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Working for the well known card shop

Advantagesnice staff, not complicated work

Disadvantagesnot the best paid job!

"I used to work at Clinton cards years ago when I was younger - in fact it was my first job! The shop may have changed slightly since then on how it's run but judging by the other reviews, it hasn't changed much! I was employed by Clinton cards for just under 3 years and during this time I did do quite a bit of training. I'll start from the beginning and cover as much as I can! Applying and the interview: I saw the ad placed in the window ..." Read review

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Community Level 4weebill


Licence to print money!

AdvantagesAlways have what you are looking for.

DisadvantagesFar too expensive.

"...to choose from or are Clinton cards. Now with Clinton cards you really do get decent quality and you certainly get plenty choice, I have never gone into a Clinton`s store and not found what I am looking for they not only have a huge range for each occasion they also cover every occasion. So why am I stuck between a rock and a hard place? Well simply because although Clinton covers every angle they do so at a ridiculously high price, for example ..." Read review

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Way over priced!

Advantagesnice atmosphere


"...often find myself shopping in Clinton Cards. Clinton Cards is a card shop which is in most high streets, in fact in most towns there are about two or three stores! The stores are often larger than other card shops and are well laid out and spcious. The larger stores have lots of space in the aisles making it quite a plesant shopping experience especially if you have a pushchair as there is plenty of space to navigate. There are lovely displays ..." Read review

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Community Level 1haydn96


Clinton Cards

Advantagesfantastic range


"Clinton Cards is, currently the largest retailer in cards and gift wrapping products...etc in the UK. It was founded in the 60's in Essex but now has over 700 shops in the Uk especially since it bought out The Birthdays Group. The largest branch is in Leeds and measures a massive 10,750 square feet spread across two floors. This is in the Guiness Book of Records as being the largest Greeting Card Store in the world Cl inton Cards is predominantly ..." Read review

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Million Dollar Markup!

AdvantagesGreat quality cards and gifts.

DisadvantagesRidiculous prices.

"The buying and sending of cards and gifts for special occassions and seasonal holidays has become somewhat of a 'must do' for us, and unfortunately, finding everything you need to do so can be a bit of a pain in the neck! Clintons stores popped up on the high street to offer us all the occassion, greetings and holiday cards and gifts we could ever wish to purchase and send, all under one roof! The idea behind the store is a very helpful, and successful ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sammy1786


Good job, Horrid Career

AdvantagesGood little part time job to gain work experience

DisadvantagesRude colleagues, poor pay

"I worked with Clinton Cards for 1 year and started off as a Sales Assistant in 2005 with duties such as - Till work - Stock Replenishment - Window dressing and Shelf displays - Cash Handling - Customer Service - In-house cleaning duties - Checking off deliveries I progressed through the training in the form of a book and first level was the bronze and once I completed this I received the certificate. My pay was £4.80 an hour and was minimum ..." Read review

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When the best isn't good enough!

AdvantagesBusy during xmas, Quiet during the week,

DisadvantagesNo training as promised, Low-pay

"***MY WORK EXPERIENCE*** I worked for Clintons for over 4 years, and started off as a sales assistant in 2001. (My first job, after leaving school) My job roles were: - Stock Replenishment - Cash Handling - Customer Service - General house-keeping duties such as cleaning, etc. - Stock-take Whilst working as a sales assistant I was given a bronze book, to go through and read and answer various questions which would help me progress up to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blabberwort


behind the times

AdvantagesClean shop, polite staff

Disadvantagesexpensive, behind the times

"Clintons cards is a shop which as it's name suggests sells cards. They do also sell other items such as small gifts, soft toys etc but the focus is on cards. The cards are good quality but you can expect to pay a lot for a card from here. No matter what the occasion the chances are that clintons will have a card for you. No matter where the shop has been located I have always found it to be clean with helpful staff. This is the home of the ..." Read review

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Clintons Cards - Good choice for small gifts

AdvantagesChoice, helpfulness of staff, ordering to products

DisadvantagesSome items slightly pricey

"I have to say first that I am rating this store as somewhere to shop, not somewhere to work, so the category choices I have made are not accurate. I went into Clinton's earlier today, which is unusual for me as I make all my own cards. But I was in need of a small gift that was nice for a relative. I was advised Clintons have plenty of nice things to choose from. When I entered the store it was lovely and clean and everything seemed to be in ..." Read review

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Not a bad job!

AdvantagesFriendly staff, staff discount

Disadvantagesworking weekends

"I worked as a sales assistant at the Marlow store for 6 months in 2004. I found the staff I worked with extremely friendly, and we also went out after work on a few occasions. I was earning just over £5 per hour.. which wasn't bad. Also you get a 25% staff discount. Typical Day During a typical day (9am-5.30/6pm), you had to fill up your card sections, take money to the bank, had about 1 hour 15 min break during day (1hr for lunch), ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ub60


special cards

Advantagesgood feeling to know someone has taken the trouble

Disadvantagesget upset when i dont get one

"i have read the reviews from other people and would like to share my opinion. i worked for clintons as a manager for a good few years and the training it second to none. there are lots of opportunities for advancement,and i was very happy. i am saddened by the many cheap cardshops that have opened as they do a disservice to the whole concept of card buying. IF YOU DONT THINK ENOUGH OF SOMEONE TO GET THEM A DECENT CARD DONT SEND ONE AT ALL. i told ..." Read review

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Community Level 5textmad


clintons great shop

Advantagesexcellent variety , really nice gifts.


"Clintons this has to be one of my favourite shops, they have a wide variety of cards,invitations and wrapping paper, all excellent quality , they also do gifts for ..... birthdays, weddings, christening, valentines day, mothers day , christmas, fathers day and easter or that everyday gift you might want to treat somebody too. One of the reasons i like clintons is the me to you range althought they can be quite pricey . all the clintons i,ve ..." Read review

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Clinton Cards

Advantagesgood hours, relatively good pay, always on time with most training and payments

Disadvantagesto many staff members for shop size, never any jobs to do, staff sometimes rude and pushy, pricey

"As a shop, Clintons seems exceptionally pricey especially for cards which you could find for a fraction of the price in a less well known shop. The stores can seem messy and unorganised with gaps between cards and many cards placed in the same pockets. They do, however, have a good range of cards, from general congratulatoins and get well soon cards, to cards for homosexual marrages and step-parents birthdays. Employees ,in some stores, look ..." Read review

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