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So I've sold out to this multiplex chain but I don't care…

AdvantagesUnlimited card, great legroom, good choice of mainstream films

DisadvantagesCinema food, some films unavailable, lacking personality, prebooking facilities for Unlimited card

"Edinburgh’s Cineworld is a multiplex cinema located in a large complex at Fountainbridge, a venue as lacking in personality as the chain restaurants, bars and bingo hall that surrounds it. It’s all very cold and commercial, aimed largely at drawing in the masses to big cinematic releases. As you’ve probably guessed it’s not my favourite cinema in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is lucky as it has a nice variety of venues to watch your films in and there are ..." Read review

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Cineworld Falkirk branch and Website

AdvantagesPre-book facility, usually pretty quiet, parking is free

DisadvantagesNothing much, read the review

"...back from visiting my local Cineworld cinema in Falkirk, after having gone on my own to see Rush Hour 3 (which is an ok movie). Anyway I thought I might as well share my experience here. I have to say, I've never had any real problems with this cinema, infact im quite keen on it. Now I'd spent some time planning my outing today as I'm a fairly new driver (only just got my full license under a year ago) and so it was the first time I'd driven through ..." Read review

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Love cinema? Cineworld Unlimited Card

AdvantagesGreat value if you use it

DisadvantagesCan be cheaper to pay as you go

"...UNLIMITED CINEMA CARD RATHER THAN CINEWORLD IN TOTAL OR THEIR WEBSITE. I REQUESTED THIS TOPIC AND HAVE BEEN DIRECTED BY CIAO TO WRITE IT HERE SO PLEASE DON'T RATE IT AS OFF-TOPIC - IT'S THEIR FAULT NOT MINE. ************************************* I used to live in Suffolk not far from Bury St Edmunds. For many years there had been proposals to build a multiplex cinema and the fighting by both sides had been intense. In Suffolk the yes/no camps for ..." Read review

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Community Level 8xdonzx


~ * I'm Off To The Movies * ~

AdvantagesGood Movies!


"Cineworld is a national cinema chain. There are currently just under 80 Cineworld cinemas in the United Kingdom. In the past, I have visited Cineworld lots of times. Located in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury is about a two minute drive from the high street. It is located next door to Asda as well as a few other places. ~ * WELCOME * ~ The entrance to the cinema is very attractive - I remember when the cinema was new (around ten years ago). They ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Radical-Ma...


It's nice when people smile :)

AdvantagesStaff genuinely friendly - lots of films

DisadvantagesPicture flickers - expensive snacks

"...on a day-to-day basis. I see Cineworld as something of a small revolution... While, of course, a packet of M&Ms and a small drink will cost you the best part of a fiver, and the Brighton Cineworld is indeed huge and on the marina promenade, the staff are remarkably friendly and helpful. My local town is home to a family-run cinema with 3 screens, the Uckfield Picture House, which has been in business since 1916 and is staffed by around 20 people ..." Read review

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Community Level 7GemmaC25


Save £££'s with the Cineworld Unlimited Card!

AdvantagesSave money if you see more than 2 films a month.

DisadvantagesCan't be used to book tickets days in advance.

"...Ciao want reviews on the Cineworld Unlimited card to come under this topic, so I do not have this in the wrong place :-) When I was a student I went to the cinema often with friends, students always get a discounted price that can be around half price of the normal adult price ticket. However once I had finished being a student I was dismayed, going to the cinema now cost me a little over £6 a time! I really wasn't prepared to pay this much... ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chezdanibe...


You still have time to grab a coke!

AdvantagesLots of branches dotted around the country

DisadvantagesOver priced food / drink, some cinemas cold and old

"Cineworld cinemas now where do I begin. As an avid cinema goer, I am usually quite up to date with films. I usually only go to the Enfield, Harlow or Bishops Stortford branches (Bishops Stortford now and Empire cinema thought). For me, comfort is a must. Fistly, looking at Harlow, this small cinema only has about ten screens, I believe. There is ample parking outside and behind the venue. It's a small cinema, with only three ticket desks so in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2B_O_M_B_A


Great but expensive

AdvantagesClean and nice screens


"...recently joined up to the Cineworld Unlimited pass which I will be reviewing when they add my suggestion (if you are reading this months down the line chances are I have written it). In a month me and my partner have been around 8 times so I can say that my opinions are fairly reliable and recent. Prices - When Cineworld first opened in Bedford 4 or so years ago the prices were around £1.50 cheaper than they are now. To be honest I think the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3quininho


Cineworld Unlimited Card

Advantagesgreat deal, unlimited films, set fee

Disadvantagescinemas in general

"I have a Cineworld near to where I work and also one about 20 minutes from my flat. Being quite an avid film fan I thought that the Cineworld Unlimited card could be really useful. The prospect of a set monthly fee for unlimited cinema-going would be something I'd really make a saving with. So, a couple of years ago, me and my girlfriend both signed up the unlimited card deal. We initially paid £13.99 a month which included the Central London cinemas ..." Read review

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Community Level 3babycougar


A world of cinema... for £162

AdvantagesGreat facilities, great Unlimited deal


"...etc. My favourite attraction: the Cineworld multiplex. Cineworld is Britain's second largest multiplex cinema operator in the United Kingdom, with 74 cinemas and over 800 screens. It also has one cinema in Jersey and another in the Republic of Ireland. Its first cinema opened in 1996, and the company has since integrated the UGC cinema chain. I like the "ambiance" at my local Cineworld. There is another huge cinema complex down the ..." Read review

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Unlimited Blockbusters!

Advantagesgreat value for money, good customer service


"...this review about the unlimited cineworld card not the cinemas themselves. I no longer have my Cineworld unlimited card but up until a few months ago my husband and I both had the cards for over a year. We decided to get the cards as the price of going to the cinema now is very expensive especially if there is two of you and due to our working hours going on a Wednesday and taking advantage of the Orange Wednesday BOGOF offer or going before noon ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MoonMeeko


Cineworld - Slow service lets it down! Hate it with a passion

AdvantagesThere are a few Cineworlds close by to me.

DisadvantagesBad service, badly managed, badly laid out, expensive & normally quite stressful to visit.

"Cineworld is pretty much the only cinema I use. I have used the one located in Milton Keynes and the one in Bedford. They are my regular cinema's. I have quite a few complaints about this place.. The only good thing is the actual film everything else is pretty much terrible. Allow me to go into detail on a normal visit to Cineworld: Enter Cineworld and start queing for a ticket or another alternative is to call up and pre book tickets then pay via ..." Read review

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Community Level 5frankiefro...


Cineworld Unlimited Card - unlimited films for only £11.99

Advantageswell worth the money if you go twice a month or more, can use any day and time

Disadvantagesa waste of money if you don't use it and makes you want to go all the time!

"An Unlimited Cineworld card is a great purchase if you love films and go to the cinema quite a bit. Before I got mine I went to the cinema a couple of times a month but would usually only go on bargain Tuesdays or Orange Wednesdays as I think £7.50 to watch a film is ridiculous - plus I'd usually go with my husband so that works out to be £15. Now we both have an Unlimited card we usually go a couple of times a week. There are some films we'd ..." Read review

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Community Level 2phurren2006


Unlimited movies at your local Cineworld

AdvantagesUnlimited movies for a set price

DisadvantagesIt still costs money!

"...find that there was a Cineworld cinema about 10 minutes drive away. The main reason why I was so pleased is because Cineworld has a particular offer on its prices, which is unmatched by any other cinema chain in the UK, as far as I am aware. They call this offer 'Cineworld Unlimited' as it offers unlimited visits to the cinema for a set price each month. Each month £11.99 comes out of my bank account by direct debit, and each month I can see as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lnknprk


Cineworld - A whole new world of film

AdvantagesGreat seats, good films

DisadvantagesCostly food & Drinks

"Cineworld has recently taken over my local UGC cinema in the corner house, Nottingham. From the change I havn't noticed much of a diference in customer service or in the actuly cinema itself but both are quite good so I have no complaints there. All of the best films are shown at the Cineworld cinema, and there is even a membership card available to those willing to pay £12 a month for unlimited cinema entries. An alternative method to save ..." Read review

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