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Good company gone bad!!!!



"...Great Yarmouth to fix my cluster instrument. Fantastic service, received call saying item received but damaged but they could replace cracked plastic on front. Also they found other issues/faults that were resolved. When received back, not all working properly so had to return again, but service was excellent, second to none. Recent experience, totally different. Sent a different part that was told originally they could fix BUT (and there is ..." Read review

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A stressful experience.

AdvantagesNone whatsoever

DisadvantagesUnprofessional, disorganised and rude

"...of service I received from Cluster Repairs UK was disgraceful and I regret having had anything to do with them. Judging by the reviews, some people have clearly had a good experience, however this is not a company you want to be dealing with when thereís a problem. After misdiagnosing the fault on my unit, three attempts were made to repair it, involving me posting the unit twice (£10 a go), plus a 120 mile round trip to their London premises. The ..." Read review

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a shocking service


Disadvantagesshoddy workmanship and unreliable

"...but thought I would use Cluster Repairs UK instead as I was quoted a two day turn around which was very quick. First of all the 'two day turnaround' turned into eight! and when I got it back they had not fixed it, I posted it back to them twice again as they held me to ransom on the rusty motor they bolted onto the back of it in an attempt to fix it. When I spoke to the so called technician he appeared clueless and was very rude when I had been so ..." Read review

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First class service for Instrument Cluster dial conversion

AdvantagesPersonal, friendly and professional service

DisadvantagesNone at all

"...at first until we contacted Cluster Repairs UK. While they didnít have a dial in stock as obviously there is next to no demand for KPH only dials in the UK, they said they would have one made up for me. I would have to send my instrument cluster into them at their Great Yarmouth Head Office but having no idea or inclination as to how to take it out of the car, they made arrangements to have a local garage in Bristol who themselves use their services ..." Read review

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Volvo XC90 cluster by mail order

AdvantagesFree advice over the phone when mail ordering


"...garage, and I found that Cluster Repairs UK could send out the parts by mail. I ordered the new parts over the phone and had a chat with them to get a second opinion. They confirmed that my assessment was correct and were able to take me through the steps I'd need to fit it, which was really helpful. It cost me £70 for the unit plus £9.50 for the postage (which turned out to be pretty reasonable as it arrived within 48 hours). Saved me a trip to ..." Read review

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Dash Error on Ford Focus 99

AdvantagesFriendly, affordable.


"...little look online came across Cluster Repair UK. Since they were meant to be specialists I decided to give them a shot and brought my car in. They were really friendly and helpful and said that they could sort it on the spot if I liked. For £90 they were able to have me back on the road in 2 hours, and I haven't had any problems with it ever since. I didn't realise quite how much it had been annoying me until it was finally fixed, so I'm glad I called ..." Read review

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BMX X5 Series rev counter fixed

AdvantagesFast service

Disadvantagesnot local

"...with my car when the cluster began to be unreliable. Sometimes the rev counter seemed a little erratic and other times the whole unit was playing up. As a BMX X5 Series that was only from 2006 (so not even that old), it was quite unexpected. I tried my local garage but they wanted to take it in over the weekend, which wasnít convenient for me. After having a look online I found Cluster Repairs UK. They werenít exactly local but I gave them a ring ..." Read review

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Good service, will use again...

AdvantagesFaster than first quoted.


"...TT (Year 2000) in to Cluster Repairs UK after I realised that the fuel gauge was faulty. It kept over-reading and since I didn't want to be caught out on a journey with an empty tank, I got a quote for a repair. Cluster Repairs UK quoted me £70 and told me that it would take up to 2 days, which I was a little annoyed about as I'm a pretty busy person. In the meantime, they provided me with a donor gauge so that I could still drive my vehicle. However ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Angryloner


Better than buying a replacement instrument cluster

AdvantagesQuick, hassle free, saves you money, and they're professional

DisadvantagesNone really, apart from maybe the inspection fee

"...had the LEDs in the cluster removed. This led me to conclude that I required a new cluster (at the cost of at least £300, then coding costs for the immobiliser). As the car was due its MOT, I figured it would fail if the ABS light didn't appear, so I was on a frantic search for a new unit. Then, quite by accident while searching on eBay, I stumbled upon a cluster repair service, so I put a search in Google and found the above mentioned company. They're ..." Read review

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DisadvantagesLOOK ELSE WHERE

"...found the right company.... put my cluster to repair,never received a phone call saying war was wrong with my cluster... every time i call the only thing i got was abused.... when finely it was ready was told to pay up £130 and collect after 15H... even though is pass by the office at 13h say not ready come back at 15h.... so i left,the 20min latter got a call saying it was ready for collection.... i ask wat was wrong with the cluster ...?? they reply-you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johnbrown2...


Dont use, a waste of money

AdvantagesNone unless you like being ripped off

DisadvantagesJust another set of conmen

"Cluster Repairs UK actually did not carry put the repair on my display, they sent it to another company called SID. This is not to be confused with the one run by Simon Delagare, (who is a real gentleman). They stated they had fitted a new screen and ribbon cable when all they had in fact done was pack the old unit with foam, and bend the old ribbon cable with a heat gun, and charged me 40 pounds for this. This was examined by an independent third ..." Read review

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Bad Experience, bad customer service AVOID!!!!!


Disadvantagesreally poor customer service

"Called Cluster Repairs with a display issue on my BMW radio. They quoted me for the repair and I sent the item to them. Got a call a week later saying that they had replaced the LCD but this was not the issue and they could not repair it. Charged me £28 admin and return carrage. All reasonable so far, but............ Got the radio back and put it back in the car to find NOTHING WORKED. It would not turn on at all. Called them up and the response ..." Read review

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Excellent service from knowledgeable staff

AdvantagesStaff knowledgeable of problems and very quick turn round

DisadvantagesNone experienced

"...various makes of vehicles into Cluster Repairs' branch in Great Yarmouth and despite what 'carnutt' claims, they certainly have very modern premises where I have found the technicians to be more than helpful and have made time available to complete repairs for me while I wait to enable me to take them back to return to my customers. On other occasions, when the repairs were more complex and haven't been able to be done as a walk-in appointment, I ..." Read review

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Bad Service, Unhelpfull


DisadvantagesCost and damage done

"These guys do not know what they are doing. They ruined a display of mine. It was sent for repair and came back with further damage. In deperation I refitted it as I needed the vehicle, it would not work at all. They charged me 200 pds and said I must have damaged it. Lets face it most of these components aren't intended to be repaired so there claims of miracle cures are obviously false. They have no proper workshop and all their technicians seem ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Emmajackson


Fantastic Service - Thank you so much

AdvantagesFast, friendly, cost effective service

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...Someone passing told me about Cluster Repairs UK and I rang them. I got put through to Ethan a very helpful technician who calmed me down and agreed to come out to me. He arrived with another Technician, think his name was Ryan and quickly pushed my car out of the road and removed the cluster for me, They took me back to their offices in Yarmouth and the girls there made me a very welcome cup of coffee. 40 mins later we were on out way back to my ..." Read review

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