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Community Level 5nicolemorgan


Good with money

AdvantagesExcellent online banking, easy to open account, great customer service, ethical policies

DisadvantagesI can't think of any

"...have been banking with the Co-operative for just over 3 years now so I like to think I have enough experience of the service to give a fair review. I joined whilst I was working as a debt adviser. Ironic since I had a mountain of debt at the time which is only slightly smaller now! If the people I advised were entering into a debt management plan or an IVA, they were advised to set up a new basic bank account. One of the list of bank accounts we recommended ..." Read review

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Community Level 3meday


Easy to use ISA - updated

Advantagesgood service

Disadvantagesdon't know how the interest rate compares

"...cash mini ISA with the Co-operative bank. For those of you who don't know, ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. They are a saving incentive by the government, who won't tax you on your interest. There is a maximum you can save and you can only have one mini ISA and one maxi ISA and one has to be cash and one has to be stocks and shares. If, like me, you don't have huge amounts of money to save, then the maximum isn't a problem. I find this ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dragonsurge


Co-op Basic Bank Account - Poor to Bankrupt Credit History

Advantageseverything you need to function normally in a financially dependant society


"For a debt riddled society and banking systems that have been quite happy to fuel such a situation I can honestly say that the Co-op basic bank account is definitely one for those who would like to be in complete control of their money i.e those who do not want to or can not live on bank credit. Most people are accepted including bankrupts POSITIVES No annual charges (the account is free), Visa electron card shop online & instore as well ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ssteele


The Co-op student bank account

AdvantagesGood ethics policy and one of there highest overdraft facilities available to students

DisadvantagesThe total overdraft has to be paid back 1 yr. after graduation, otherwise interest will be charged, unlike other banks which reduce the balance yearly

"Hi, I recently graduated and thought I would give my opinions on the Co-op's student bank account, I managed to stay debt free for the first 2 years at university but in the 3rd year had a few financial problems, so I decided to go for a student overdraft, Initially I asked for a short term overdraft on my current account, specifying that it was to pay the rent on my student house. Unfortunately I was not told about the student overdraft facility ..." Read review

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Best Mini Cash ISA

AdvantagesHighest interest rate

DisadvantagesNone, (within the restraints of a mini cash ISA)

"This opinion refers directly to the SMILE.CO.UK online account that I have. Having scoured the Sunday papers for best interest rate to be had in a Mini Cash ISA, the one that consistently tops the list is SMILE, which was, at the time, paying 7.25% tax free. UPDATE Mid FEB 2001. In common with all other banks, the recent reduction in the bank rate has reduced this to 6.75% but I'm confident that this will still leave Smile at the top of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1louise3233


Current account is just too expensive

AdvantagesGood telephone & internet banking sevices.No cash machine charges.Strong ethical policy.

DisadvantagesVery high overdraft set up and monthly charges.Not enough branches.

"...a current account with the Co-operative Bank when I started working for them a few years ago, and before this I had heard little about them. They have strong ethical policies regarding how customers money is used, for example they won't support cruelty to animals or any company involved with pollution and I whole heartly agree with this and this was one of the main reasons I decided to stay with them even after changing my job. Until recently I was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ashtonian


Basic Bank Account for Pensioners

AdvantagesAvailable to all

DisadvantagesDelays of epic proportions

"The basic bank account which the government is trying to persuade pensioners to take up rather than collecting pensions from the post office may be available to all without credit check - but unfortunately the Co-op Bank seems to be floundering hopelessly. I took an elderly relative in to a branch on 3 November 2003, with all the required identification and a completed application form. The ID was photocopied and we were told that the documentation ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jonm2001


25 percent interest for 13-18 year olds

AdvantagesFree tenner, free wallet :-)

DisadvantagesThe Co-op are rubbish, to be frank

"If you're between 13 and 18, the Co-op bank Bonus account will give you the 25% interest on £50!!! Here's the deal: If your average account balance over the year exceeds £50, they'll pay you a bonus of £10 on the anniversary of you opening your account - which is of course equivalent to 20% interest. Plus, on top of that, they will pay you the normal interest rate, which is 5.25% at the time of writing. Don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Arnie7


Co-op bank - excellent but watch their rates

Advantagesexcellent service

Disadvantagesreduce rates and increase charges regularly

"I've been with the co-op over 10 years and echo the earlier review that their service is excellent. Their internet bank (smile.co.uk) is even better. However, whilst I trust them as a bank, I don't trust them to maintain conditions on their accounts. As an example (and I could take examples from all of their accounts), the Pathfinder account was truly excellent when they introduced it in the early 90s with interest around 6% and low charges for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joe_pesci


Honest Review

AdvantagesSimplicity, Ethics & reliability


"I have a student account with the bank, having previously had one with Barclays, and am writing of my own experiences of this in particular. At Barclays, I found them to treat you as just a number, and I found that they were inflexible when I needed to increase my overdraft. Also, when my wallet was stolen, it took them 2 weeks to send me a replacement card. This, coupled with the fact that I was receiving statements only every three months was ..." Read review

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Community Level 4EmmaJ


no interest and fines

Advantagesinternet service good; good ethical policy

Disadvantagessometimes slow service

"...standard current account with the co-operative bank for a few years now and on the whole they're OK. Good points: - Internet service is reliable and secure and easy to use. they also had this available than other banks did. - good ethical policy at the bank - they give you £10 if they make a mistake Bad points: - they send your new cheque book out way too early - i lost one because i had it for so long and the - you don't get ANY interest ..." Read review

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