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Perfectly Professional pearly Whites

AdvantagesReally makes mouth feel clean and fresh, good for between dentist visits

DisadvantagesCan only be used once a week

"...by the well known brand Colgate who are masters in the dental hygiene field, already making a number of different toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes, this was something slightly different to their normal products though. Colgate Professional Weekly Clean is a toothpaste that is designed to be used once a week only, it is a toothpaste with a concentrated cleaning formula and has the same cleaning ingredient used by dentists – Prophy-Silica which ..." Read review

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☺ Smile ☺ Review with images

AdvantagesTeeth feel very clean and helps remove stains. Cheaper than trip to hygienist.

DisadvantagesOver the top on packaging. Makes you very thirsty.

"...of a better phrase. Colgate claim it's better than your usual toothpaste because it contains the special cleaning ingredients that dentists use at their surgeries. The main active ingredient is Sodium fluoride which helps prevent cavities by fighting bacterial growth. In addition, the cleaning element is provided by Perlite and Prophy-Silica, both of which are ideal for cleansing and polishing your tooth enamel and thereby whitening it. Combined, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5starjen


Almost dentist clean teeth in your own home.

AdvantagesTeeth feel much cleaner and healthier.


"On my last six monthly check up with my dentist he mentioned that my teeth on one side at the back had some discolouration and that we'd have to keep an eye on it and it may need a filling in the future. I was petrified by this news as I am extremely lucky and as yet, at 28 years old, I have never had a filling and I really don't want one in the near future. He said I should floss more regularly, but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to that so I remembered ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Catw0man


A great big confident smile

AdvantagesGreat way of getting a really good clean with low cost and effort

DisadvantagesDry mouth

"...dentist. I saw this Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean on special in Superdrug, and I thought I would give it a go. ==The Packaging== The product comes in a box, which is rather large in proportion to the tube inside, and it has a clear window showing the end of the tube. The details on the outside of the box let you know that it contains a 'concentrated cleaning formula' that is used by professional dentists that you can use at home on a ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bananamanuk


Smile Please - whitening toothpaste that works

AdvantagesEffective, nice taste,


"...of whitening toothpastes available, however Colgate have recently launched their Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean toothpaste. I recently bought some from Boots.com as it was being promoted there and this is how I got on with it. THAT ALL AMERICAN SMILE Every day we are bombarded with images of that perfect smile, beautifully strong white teeth, perfect gums and the happy, sexy, desirable personality that goes along with it. Most of ..." Read review

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Clean the professional way

AdvantagesGives teeth and mouth a good clean

DisadvantagesMasses of packaging

"Colgate professional weekly clean Part of the Colgate TOTAL range, this toothpaste is for those wanting "that dentist complete clean feeling". The professional clean is described as one which removes plaque and tartar to maintain good oral health. ~~What is it~~ Marketed as being like a professional clean, the toothpaste is a concentrated formula with the same cleaning ingredients used by dentists. It will give your teeth a full 12 hours ..." Read review

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Put the Smile Back on Your Face

AdvantagesBrilliant stain remover and whitener

DisadvantagesEveryone else wants to use it

"Whilst shopping in Sainsburys I spotted this product on the shelf, it was priced at £3.69 and was in what seemed a very large box. After purchasing it and returning home, I was surprised at how small the actual tube was in the box, a mere 20ml and I began to feel like I have well and truly been had. I am one of these people that has an extreme fear of the dentist, being a coffee-aholic and also a smoker, my teeth are very badly stained, to the ..." Read review

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Colgate Professional GIves You a Dentist Clean, but Over Packaged

AdvantagesMild Taste, dentist clean feeling

DisadvantagesSlightly expensive, over packaged

"The Box and Tube Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean is small tube which comes in a rather large box. On the front of the box is the name and brand of the product, the fact that the tube is 20ml and it should be the amount for six weeks usage. On the back of the box is information on the product, directions, ingredients, contact information and that it has to be used within twelve months of opening. Inside is the small tube of toothpaste which ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Craige0511


stain away! Review with images

Advantagesclean teeth

Disadvantageshiding it from everyone else!

"...supermarket, I saw this product Colgate Professional that you use just once a week, as well as your normal brushing/flossing etc... I first saw this product on tv and i thought it just was another toothpaste ad, but when i brought home this product home I was very happy with it. The product doesn't come with excess packaging,which is good, and you only have to use once a week. When i used this product, I was a little sceptical, I've tried ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fifi89


colgate total professional weekly clean-SERIOUS WHITENESS!!

Advantagessuper cleam teeth amd mouth, real whitening power, good value

Disadvantagesnot as good as a professional whitening

"This product is excellent! I have found nothing else like it! Its so simple to use, just the same as a normal toothpaste, once a week-what could be simpler! The toothpaste is a little thicker than other toothpastes and has a grainy texture. After just one use my teeth looked whiter! The toothpaste polishes your teeth without feeling like its scratching, leaving them super smooth-I couldnt stop running my tounge over them! They looked brighter ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Girlyshop


Colgate Professional Weekly Clean review

AdvantagesMakes teeth feel lovely and clean, removed light staining

DisadvantagesTube not sealed, overuse of plastic packaging

"Colgate Professional Weekly Clean review by Girlyshop. Because I have really sensitive teeth I cannot stray too far from Sensodine for too long, so at this is a once a week product I thought it's worth a try. I was a bit disapointed with the amount of packaging. I hope they change this in the future. The weekly chart inside the pack asks you to mark each day you use this product. This also is useless. The toothpaste has a 12 month after opening ..." Read review

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For that Colgate smile!

AdvantagesWhitens, Nice Taste


"...had read various reviews on Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean in magazines and also on the internet and there had been a lot of positive reviews there, so into the basket it went. The paste comes in a large plastic box with the paste inside and a leaflet about dental care. The paste itself is in a small tube with a cap and just looks like a miniature version of other Colgate pastes. The paste is gloriously thick and has a gritty sensation which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hmordain


Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean 10/10

Advantagesoral hygene


"in my opinion this is a great product i have used it for more tan 6 months now my dentist said he has noticed an improvement in the whitness of my teeth and so have i however the excessive packaging that is used inorder to attract customers may detere me from future purchase of this product. my mouth feels very clean and comparible to how it feels after a visit to my dentist please reduce packaging asap, ans use some other form of advertisment ..." Read review

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