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Carry you memories around in your pocket

Advantageseasy to use, nice price, holds enough pictures and a great portable size

Disadvantagesnone, although some people may find screen a bit small

"...top of it, the name Cirrus being printed below the screen. Theres a little hook on the top which is where you can connect either the key ring or the neck chains, both come in the box with the frame, together wit an installation disk and a user guide, although the user guide is about as useful as a jelly ladder. Theres a micro USB port on the side which is where you can connect it to your PC to transfer the images you want onto it. And it comes in ..." Read review

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With me wherever I go

Advantagesgood value for money

Disadvantagesquite heavy for a keyring

"...for money. ==DESCRIPTION== I have blue Cirrus key ring that measures 10 cm x 10 cm x 4.5 cm with A 1.5 inch screen. The quality of the screen is measured as 18 x 128 pixels and it has a memory of 8 MB. The whole this is heavier than Id like a keychain to be, but it is still quite light for a digital device. The frame comes with a clip on loop that will attach to your keys and it also comes with a long material chain so you can wear it round you ..." Read review

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A digital photo frame - on your keyring!

AdvantagesReasonably priced, easy to use, USB charger, 8MB built in memory.

DisadvantagesMy difficulty remembering to charge it!

"As I have lots of nieces and nephews I like to have digital photo frames around the house so I can load up lots of photographs and have different ones going round on a loop. It's nice for me to see them all, in different moods and on different dates etc. Also, when I have guests over it's nice to know that they can see lots of different photographs of my favourite people. It is for this reason that I was thrilled when my other half brought me a digital ..." Read review

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Does my butt look big on this?

Advantageseasy to set up

Disadvantagesbattery life

"I bought this cute little key ring as a novelty present for my sister. I uploaded loads of pictures of her wedding and children and when she opened it on Christmas day she was over the moon with it. *Price and availability* I paid 6.99 from Amazon which I thought was really good value for money. They currently sell it on Amazon Marketplace for 5.75. *Whats in the box* 1.5 inch frame USB connection cable Necklace and key ..." Read review

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Great Gift Idea!

Advantagesdesign, easy install, easy to use, clear pictures.


"...ideas and came across this Cirrus Digital Keyring 1.5" Photo Frame and decided to read some reviews and look around for good prices. == Price == I remember looking around on the internet and seeing it on Amazon for around 10.00, which is a good price for a small digital photo frame key ring. However I remember finding some even cheaper on eBay for around 6, so I decided to purchase them from eBay in the end. I do tend to be a bit cautious when ..." Read review

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Photo's to carry with you

Advantagescarry your photo's with you

Disadvantagesnot long battery life

"This was one of my christmas presents as my daughter bought herself one when she had her little boy a year ago and I have wanted one since, so I was pleased to get this as a present. They retail from around 7 - 8 depending on where you buy them online Amazon stock them if your interested and are available other places online too , you can get them in different coloured frames, black, pink, silver, red and blue. I was bought the blue one as it's ..." Read review

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