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I was impressed

AdvantagesSoft, goes on well


"...up bag. I hadn't used Clarins before but had heard good things about it which was why I bought from this brand and I must say I wasn't disappointed at all. This eye liner is very good quality and I do recommend it. Clarins products are quite expensive. This eye liner cost £14 which is four times the price of some brands but I do think if a product is very good quality then it is worth paying for so when buying this I hoped that it would be the ..." Read review

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No staying power

AdvantagesApplies nicely. Professional design. Nice effect.

DisadvantagesToo expensive. No staying power. Pencil too long.

"...Clarins, when I saw the Clarins Kohl Eye Liner Pencil I was really excited about just how good it was going to be. I have a lot of Clarins make-up and beauty products and generally I hold Clarins to be a very high standard and certainly one of the better manufacturers on the market. However, having tried the Clarins Kohl Eye Liner Pencil on several occasions since I bought it, I cannot help but be a little let down by it - which, as I've said, is ..." Read review

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My perfect eyeliner

AdvantagesCan create great effects using this single product

DisadvantagesExpensive at full price

"Clarins used to be a favourite brand of mine, whenever I had some spare cash I'd head straight to their counter in Boots and swap it for some of their lovely (and usually excellent) products. The problem arose when Clarins drastically increased their prices, meaning that for the same money I was actually purchasing one or even two fewer items. Now, I know about inflation but this price hike happened over a relatively short period of time which, together ..." Read review

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Clarin's Kohl Eyeliner- Well Worth The Price Tag!

Advantagesvery defined colour, easy to apply.

Disadvantagessmudges occasionally, expensive but worth it.

"...Iím a big fan of Clarins products, and although theyíre expensive I do like to treat myself occasionally. I paid £15 for this eyeliner from my beautician in March and have been using it since, I wear eyeliner most days and I really have been impressed with the results. When choosing my eye liner I played it safe, I didnít want to try a new colour and not like it, especially at £15 a go! There are five colours available Black, Brown, Grey, Plum and ..." Read review

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A black eye



"I love my eye liner and will not go anywhere without it, I like to buy an eye liner with a popular name though rather than just any cheap one, as I always do believe you get what you pay for. ==The Eyeliner== The eye liner is of similar length to a normal drawing pencil, although it thins out towards the bottom. I am not sure why they designed it this way as it does not seem to make any difference, apart from maybe you lose some of the thickness ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Clarins Kohl Eye Liner Pencil

AdvantagesSoft, Looks Good


"...pencil but slightly thinner, with Clarins and '92200 france' written in silver writing. The colour of the pencil will depend on the shade you've chosen, with a silver lid on both ends; one for the pencil and one for the foam like blending tip which is handy and very soft. I've found my eyeliner to be beautifully soft when applying and it glides along nicely, applying just the right amount. Smudging can happen due to the softness if you're not careful ..." Read review

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Clarins Kohl Eye Liner Pencil

Advantagesprofessional finish, smudges easily, smooth feel


"I never leave the house without at least some foundation and eye liner so I always have some on hand. I have been buying the same brand of Miss Sporty eye liner for years and so I decided it was time for a change. I purchased this in Boots for £15 which is more than I would usually pay, but as I had heard good things abut this eye liner I thought I'd give it a go. I brought a black one although you can also buy them in bronze, violet or turquoise. ..." Read review

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Get the look

Advantageseasy to apply

Disadvantagescan smudge

"...over doing it. I buy the Clarins Kohl Eye Liner Pencil from salonskincare.co.uk where I buy a few things at a time. I find that it's much cheaper to browse online and find a good deal instead of trapesing to the shops as I live rural and the town is a long way away, but then with the online shopping you always have to pay for postage. Recieving the items is always fun as it's nice to get parcels through the door. The cheaperst I have found this ..." Read review

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Lining up for the eyes

AdvantagesLong lasting and very stylish

DisadvantagesNot cheap

"...good quality product and this Clarins Kohl Eye Liner pencil certainly fits the bill. One of the reasons it justifies the premium proce is the fact that it lasts a long time, in fact apply it at the start of the night and it will be still intact after a long nights dancing and partying. I have two versions of this pencil, one is the balck and the other is a lighter grey colour, in all there are five colours to choose from. The eye liner pencil ..." Read review

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