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Community Level 5leofluffy69


Little Shop of Horror!

Advantagesgreat 10 items for £5 offers

Disadvantagesexpensive products, poor quality

"***CLAIRES*** There are over 3,000 Claire's Accessories stores world wide. The UK has over 380 stores nationwide situated in many shopping centres and high streets. Claire's sells products aimed at teens/young women. Claire's are also specialists in ear piercing and carry out millions of ear piercings annually. www.claires.co.uk ***STORE LAYOUT*** This review is based mainly on the two stores in Plymouth however as all stores are very ..." Read review

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Claire's from the side lines.

AdvantagesFriendy staff, good bargains.

Disadvantagesexpensive products.

"Claire's Accessories, affectionately know as just Claire's is one of the UK's leading Ear piercing specialist, with over 3000 stores in this country and 80 million ears pierced worldwide. ***Shop Layout**** Having spent most of my teenage years and now my twenties in 5 of the closest stores available to me, i can honestly say the shops are small with exception to their Outlet stores which are about a foot or two bigger, not much room i hear ..." Read review

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Claire's is still ok but no better than that

AdvantagesGood selection of stuff, great for kids

DisadvantagesPrice mainly and cramped shops

"Whenever I think or Claire's I think of pink and tiaras! I go in Claire's as part of my shopping routine every week and its become a bit of a habit and if I miss it out I feel like I've lost something! On the positive they always have lots of offers and they usually have things like 5 items for £5.00 in my local store so usually I do end up bagging a few bargains! The way the store is laid out makes sense and is easy to mix and match stuff ..." Read review

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Community Level 2monkeybelly


Claire's piercings - is it worth the risk?

AdvantagesCheap accessories, great for dressing up and stocking fillers

DisadvantagesPiercings are unhygienic, often go wrong and performed by inadequately trained staff

"Luckily for me, I have never had a piercing performed at Claire's - I only venture into this shop for cheap costume jewellery, fancy dress items and little treats for my daughter. However, I do know people who have been pierced here, I have friends who have worked at these stores and, most significantly, I have completed four months of cross-contamination training as part of a piercing apprenticeship. I'm not saying here that ALL piercings will go ..." Read review

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Community Level 3johanna18


Accessorise your life!

Advantagesgood returns policy

Disadvantagessmall shops

"Claires accesories is a great shop for adults and children alike. It is for all kinds of girls, great if you're a goth or all girly girly. There is a wide range of jewellery to suit the budget concious and loads of nice little accessories such as handbags and purses. This place also has a wide range of hair accessories again ranging from basic bobbles and scrunchies to hair pieces you could wear to the races or a prom. Value -------- Great value ..." Read review

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Community Level 1curveycat


Claires Accessories - Gloucester

AdvantagesThree for two offers

DisadvantagesLayout of shop needs revising. Far too cramped.

"Claires Accessories is a great place to shop, especially if you're thinking of buying a gift. I do think, however, some of their products are a little pricey, and I tend to look for something similar elsewhere. It's great when they have the three for two offers. Although, a lot of the stock they promote, and mark down in price, tends to be a little on the garish side, and I have noticed the products that are not sold in the sales, crop up time after ..." Read review

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Not The First Stop Shop

AdvantagesGood Makes

DisadvantagesExpencive, Often Breaks

"Claires acsessories you would think would be amazing for them great girly presents or just a nice treat. YOU WOULD THINK.... Claires acsessories is a shop mainly aimmed at them young girls who are just comming into make-up and jeualry they also offer ear peircings. The claires stores are often messed up small and stuffy often if you have 3 people or more in the store along with the staff you are stuck there is too little space for too much junk. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 0Neeny_Weeny

Quick review of Claires Accessories

"My review on CLAIRES is fantastic, they have cheep items, but people may slag it off, but dont until u know what ur on about, the store is amazing! its got everything, better than any other jewellery shop, and the reason its cheep is becoz u will go back there and buy it again - Oh wow kirby grips a quid?!?! who cant afford a quid these days?? and as 4 for people slagging of ear piercing DONT BOTHER!! THEY DO NOT PIERCE WITH CHEEP EARRINGS! 9ct gold actually! NO WHERE ELSE pierces with 9ct gold! so can people lay of Claires until u know what ur on about!!!

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Poor quality and unhelpful staff!


DisadvantagesPoor quality, Staff unhelpful

"I was recently returning something to a Claire's in Glasgow and was surprised by service I received. The girls working there were having a gabber on a busy Saturday morning. One poor girl was serving whilst seemed oblivious to the customers. I tried to return a set and they were very rude – like it was my fault that it fell apart! The girl said she would need to get her manage who was no mood to finish her goss. My blood was starting to boil at ..." Read review

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