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"Yes Minister!"

AdvantagesGood terms & conditions, support for those who undertake study

DisadvantagesPoor public perception of civil servants

"...are about to read. The civil service is UK wide and has probably dozens if not hundreds of different terms and conditions. People in the same job in England do not necessarily get the same pay as someone in Scotland and vice versa. My experience has been very positive but I am now becoming increasingly aware that this is not the case all over the country. This review is most valid for those looking to join the Scottish Executive and you can't ..." Read review

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H M Inspector of Taxis

AdvantagesIf you enjoy the job it's fulfilling and reasonably well-paid.

DisadvantagesIf you don't like working with figures it would be hell on earth!

"When retired Civil Servants meet talk inevitably turns to how good it used to be in the old days and how times have changed. I was reminiscing about my early days in the Inland Revenue and I remembered walking with my daughter some thirty years ago and meeting the local Superior Young Gentleman. With the assurance of childhood Helen announced that “Mummy is an Inspector of Taxes”. The Superior Young Gentleman smiled and said, in that sing-song voice ..." Read review

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When I grow up, I want to be a Customs Officer

AdvantagesPension, some security, mobility


"...there, but as always the Civil Service provides a higher level of security. It is no longer a job for life, but you can make a good career out of it. 3. The people. Almost everyone I have ever worked with has been decent, upstanding and sometimes great fun. There is also a sense of community and it's easy to make friends. 4. Mobility. The four main areas of Customs work are VAT, Excise and International Trade, Law Enforcement and Customs. In ..." Read review

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Paperwork and jobsworths...welcome to the Civil Service

AdvantagesCan be a cushy job, flexi-time, benefits

DisadvantagesJobsworths, paperwork, cutbacks

"...own experiences working as a civil servant working for the Ministry of Defence, a job that I am about to leave. So it might be a bit of a moan but I only tell the truth! Unfortunately I have discovered that all the myths about civil servants are true! The Civil Service encompasses many departments so I can only write about my own experience. Applying: Jobs are advertised on departments websites and on the Civil Service main jobs site. The lowest ..." Read review

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It was a man's life..but now it's for everyone

AdvantagesSecure employment-relatively. Variety, locations, colleagues

Disadvantagespays less than private sector

"...I don't. I joined the Civil Service back in 1978 afte dropping out of University after a year. I didn't like the course and because nobody else in my family had been to uni nobody told me I could JUST CHANGE COURSE...and neither did careers guidance at the uni..anyway, I digress. I came home to my parents who (bless them) trusted to my judgement when I said I wanted to join the Civil Service. I took the Civil Service exam for Executive Officer ..." Read review

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A Social Secutiy Officers woes!

AdvantagesSome good perks - Flexi etc

DisadvantagesPay poor & now the loss of more jobs

"I joined the civil service 7 years ago. Id found myself unemployed and walked into the Jobcentre back in the days where all the jobs were hand written on these little cards. I saw a job that seemed Ok and took down the reference number to the receptionist to apply. The next thing I knew I got the job and started in the Social Security as a 4 week casual...... My first Job was as an Adminin Assisitant for JSA. For £6900 per year ( I dont know how ..." Read review

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Working in the Civil Service

AdvantagesFlexible working hours, good working conditions

Disadvantagesrelatively insecure, poor prospects for advancement, work can be boring

"I have worked in the civil service on two occasions since leaving university in 1996. I decided to join because it has always been considered to be a 'safe' option in terms of job security. Up until the mid 1990's, once you got into the civil service you could basically stay there for as long as you wanted to. When I joined initially, there was a lot of staff who had worked happily in the same place for 30 years! However, the last Tory government ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lisadiva


A young persons guide to the civil service

AdvantagesFlexi-Time, Privilege Days off, Travel Opportunities

DisadvantagesMoney, Promotion Opportunities

" The Civil service...I always through it would be made up of people who live grey lives and it was a save job,lacking excitement and oppportunities. But at the tender age of 21, I have been proved wrong! I have been in the civil service (CS) for 9 months now, with another 4 months to go (I'm on a placement). My previous work experience has been within retail and initally when the interview came around I wasn't sure whether I would go or not. None ..." Read review

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