at full price, I don't believe the fizz hype, scent better for bathrooms than kitchens

"...couple of bottles of this Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean spray cleaner in the cupboards. It's been a while since I bought it and I can't remember what I paid but the current price at Tesco is £2.75. I can only assume it must have been on either a half price offer or a "2 for" offer at the time of purchase as there is absolutely no way I would pay £2.75 for a kitchen or bathroom cleaner unless it came with an actual cleaning lady to do the work ..." Read review

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Fizzy, Wizzy, Let's get busy!

AdvantagesCleans Grime & Dirt. Fresh, Clean Smell, Leaves surfaces shiny

DisadvantagesDoesn't remove built up grease/grime.

"...THE PRODUCT CLAIMS ~ The Cif multi-purpose actifizz ocean easily removes everyday dirt in the bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to its active fizzing technology, it makes cleaning easier. Not only does the cleaner remove dirt and grime but it leaves surfaces shiny and looking new. The product is meant to have an ocean fragrance which will be quite interesting as I often find some cleaning sprays are overpowering and smell a lot of chemicals. ..." Read review

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Fizz up your bathroom!

Advantageseasy to use

Disadvantagesfizz action is not a positive like it's meant to be!

"...ran out of my usual Cif cream and so when looking to buy a new one I noticed this bottle of Cif Acti fizz spray and thought I would give it a go instead. My main reason for using it was because I have found that the cream sometimes leaves a bit of a grainy residue behind which is easily missed as it's so pale in colour it blends in with the bathroom suite so I thought that the spray may be better. === Cif Acti Fizz Spray === === The bottle === This ..." Read review

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Fizz your bathroom clean

Advantagescleans really well, a little goes a long way

Disadvantagesthe smell

"...trip to Tesco I spotted Cif Actifizz multipurpose cleaning spray. Cif cream has been a staple in our house for many years as this was the cleaner my mum used when I was growing up and Cif is therefore a brand that I trust. However the spray was not something Iíd tried before but as it was on special offer at just £1 for a 750ml bottle compared to a usual retail price of £2.00, I decided I didnít have much to lose by giving this a go. The spray ..." Read review

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Not my fave fizz

AdvantagesWorks quite well

DisadvantagesDoesn't shine quite as well as others

"...green indeed, with a prominent Cif logo. The product promises to clean all surfaces, lifting all types of dirt to leave them shiny. I use this to clean the worktops in my kitchen. === Smells fresh === The first thing I noticed when I first used this was the smell. It has a very strong scent and it is a kind of mix of pine and lemon, which makes it very much the smell of a cleaner to me! At first I actually really didn't like it as it is a bit toilet-cleaner-esque ..." Read review

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