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Close to the knuckle (duster) Review with images

AdvantagesA detailed story with good, strong characterisation written in true Martina Cole fashion

DisadvantagesSame old, slightly tired, plot and definitely not as gripping as previous Martina Cole offerings

"I am a very recent convert to the draw of Martina Cole novels. I think I read my first of her novels sometime last year, and since then I've worked my way through all her books from the earliest to the latest. "Close" is her thirteenth novel and most recent blockbuster, hitting the shelves sometime in mid October. The sort of genre she writes under could be loosely described as crime/thriller fiction, with a hard, gruesome edge. She tends to mainly ..." Read review

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Martina Cole - Close

Advantages another cole classic

Disadvantagesnot as good as some of her previous work

"...new book from Martina Cole, Close and even though I cant stand to read hardback books, when I saw it in Tesco's for a discounted price I snapped it up and rushed home with a big bar of chocolate to begin the read. Unlike most Cole books this particular one seemed to take me a little while to get into the plot. For those who have yet the pleasure of read a Cole classic I will tell you that all her books are about the crime and gangster world of ..." Read review

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Martina Cole - Close

AdvantagesInteresting read, engaging


"...thoroughly enjoy Martina Cole's books. Close did not disappoint. The story begins with a young lady (Lil) struggling with life in general - home and work both burdening her life she seems to have no prospects or future until she meets Patrick Brodie. This man changes her life forever and it is definitly worth finding out how, why, what and when. The unimagineable happens to the love of Lil Brodies' husband and she is once again left to fend for herself, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kdj68


Close Martina Cole

AdvantagesGood read

Disadvantagessame old same old

"...of all her books, I found Close very good and looked forward to reading the book each night, I wouldn't say its the best book Martina has written, but it's not the worse. The story as always is based around a strong female character and once again its based around london gangland, with the family owning nightclub and hostess clubs,and money lending. The story starts with main character Lil Brodie top of the world with money, love and with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tiny236


Close - Martina Cole


DisadvantagesEasy read

"Have read all of Martina Cole's previous books and could not wait to get my hands on her latest one "Close" - however I have found it very hard to get into and no where near as good as her previous books. It was very slow to start and much has been repeated throughout the different chapters. Again very much in the hard, criminal element of the East End and very much a Martina Cole read, but must say that I have been a little disappointed. Will ..." Read review

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Community Level 1s.bryant


Not too Close for me.....................

AdvantagesI was bought as a gift

DisadvantagesIt was an awful book

"I was so looking forward to reading this book, it appeared on best seller listings and the author recommended by friends. I am sorry to say the book did not live up to my expectations. I was frankly taken aback by the foul language, I found myself trying to read the book by missing out the swear words which was not easy as every other word was a swear word. I am not a prude, nearly all the books I read have an element of bad language but htis one ..." Read review

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Close - Martina Cole

Close - Martina Cole

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your friends close of your enemies closer And your
family should be closest of all.Patrick odie knows
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