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ClearBlue fertility monitor easy to use & effective

AdvantagesAdvantages - easy to use and effective in identifying not only the day of ovulation but also the

DisadvantagesDisadvantages - the monitor can be costly and so can the fertility sticks needed for the monitor.

"==Introduction== In my opinion the Clearblue ferfility monitor provides a non complicated, easy to use solution to successfully conceive. The manufacturer boasts on their literature that it is proven to almost double your chances of conceiving, and if my current pregnancy is anything to go by I can't really argue with that statement. ===What makes this stand out from other products?=== Most other ovulation tests identify the 2 peak fertility days ..." Read review

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Worth the money.

AdvantagesEasy to use. Shows clear fertility without having to interpretate lines.


"I first used this product in 2007 when we were trying for our third child. It gave an easy way to show fertility. Using 3 bands, low, high and peak. The monitor detects your 2 best days to get pregnant, this is shown as a `peak`. The monitor is different from other ovulation tests as it detects 2 hormones (LH - Luteinising Hormone ) which triggers you to ovulate and it also detects a rise in Oestrogen. You can get up to 5 high days before your ..." Read review

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