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A Crisp Yet Smooth Drink

Advantageseasy to drink


"...clear glass bottle with the Corona logo on the label and information about the drink on the front. It has all alcoholic information as well and is quite a simple design but quite traditional looking. I usually always go for the 330ml bottle and atleast you can see how much is left of this golden coloured liquid in the bottle. The bottle is easy enough to hold, narrowing at the top and is best served chilled. ===CORONA=== Corona is available ..." Read review

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Community Level 7thebigc1690


BEER??? ..... you are having a laugh!! Review with images

AdvantagesLooks quite refreshing!

DisadvantagesTastes bloody awful.

"...you have it ...... corona extra! Now obviously I am being facetious there but honestly this beer really is terrible. On the evening out in question there were 7 of us out together and four of us chose this beer on discovering there weren’t the beers we normally drank. None of us finished the bottles and we all urged the other three to try it and see how bad it really was. Out of seven none of us liked it one bit and I have since mentioned this ..." Read review

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If This Is A Beer.....

AdvantagesIt's somewhere to stick a slice of lime

DisadvantagesWhere do I start

"...be a Mexican beer like Corona Extra. I won't make that mistake again. Corona Extra is Mexico's number one beer, USA's top import and is hugely popular worldwide. In fact it is among the top five beer brands globally. It's the flagship beer of Grupo Modelo, who are based in Mexico City. In the UK, it is imported and distributed 'south of the border, down Bedford way', by Charles Wells. They brew very nice ales such as Bombadier, Eagle and ..." Read review

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Viva Mexico

AdvantagesBeautiful, thirstqenching, heaven,

DisadvantagesHeadache inducing

"...and a bottle of frothy Corona extra pushed in to my hand, I was not keen on drinking it due to to it having come from an ice box and the evening being very chilly, but with the sound system on the bus reverberating off near bye buildings off we set and I took my first tentative sip. I was not prepared for what I found was it the cold numbing my taste buds, another larger sip followed ,then a mouth full and then the bottle was emptied in one slobbering ..." Read review

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Mexican Urine !!


DisadvantagesIt costs money.

"...white with black writing saying Corona Extra. It has a crown and a dragon on either side of the crown. The bottom half of the label is black, has the word ' beer ' ' biere ' ' cerveja ' and ' bier ' on one side and the alcohol strenght of 4.6% vol on the other side. It also states that the beer is produced by Cerveceria Modelo, S.A. De C.V. Mexico, DF. The beer itself is pale gold in colour and when a little of the beer is poured or sipped from ..." Read review

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Murray could have done with something EXTRA today!

Advantagesrefreshing and light yet lots of flavour

Disadvantagesnone for me except it's not wine!

"...rating I am quaffing a Corona Extra beer as there appears to be no wine in the house, possibily because I have drunk it all lol. I only very occasionally pinch my husband's beer. If I drink it, it is usually summer and has to be ice cold. Well, ok it's not been very summery today but it is at least cold. Was going to have a teetotal day today but so disappointed was I that Muzzer lost, I needed some alcohol to drown my sorrows as my ecigarette ..." Read review

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Community Level 3budmeister


Corona Extra - La Cerveza Mas Fina

AdvantagesGreat taste and goes marvellously with tequilla!

DisadvantagesHard to find

"Corona Extra Corona is Mexico's best selling beer, is huge in the US and is beginning to make an impact here in the UK. It boasts rich golden colour, 4.6% ABV and a smooth yet crisp finish which does not leave you feeling bloated. It is great with a wedge of lime (make sure to crush the lime into the bottle to get the juice out before drinking!) or on it's own as a tequilla chaser (only 100% agave will do!!!). Corona, served ice cold (the way ..." Read review

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Community Level 2diesel_guy


give this a go

Advantagesvery refereshing drink

Disadvantageshard to find in Supermarkets,

"I got introduced to Corona Extra whilst in the pub on friday night with some work colleagues, I was rather curious when people were drinking Corona. I am not a beer/lager drinker...I normally just stick to pre mixed vodka drinks (alcopops but like i'm going to say im an alcopop drinker) but like i said i was curious to try it, my mate let me try hers. At first i didn't like it at all (as i was so used to sweet drinks) but the sweetness and tangy bite ..." Read review

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Corona Extra - "in a word, fizzy"

AdvantagesFizzy and inoffensive

DisadvantagesHardly memorable

"...Description=== If I were to describe Corona in one word, I think that word would be “Fizzy”; it certainly seems to be brewed with more fizz than most other lagers. As to whether that's a good thing I guess depends upon the quantity you consume. One or two bottles and it's a rather nice sensation on your tongue; more and you had better hope you are in the company of close friends only. ===Taste=== In taste, I'd describe the Corona Extra as ..." Read review

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Extra Taste

AdvantagesSmooth Taste

DisadvantagesDrink in Moderation

"...started to enjoy pints and Corona Extra is one of my favourite drinks to just pop up and relax. I have never done a review before for an alcoholic drink, so bear with me if you feel what I am talking about isnt that relevant. I dont really see much difference between many of the drinks, however Corona has a smooth taste, and much less bitter in comparison to something like Guinness. Its easy to open just using a standard bottle opener, and labelling ..." Read review

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Community Level 2surveysist...


Corona Extra- Contrary to popular belief, better than mexican pee

AdvantagesIt doesn't taste like mexican pee.

DisadvantagesYou really do need that slice of lime.

"...black and white label saying Corona Extra with various translations of the word 'beer' printed below. It comes in packs of 4 or 6 in supermarkets for roughly £4, and can be as much as £3 when bought in a club or pub. It has a bottle cap you need the opener for, not like tuborg with it's snazzy ring pull. The TASTE On it's own, this beer is bland. It's very fizzy, very frothy, and doesn't have a massive amount of flavour to it. Most people say ..." Read review

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Community Level 5hollywoodmum


The Taste of Summer

AdvantagesTaste, colour, no bloating

DisadvantagesBit expensive if not on offer.

"For me Corona really is the taste of summer. Corona Extra is a Mexican lager. It\'s has a clean crisp taste and is 4.6% alcohol. In Britain it comes in 33cl glass bottles. The bottle is really quite plain, clear glass with no label, the logo is printed on the bottle and the best before date printed on the base. The beer itself is a lovely golden colour but seems to be lighter and clearer than any other lager i know. It also doesn't bloat me ..." Read review

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Community Level 2barnstorm


THE lager to drink

AdvantagesWonderfully thirst Quenching

DisadvantagesCan be impossible to refuse another

"...bit hoppy for my taste, Corona has a verry mild, almost Shandy like taste (although it is 4.6% alcohol) hence the reason why it is hard not to drink loads. This drink should be served with a slice of lime in the mouth of the bottle which makes it even tastier and smoother to drink. (Almost like Lager and lime but with more of a natural taste due to the lack of a synthetically strong, tasting cordial. Its ideal lager drinking weather at the minute ..." Read review

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Community Level 1loaf33


probably the best beer in the world

Advantagesits simply the best

Disadvantagesnot the cheapest beer

"...best bottle in the world. Corona extra, a mexican imported beer that has made me look forward to nights out at the weekend so i can savour the cool crisp beer that MUST be served with lime! sounds stupid but it just aint the same without it. a bar i was at ran out of lime on night so they offered me a drop of lime cordial instead, didnt sound stupid at the time but believe dont go there! no lime no corona. Did you know that originally in Mexico, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Andolaus


Corona Extra Review

AdvantagesReally good, smooth taste

DisadvantagesA little to high price

"...I myself tasted my first Corona a few years ago and I thought " Wow! This is a really good beer". Well, I still think it is a really good beer and I recommend it to everyone that drinks beer and have not tasted this before. The price is a little high, but it is worth it. I have to say that if you really want to drink a good beer, then you should not think about the money, but you should just go and drink a nice, cold Corona. ..." Read review

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