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Community Level 6Julieshobs


A refreshing experience

Advantagessmells nice


"Having not been able to locate my normal choice of Fabreeze in my local supermarket I decided that as I have actually ran out of Fabreeze that I would give Comfort Refresh a try. What is Comfort refresh - well according to the guys at comfort it is a fabric refresher spray which neutralises odours like smoke and food, leaving that 'just-washed' freshness of comfort. Well lets see. Now the reason I use a fabric freshener is not because we a smelly ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Sweetiesar...



AdvantagesMakes you smell lovely and clean

DisadvantagesNot suitable on all fabrics

"COMFORT REFRESH CLOTHES SPRAY For those Febreeze lovers out there, you’re going to love this. Comfort refresh is a spray that you can spray on your clothes that is effective on smoke, cooking odours and musty storage smells. Being a smoker myself (I know, its disgusting), I know that for others, its not nice having someone think that I stink. I have a really nice long coat that I get dry cleaned time to time, but I am not so stinking rich ..." Read review

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Community Level 4micjb


freshen your whole house for 88p

Advantagesbetter than febreeze

Disadvantagesnon that i can think of

"I always used to buy Febreeze, but I know it didnt work that well, and the only reaso I bought it was for a quick way to freshen clothes that are not dirty, just smell of smoke. I do not smoke by the way, but after a 15 minute visit to my uncle's house, I stink! I was in the city centre, and decided to buy some. But Tesco didn't have any, (I was kind of expecting that)so I went to John Lewis, and they had this, wich is so much cheaper than Febreeze, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5begum


What smells

Advantagessee text

Disadvantagessee text

" This is an excellent product available on the market and my student friends love it just as much. Just think of all the bad smells that can gather up, well they can and now they can be removed quite easily with this Comfort Fresh spray. It’s very simple and gets rid of odours almost instantly. Just imagine having friends around, and they start smoking the last thing you want is all the furniture smelling of smoke, and you can’t put ..." Read review

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Community Level 4nomad


Surround yourself with Comfort

Advantageslovely clean smell for fabrics

Disadvantagessome people may not want to pay so much for it

"I don't know how they've done it, but this spray really does make your stale clothes (or household fabrics) smell as if they've just been carefully cleaned and conditioned. wow. I really love this product, and it comes in handy on a regular basis. If you've been around smokers, this REFRESH spray will almost lift the smell off your clothing, and you'll smell all fresh again. Clothes all stale after being stored in your wardrobe for a while? Here's ..." Read review

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Community Level 4janehammill


clean and comforting

Advantagesclean fresh and not artificial smelling

Disadvantagesinduces lazyness as your home smells clean when it is'nt

"Refresh fabric spray made by comfort is really useful and makes everything smell great. Unlike some fabric sprays it is'nt sickly or cloying and is not expensive either. The pong is a delight to the senses and smells of clean laundry ,quite nostalgic and comforting. It's great for getting rid of smelly pet,children, husband type niffs and is safe to use on almost anything. I spray it on my curtains ,carpets ,inside beds, in the car and spray it ..." Read review

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Community Level 6belinda9


Do you smell like Fag Ash Lil

Advantagesrefreshes nasty niffs

Disadvantagesnone i can think of

"I'm sure everybody has come home from a great night out and realised that they had brought the great night out, home with them. What do I mean? Well smell your pillows after lying on them the day after , smell your clothes, your hair , in fact everything stinks of smoke and boozey smells. Boozey smells I can cope with but fag odour pongs. We spend ages getting ourselves made up , wash our hair, have a bath/shower and put clean clothes on. Why ..." Read review

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