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C3 or not C3? Definitely not a C3!!

AdvantagesSpacious, economical fuel consumption, looks good

DisadvantagesHigh repair and maintenance bills, unreliable, doesn't look so good on the back of a tow truck!

"After owning my little Citroen C3 for just over 6 years, the time has come to accept that this relationship has run its course and move on to better things. So I have finally part-exchanged my C3 and, hopefully, bid farewell to endless visits to the garage and constant repair bills! Like most relationships, this started so well. It was love at first sight when I set eyes on the C3, which was a relatively new model when I bought mine back in November ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LetzSea


Has the potential to be a cracking little car

AdvantagesLooks, Price, Equipment level, Storage

DisadvantagesDoes not get you from A to B

"...we ended up at the citroen garage. It was one of the regular cashback offer times (usually in time, and as often as a DFS sale). In short, we were getting more car, higher spec, larger engine and paying less. THE POSTIVES. Looks- We loved the look of the car. Some see it as 'cute', some love the 'bubble' shape, some people hate it. Fuel economy- I never got out my calculator to work out the MPG but we did not seem to fill up any more ..." Read review

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Community Level 1natielou


seriously dangerous car

Advantageslooks and comfort when it drives properly thats about it

Disadvantageseverything - including having to deal with citroen who dont have a clue how fix them

"...sent me to evans halshaw citroen a couple of miles up the road. I left my car with them for a diagnostic check and was told they would contact me later in the day. I recieved a call later that day to tell me the manifold pressure sensore had gone and that they had ordered the part and would be ready the next day, i got a call at 3pm the next day saying my car had been fixed so me and my partner got a lift to pick the car up. When we got there citroen ..." Read review

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C3 - Flawed Genius & Floored Accelerator Pedals

AdvantagesLong distance ride comfort

DisadvantagesNot so hot on corners, flimsy interior build

"I always approach the rental desk of my chosen holiday car hire company with a degree of disinterest bordering on resignation. After all, one of those brand-spanking new cars outside is never going to be turned over to me is it? Iíll probably get the two-year-old Anonymous-mobile that Iíve driven a hundred times before. Not this year. Turning up at the Budget desk at Faro airport was a refreshing experience Ė well, the one hour wait wasnít, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xplosiv3


Test Drive the Citroen C3 SensoDrive 2004

AdvantagesClutchless Gear Box,Air Conditioning, ABS Brakes, Power Steering, Remote Control Central Locking, Electric Windows,

DisadvantagesPerformance,Grip On Wet Slippy Roads,

"...i looked at was a Citroen C3 1.4 HDi SX SensoDrive 2004 this comes with some little extras. Paddle shift (for that split second you can feel like a F1 Racer) Climate control Chilled glovebox SensoDrive - I dont know the fall sicence around it but if you have look at the citroen website it explain all in all flashie lights. basicly is added to allow "clutchless gear changes", which is what the F1 Paddles around the steering wheel for, so ..." Read review

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My first car, lasting surprisingly well since 2011.

AdvantagesCompact and easy to park. Lovely design, and comfortable inside.

DisadvantagesMinimal leg room in the back, seems to be an issue with the coolant but is easily fixable.

"...little bit skeptical about the Citroen make as I had learnt in a Toyota Yaris and driven a Renault before and found them easy drives. My parents told me it would probably not run too well as it was an 04 plate and would most likely be conking out soon. After all, we had only read negative reviews. When a lovely little red C3 pulled up on my drive, I felt a lot happier, changing my mind because of the cosmetics alone. Driving the car was easy, with ..." Read review

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my citroen c3 is a nice little car but

Advantagesquite good on fuel handlind good

Disadvantagesnot as reliable as first thought but do know other people with same model and they are happy with

"love my c3 [1.4 petrol] i bought it last oct 2011 its a 05 plate it had heater stuck on full power so that was fixed quickly THEN it was back in garage for stearing problems oh almost forgot before that it had new part fitted with altinator housing part which was luckly covered by years waranty,now im needing part reconditioned [stearing] sent down south then back re fitted then due MOT,as i say i do love this car but wasent expecting so many problems ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Onions4all


C3, rough and bumpy around the edges, but the ride is ok...

AdvantagesReasonably roomey, inexpensive

Disadvantagesillusive faults, poor handling, volatile auto gearbox

"...the bonnet washer jets. The Citroen garage had no knowledge of the fault even though a quick Google search reveals this is a common fault. Performance was considerably better though with the new cat. Presently it has a very erratic idle when cold... I'm just waiting for the check engine light and the subsequent hunt the fault game with fault codes. Handling on corners is pretty bad with the slightest of rain, even when slowed right down the back ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DavenAilsa


Don't do it


DisadvantagesReliability, service, and pretty much everything else

"My wife and I purchased a second hand, 52 plate, Citreon C3 Exclusive 2 years ago, and have had nothing but problems with it since its arrival. Firstly the car was damaged in the showroom, and had to be repaired - this was done eventually. Then the electrical faults started Any time a passenger sat on the front passenger seat the airbag warning light would show on the dashboard, and an audible warning would sound. It was returned to the garage, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2UrkiE-UK



Advantages.....What speedbump? I didn't feel any speedbump...

DisadvantagesInterior looks cheap upon closer inspection

"...up in a metallic blue Citroen C3 desire, I changed my standpoint in an instant. This car looked better than 90% of cars out on the road, and I have no idea why. That said, however, I see C3's all over the place in truly ghastly colours. My advice? Don't choose a colour such as grey or green, choose blue - and if you can afford that bit extra, deep blue metallic paint is the best option you can choose. --Interior As for the interior of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1yaseen1


good solid family car

AdvantagesGood Allround Vision, roomy, lots of leg space, large boot, reliable.

Disadvantagescrap air conditioning, high roof so difficult for roofrack or box

"This is a good car. I've had mine since March this year. The boot is big enough to take a double buggy and a weeks worth of shopping. If you have young kiddies the seperate buttons on the dashboard for the central locking and child lock mean that if someone opens the door from outside and then closes it the child lock is still engaged even when the central locking is disengaged. If you have experience with other cars you will know what a useful safety ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wug291


C3nsible cars...


DisadvantagesBuild quality not 100%

"...handling pretty good. I think Citroen have found a clever niche in the market... This car isn't for the Fiesta or the Corsa driver as all C3s are 5 door, so you will never find a boy racer in one. I think this car is for the likes of me...or maybe yourself which have moved on from that phase. However, the car does look good and the radio is loud, so when you find yourself on your own you can take down the "Baby on Board" sign, put the babyseat ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johncorne2


I'll never buy another Citroen

Advantagessmall, nippy

DisadvantagesThe most unreliable car I've ever owned in 37 years

"The C3 has to be the least reliable car I've owned since I started buying cars in 1971. The Engine Warning Light comes on, the car usually goes into "limp home mode" and is downwrite dangerous to drive with as close to zero power as you can imagain. Sometimes the light comes on but drives normally. Citroen UK just do not know how to diagnose this. They read the error codes, and say "looks like the coil" or "looks like the spark plugs" or "looks ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ijbijb


So many problems

AdvantagesGood value for money

DisadvantagesShoddy build quality

"I can't fault the dealer with the buying and ordering of this car, they were professional, polite and no hassle. Now to the car itself. I test drove it, and loved it, the slightly higher positioning is nice, but not too imposing to be a big MPV. I collected it (brand new) and it was back with the dealer within a month. Nothing major, just niglging little complaints that you don't expect on a brand new car. First up, the engine kept cutting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mooth696


The Citroen C3...not just an old persons car!

AdvantagesLooks good and is easy to drive.

Disadvantagesquestionable rear legroom.

"...of a car in my Citroen C3 1.1i petrol which had less than 6000 miles on the clock and was only £5500. After test driving fords and rovers the C3 was a breath of fresh air, you didn't feel like you were about to fall apart, or that you were driving a cardboard box, it felt like a well made, if cheaply made car, that would be easy for me to learn to drive in. Was it ever, 3 and a half months later, I passed first time with 2 minor faults, but less ..." Read review

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