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Community Level 7Connoisseu...


Tender Loving care from Coventry BS - TLC

Advantagessmall, friendly yet efficient staff and service, competitive interest rates, easy to contact own branch directly!!

Disadvantagesnot many branches (though anyone in Uk can open accounts via post, phone or website you do NOT need to visit the branch)

"...TLC not PLC is Coventry Building society’s motto, and they’re right! Even though I’ve only had the pleasure of being with Coventry BS for a year now I am happy to admit they really are one of the more friendlier building societies left! Throughout this opinion I will refer to Coventry TLC as they do treat their customers with the up most respect and tender loving care (TLC!) This is an opinion submitted under "customer/general ..." Read review

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They mean it when they say "TLC not PLC"

AdvantagesGreat rates and a friendly, efficient service

DisadvantagesSometimes need to keep an eye out for bonus rates.

"The Coventry Building Society's motto is "TLC not PLC", which, for me, pretty much sums up its attitude. Like a true building society, it is owned by its members (it's a mutual society) and so has no share-holders. While this might seem quite a minor difference, it means that there are no big investors baying for huge profits at the expense of the customer, as could happen with the high street banks like Lloyds, HSBC etc. It also means that they are ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSmall, very efficient and caring, good interest rates!

DisadvantagesMainly located in the West Mids area.

"...if it goes bust! The Coventry certainly meets this criterion. 2. Is it making good annual growth in its money turnover, numbers of members, and its overall net assets rising year-on-year? Again, the Coventry is showing excellent growth. 3. Is it big enough to be trusted with my money, and is it NOT too big, with the result that I become just another member and an account number? I believe the Coventry is just about the perfect size in this respect. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ts2001


Excellent service

AdvantagesGood cost mortgage


"...mortgage broker, was recommended a Coventry Mortgage. Having been with Britannia for years, I was a bit wary of moving to one without a branch within easy reach. I need not have worried. Everything has been as smooth as anyone would wish. If there are any queries, the helpline is answered quiuckly and always sorts things out straight away. Confirmation then follows quickly in the post. Issues that they have resolved for me include changing the ..." Read review

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Efficient customer service

AdvantagesA mutual with good customer care

DisadvantagesNo branches near me

"I have a basic internet savings account, and I have been impressed with what I have experienced so far. The customer service is very good and very prompt. When I completed an application it was very simple and when I posted documents on a Sunday, they were back in my hand on the Tuesday - so credit to Royal Maill too. Whenever I have had the need to call I have spoken to a helpful person. I fund my account by a regular direct debit, tbough ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ham-man


Coventry Building Society

Advantagesthey were local to us, had a good rate at the time.

Disadvantagesdebits were never taken on time, staff were not always very helpful

"I have had a Coventry Building Society account all of my life. When I was small, they gave you a little blue money box in the shape of a house, and it had a funny silver key, they were brilliant. The interest didn't seem too bad either. I kept up a savings account with them, and when we were looking around at lenders when we moved house, the best deal at the time was the Coventry Building Society. We had a debit set up with them on a set day ..." Read review

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Great service and information for mortgage

AdvantagesUK call centres with helpful, knowledgeable staff, competitive rates

DisadvantagesNot quite the cheapest deal on the market, but not far off!

"I originally went with the Coventry a couple of years ago when I bought my current house, and am approaching the end of the initial deal, so have been looking into remortgaging. On calling them to discuss their current RM deals, they gave me clear, precise and easy to understand information that was precisely matched to my requirements, and didn't pressurise me at all. I then went out and looked at rest of market, and found a slightly lower deal ..." Read review

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