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Camellias, Clotted Cream and a Country Estate-'Coming Home'

AdvantagesBeautifully written from start to finish.

DisadvantagesI was sorry to finish this book, even after the second read.

"Rosamunde Pilcher's 'Coming Home' is a masterpiece, transporting it's readers into a time gone by. Of Cornwall and England in the 1930s, when the whisper of an approaching war gradually builds into a roar. It describes a time of gentle opulence for the upper classes, a time when the gentry could easily staff their large estates from the local populace. A time before the world changed forever. This book, of over one thousand pages, begins in 1935 ..." Read review

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Growing up in the War Years

AdvantagesExcellent characters, moving story, realistic historical background, satisfying conclusion

DisadvantagesVery long, a little slow to get started

"'Coming Home' is the kind of book that doesn't fit easily into a genre. It's perhaps primarily a coming-of-age book, but at the same time it's a historical novel set initially in the prelude to World War II, and it's also something of a family saga. It's the third of Rosamunde Pilcher's long novels (over 1000 pages in paperback) and unique amongst them in that it focuses on a young girl rather than an elderly lady, and is based in the 1930s and 1940s. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 5DoubleFant...


Fall in love again and again...

AdvantagesWell-written, descriptive, interesting and fully developed characters


"...I think I have read Coming Home more than any other book. Let's just say that it's a good job my mother bought it in hardback, because I dread to think what state a paperback would be in by now! Judith Dunbar is a girl in her early teens who has to change from her small town school to St Ursula's boarding school, because her mother and little sister are going to live with her father in Columbo, where she spent most of her childhood. This means that ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Muswell


A book to come home to

AdvantagesWell-written, realistic, deep character portrayal

DisadvantagesVery long, complexity can be confusing

"I didnít read Coming Home until after Iíd seen ITVís dramatisation of it, and even then I only picked it up because I saw it in a second-hand bookshop. I can only say Iím glad I did; contrary to what I had expected from a dramatisation which left out several major characters and a number of plot threads, this book has a level of complexity which effectively portrays the chaos of wartime life without harping on it too much. The bookís focus is on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xdidox


Charming book that will transport you away.

AdvantagesReally engaging, with flashes of humour and grief.

DisadvantagesA lengthy read, often with too much description of the weather.

"...the natural world within a coming of age story. The character of Judith symbolises the young within all of us, as she grows from a naive child to a confident young woman, facing the trials of adolescence and pain of war and losing loved ones. The plot's focus is the young Judith Dunbar, who in 1935, is sent to school in England, while her parents stay in Colombo due to her father's business. During the holidays she stays with her fiesty Aunt Lousie, ..." Read review

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