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Community Level 2NickHall


A floating cruiser

Advantagesride, handling(for a large car) and economy

Disadvantagesnoise and parts cost

"The styling of the xantia has dated better than expected and this has made them more desireable as a sensible family car than many competitors. Inside the Xantia is the standard family car with a reasonably good helping of electrical gizmos as standard to keep the children amused. The car is a very comfortable one to ride in for long distances due mainly to the hydraulic suspension coupled with adaptive dampers which give a soft, floating, cushoning ..." Read review

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Community Level 2edd1977


Xantia of truth !!!

AdvantagesPerformance, Reliability, Price & Fuel Consumption

DisadvantagesTurning circle.

"...buy a 1993 L Reg Citroen Xantia 1.9 TD for £200 from a Citroen dealer in Chester. The car had 63000 miles on the clock - which is very low for a car of that age. The car still had 5 months MOT left to run on it, which was very handy. I had to buy 6 months road tax which cost £93. I rang around a few insurance companies and ended up with a quote for £220 for a years fully comprehensive insurance with Privilege. So all in all, it cost me just over ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Bastien


Made to travel, but not very agile

AdvantagesSuspension, safety, trunk

DisadvantagesEngine, finishing, turning circle

"...had to be replaced. Typically Citroen also, all kind of lights, plastics and other stuff are beginning to break down or come off. Moreover, the transmission is starting to do strange things. For example, I was driving on a freeway, my foot OFF the clutch, just cruising. Suddenly the road started to go up a little, so I gave some more gas. The engine made more noise, but I didn't go any faster. It was just like held my foot on the clutch. Update: new ..." Read review

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Community Level 1loopyBrat


Never owned a car like it

AdvantagesPower, Fuel economy, comfort

Disadvantagescannot think of any

"...with that car. The Citroen Xantia I bought seemed to meet those requirements, and I was proven right in my choice, not only did it meet my requirements, it exceeded them in many respects. First any car I own has to be able to tow a caravan. The Xantia was voted best tow car of the year, a few years ago, by many caravan magazines. The truth is, as I found out, when you are towing a caravan, it is very easy to forget it is there. The 1.9TD engine ..." Read review

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Community Level 2simonroger...


Excellent Car Go Buy One Now!!!

AdvantagesFeul Consumption, Ride Quality, Interior gadgets


"...mine, and i think that citroen have sorted this problem out now any way. I purchased the Xantia because i was given a lift in a friends Xantia, and just could not belive the performance of this derv unit. The car i own is the VSX L reg, it has the top of the range interior, power steering, alloy wheels, ABS, Sports Mode on suspension. The price i paid was well below similar cars in that size. The engine is very responsive and with the sports ..." Read review

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Great car all round

AdvantagesEconomy, comfort, load carrying, towing ability

Disadvantagesminor difficulty of getting correct Haynes manual and finding and fitting new fuses. Non-removable radio fitted as standard

"We bought our Xantia TD Estate 14 months ago as a replacement for a car written off in an accident. We were open minded about what car we wanted, just that it had to be an estate and diesel. We are competetive dinghy sailors and regularly tow our boat to different locations around the UK. The Xantia tows well, has good rear vision and door mirrors to check all is well behind us and, with the seats down, has masses of room for all the kit we need ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nicholas_s


The most pleasantly suprising car you could find

AdvantagesSuper comfort, spacious, different, excellent tow car, brilliant value

DisadvantagesOld skool turbo lag and ....err thats about it

"...(proven in the fact that Citroen licenced the suspension technolagy to Rolls-Royce for some of their cars). The diesel engine is very flexible (even though the older type of engine it can take a while for the turbo to spool up resulting in a fair bit of lag when you put your foot down) and will pull a train. Recently I took a trip with the car fully laden with 4 adults a boot full of heavy luggage and 2 bikes on the back and it cruised all day ..." Read review

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Community Level 2md-uk


1994 1.9TD SX Hatchback

AdvantagesEconomical, spacious, comfy cruiser

DisadvantagesExpensive to repair, noisy

"...has the latest version so Citroen must still think its a good thing! Keep an eye on the fluid level, I check mine once a week. You should also run the car through its 3 different ride heights once a week to keep the seals lubricated to stop them cracking and having fluid leak away. I keep a supply of this fluid (it's a special mineral based hydraulic fluid - available from halfords and the like) in the car for emergencies. If looked after they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1aquanaught


My diesel hovercraft, workhorse!!

AdvantagesGood workhorse car, economical with large boot capacity, hydroactive suspension.

DisadvantagesSuspension can be a problem, get a mechanic familiar with Citroen.

"...Bentley you will see the Citroen sphere's! Responsive engine for a diesel but will need a bit of encouragement from the throttle at traffic lights. Came with front fog lights and climate control with abs as standard. Good all round utility, family car. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2camuk84


Read before you buy your next car

AdvantagesRealiable, comfortable, economical, and a smooth drive

DisadvantagesIt's a granddad car, it doesn't have any real bite

"If your looking for a reliable, economical, and extremely comfortable car then you need look no further. Reliability and Economy. It has a 1.9 litre engine, which counteracts the fact that it’s diesel as far aseconomy is concerned. It however runs at a good rate for the type of car it is and a full tank is quite easily capable of doing around 420 miles. We bought our car secondhand but it had only about 2000 miles on the clock, it’s ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nobby1974


French tractor in disguise

Advantagesruns forever, good mechanical reliability

Disadvantagesdodgy electrics

"I bought a Xantia 1.9 Dimension from a family member 4 years back for the princely sum of £500, and it is an investment that was worth making - since then I've spent £100 on new tyres, plus standard servicing, but that's all that's been needed to keep it on the road. The ride is fabulous, really smooth and comfortable, although it can induce travel sickness in some people, particularly on winding roads. Safety levels are not the best, but it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Goochc0


A lot of car for a little price

AdvantagesSpacious, Luxurious. Gadgets, Suspension, Boot space

DisadvantagesMy wife has trouble parking as it is a large car

"...car I will definitely use Citroen again. The garages and service centres have been fantastic and I do not feel as though I am being scared into paying for repairs like some chain garages. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1laserguide


Citroen Xantia Forte 1.8i 16valve petrol

AdvantagesA great all day cruiser.Reliable.Easy to work on if your DIY minded.

DisadvantagesElectrics can be fickle.

"...long time.I also own an Citroen Picasso which has been a great car to own and drive.Citroen may not be seen as prestige motoring but as a well-known advert says"it does exactly what it says on the tin".Buy one. ..." Read review

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Don't Trust the Xantia

AdvantagesComfy, Spacious and Nice Figure

DisadvantagesBreaks down FREQUENTLY

"...M reg, purchased from a Citroen dealer who confirmed it had a good history, but things started going wrong the day after we bought it. We got it for a good price, but now I'd like to get rid of it as the cost of repairs are really making a hole in my pockets- but I don't think it's really worth anything at all now! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Brynh1983


1994 Citroen Xantia LX 1.9 TD

AdvantagesGood Ride, Economical, Good Size

DisadvantagesRepair costs, Depreciation

"I bought my car as a replacement for a small 3 door hatchback, looking for a cheap, large family car. I find that the car itself is very good. It's cheap on fuel, it's a very comfortable ride, easy to drive and the styling has aged quite well, in my opinion. The adjustable suspension is very useful in rough conditions and terrain, although it's a significant annoyance waiting for the back to go up when starting. Another poor attribute to the ..." Read review

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