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Community Level 5Majiggy


~ Makes a perfect pout! ~

AdvantagesMakes lips soft and glossy

DisadvantagesComes of quite easily after eating and drinking

"...to wear, I decided on Collection 2000's Plastique lipgloss in Petal. I'd used this brand in the past and liked it. I remembered being in a hurry, so grabbed it quickly, not reading the shade's name, just satisfied that it wasn't green or anything. I took my impulse buy home and tried it out. THE LIPGLOSS ITSELF... Packaged in a longish plastic tube, with a curved silver top, the lip gloss, familar to users as a gloopy syrupy type of cocoction, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5couscous


Lip Gloss that smells divine

AdvantagesCheap, economical, variety of colours

DisadvantagesDoesn't have the staying power i would like

"...why i love lip gloss. This Collection 2000 lip gloss is great. The colours range from a plum to a brown to a red to a nudey pink. I love the colours nude and petal. Nude is exactly that just a light brown that gives my lips a sheen and petal is a baby petal pink colour. Collection 2000 can be found in superdrug and asda and is marketed more at teenagers to be honest than nearly 30 something women. However I can't resist a bragin and have been ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Pumpkin


Plastic lips, red talons and a false moustache

AdvantagesGood shine, lovely smell, practical colours, bargain price, easy to apply, doesn't mysteriously disappear

DisadvantagesComes off when you eat and drink, only four shades available

"...for not lasting. Well, Collection 2000 does last pretty well… so long as you don’t eat or drink anything! It doesn’t disappear mysteriously of its own accord like some brands do, but once any food or drink passes your lips it will be gone for good, and will need to be re-applied – but I suppose that is to be expected from a product which merely sits on top of your lips, rather than soaking in – and look on the bright side, it’s an excellent aid to ..." Read review

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Community Level 6emu128



AdvantagesWorks well

DisadvantagesRunning out already!?

"...a huge promotion on the Collection 2000 lip gloss. I'm going through a big phase at the moment, of different lip glosses and this one looked pretty good. It was called the 'Collection 2000 plastique lip gloss' Interesting name hah!? There were four main colours available on show. Nude ~ This is a lightish red/pinkish colour, very like the colour of your natural lips just with the gloss as the special look! I didn't seem that taken by that one. Rose ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sligorox


Cheap and cheerful

AdvantagesGood gloss, cheap, lots of colours

DisadvantagesDoesn't last long

"Collection 2000 is one of the brands that I tend to associate with freebies on the cover of Shout magazine when I was 12. The products tend to be cheap and cheerful, just the way I like them- as long as they work! Collection 2000 products are available from Superdrug, Wilkinsons, and other beauty stockists (usually the cheaper shops). This products costs £1.99. I consider the plastique lip gloss to be one of Collection 2000's (which, due to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jeszikca


Collection 2000 Plastique Lip Gloss

AdvantagesShimmer (if you like shimmery), cheap

DisadvantagesPlastic-smelling, doesn't last long, cheap looking, average quality, not glossy

"...day, and came across the Collection 2000 stand. I don't normally go to Superdrug, as I buy most of my make-up and stuff from Boots (so I can get points on my advantage card!), and they don't stock Collection 2000 products, so I was looking through all the stuff. It all seemed reasonably cheap, and I'd read about it in a magazine, so I thought I'd buy the Plastique Lipgloss - at £2.19, if it was crap, it wouldn't be too much money wasted, would ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Collection 2000 Plastique Lipgloss



"I bought this from Amazon a few weeks ago as I had a little bit of money left on my account from my last Dooyoo voucher. It was £1.15 but with postage it came up to just over £3 which I don't think is too bad for a lipgloss. There is a good variety of colours available all over the internet however from the Amazon seller I bought from were only two colours available which were moonshine and nude, and I chose nude. The lipgloss comes in a 6ml tube ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Tickly


Get the goss' on this gloss

Advantagesdoes what it's supposed to - well!

Disadvantagesnone to mention

"...it's the turn of Superdrug's Collection 2000 Plastique Lipgloss. I was bought this particular gloss as part of a boxed set from Collection 2000, and it was the only thing in the box I liked enough to use (unfortunate hazard of gift boxed cosmetics/mother-in-laws!) The bottle itself is very 'mascara like' in appearance and is clear with silver lettering and matching silver top. The packaging on the whole is fairly basic and not eye catching at ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carrotcat


plastic lips hmm but this gloss is a must have!

Advantageslush lips guaranteed


"I decided to go shopping with a friend and we popped into Superdrug. My mate went to look at the bath essences while I walked slowly along the make-up stands. I saw the phrase 'plastique lips' the first thought that sprung to mind was big shiny plastic lips! I glanced at the price, wow! It was only about £2.50. The tube was tall and fairly thin - it was see-through and you could see the lovely colour gloss with small bits of diamond-like particles.It ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lia515


its ok

Advantagesit smells nice

Disadvantagesdosn't stay on 4 long

"...sooo sad 5.why does it say collection 2000 when it is 2003 conclusion if I wrote a letter to complain I would say: 1.keep the smell 2.keep the same tube 3.keep the vitamin e in it 4.keep its shine 5.keep it to 1 language 6.put some thing in it so it will stay on longer 7.put some colour in it 8.make it come in 5 flavours 9.change plastique to something else 10.change it to collection 2003 not collection 2000 11.Make the price of ..." Read review

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Community Level 5tracy2002


Excellent UPDATED

Advantagesits new

DisadvantagesIm not a big lip gloss user

"...clear tough plastic bottle with collection 2000 plastique lipgloss written on it. So you can see the colour of the lipgloss well through the packaging - so you can clearly see what you are buying. This lip gloss comes in 8ml tubes which is a handy size if you want to take out with you on a evening out. If you want the ingredients there is a little sticker on the lid which can be peeled back to reveal any ingrediants info which you may need. A ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kt_brox


A little treat on a budget

AdvantagesCool colours, girly and shiny!

Disadvantagescan be a little sticky if you apply too much

"...would usually walk past the Collection 2000 stand in the shop and head straight to MAC, and Benefit. However I had just bought myself a new outfit for a night out and I'm one of those people who has to have a new lipstick/gloss that matches my new outfit perfectly. As my poor card had already taken a bit of a battering I decided to pick up any cheap lipgloss I could find in a shade of hot pink and use the cash in my purse. That's when I came across ..." Read review

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O.K, but I won't be buying it again

Advantagesvery cheap

Disadvantagessticky, wears off quickly

"I think the main reason I bought this product was because of the price. If I remember correctly it only cost about £1.89, but once I'd got it home and used it I found out why. It is called 'plastique' and they arent kidding. This is a thick, gloopy, plasticky mixture which is just sticky more than anything else. There was a range of colours, as I remember, and I bought the clear one. It did look good - for the three and a half minutes that it lasted ..." Read review

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Community Level 3amyfamestar


Plastique Lip Gloss from Collection 2000

AdvantagesCheap, great texture, superb shine!

DisadvantagesCan come off when you eat and drink.

"This superb lip gloss is great for glossing up lips. There is a variety of colours to choose from and at around £2.50 from most good makeup shops it is great value too. 1. Texture- The lip gloss is thick and stays on for ages without you having to reapply it. 2. Shine- The lip gloss looks good in all the different colours available and the shine is perfect for either a casual or glamarous look. 3. Price- I don't know a lip gloss that is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1miss_bee_bop


an unexpected delight

Advantagesgreat texture and gloss

Disadvantagesfaint smell of damp washing

"...she came home with the collection 2000 plastique lipgloss. I wasnt even aware that collection 200o actually made such a new fangled invention of lipgloos, or for that matter even that they were still in business. When applying the lipgloss i did expect a sensation of applying pure chip fat to my lips, but i was wrong. The lip gloss has that nice thick texture that makes your lips really shiny. Granted, the smell is a bit dodgy with a faint whiff of ..." Read review

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